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Early Birthday Gift

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It was coming up to my 18th birthday and the only 'gift' i wanted was some form of sexual contact between myself and my best friend Arron. We have been masturbating togther for a couple of years now on a reasonably regular basis and i get extremely turned on by the thought of having fun with him. That sounds like i'd never had fun with him before which isn't exactly true, about a year before he had allowed me to give him a blowjob and despite the fact we had both greatly enjoyed the experience Arron said it would never happen again....i think he's scared of being gay or something like that. Anyways 1 night about 2 weeks before my 18th me and Arron were staying round his house and we were up in his bedroom stroking ourselves off while looking at porno. I somehow gained the courage to say 'ummm Arron is there any possibility of you getting me off for my birthday?' 'look you know how i feel about this' 'yeh but i kinda figure you owe me 1' 'shut up' 'ok well i gave you head and i swallowed so i think you should at least give me a handjob' 'im sorry but the thought of doing that kind of thing to my best friend doest appeal to me' 'yeh right, your only saying that cos your scared it'll make you gay..and lets face it you didn't exactly dislike me sucking on you' for a few moments we went silent and then rather surprisingly arron said 'ok how about i give you a footjob?' 'a footjob? erm ok...well how about we just say this...i don't mind how you do it but you have to make me cum' 'yeh ok' 'good... i look forward to it' arron was about to surprise me even more 'well how do you feel about getting an early birthday present?' 'you mean you wanna do it now?' 'yeh' 'yeh so ahead' i moved over to arrons bed and sat down on the edge i then removed all the clothing from the bottom part of my body and spread my legs giving clear access to my 6inch hard cock which is uncut so no need for lube. arron then got totally naked saying he dint want to risk my jizzing on to his clothes - i love his cock its about 7.5inches when erect and about 5inches when soft. He then sort of got down on the floor infront of me in a position so he could raise his feet to my cock. he gently wrapped his feet around my cock and rolled the foreskin back fully he then gently rubbed his toes around the head before going back to the foreskin and rolling it back and forth along the shaft and up to the head. It felt so fantastic however it was starting to go on for too long...when i say too long i make it sound like i wasn't enjoying it.....i was beginning to wonder if he was gonna make cum. he had been going at it for about half an hour and i was dripping with precum (just while i think of it - i cannot bring myself to orgasm with my left hand when im masturbating... simply cannot make myself cum with my left hand) it appeared arron had realised it looked like he wasn't going to be able to get me there so to my delight he suddenly changed positions and took most of my cock into his mouth. It only took a matter of seconds with his hard sucking to make me release a flood of jizz into his warm mouth. arron then said 'there happy birthday' i couldnt help but laugh over the next few months arron became very relaxed - he reasoned that just with the 1 guy dint make him gay. we had so many experiences i can't even begin to count. our favourite thing to do is to 69 and see who makes the other cum first - the loser then becomes the winners sex slave for a night.(in my opinion i win either way)



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