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Early Bird Finds Best Place To Masturbate - The Day After

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We talked about the usual news events then out of the blue he said "I saw you in your yard this morning." I was numb with fear that he was going to report me to the sheriff. I apologized and said I wouldn't do it again. He looked at me and asked "Would you mind if I joined you sometime?"

One second I thought I was busted and a long few seconds later I had a JO Buddy. I told him to meet me tomorrow morning about 4:30 AM.


In my first posting (Sep 13 2013), I described how getting up early (still dark) led to getting nude in my back yard and then to masturbating. Just typing this makes me hard as I remember the feeling of the cool morning air and the heady feeling of jacking off in my back yard. Unknown to me, my neighbor, Bryon, had gotten up to pee and saw my dark shape in my back yard. He figured out what I was doing and when he saw me later that next day asked to join in.

The next morning:

My neighbor, Byron and I had just spewed our cum in my back yard. We both came so fast due to the heightened state of arousal we were in. Jacking off with another guy was really stimulating especially when you are naked and outside. We had to be quiet so we didn't wake anyone, so all we could do was let out quiet grunts when we ejaculated. Afterwards, he put his robe on and I pulled on my pajamas. "Let's talk later." I whispered. "We have to do this again." he replied. Then he headed back to his house and me back to mine.

I was on pins and needles that morning. My wife awoke about 7:00 AM, we had breakfast, did the dishes and planned the day. I was chomping at the bit to see Byron so we could "talk". I told my wife I wanted to see Byron about lawn issues and she mentioned how nice his yard always looked and getting some advice from him could help our yard. If she only knew what we really wanted to talk about!

About 10:00AM, I saw Byron's wife walking around their yard and called Byron. He answered before the first ring could finish. "Can I come over?" I asked. "Oh, yes!" Byron cheerfully replied. I told my wife I would be at Byron's and headed out the door. I walked up to his wife and asked if I would be interrupting any plans if I chatted with Byron about lawns for awhile. "Go right ahead." she said. "That man has been restless all morning." "Maybe you can get him to relax." "I will do my best." I laughingly replied and headed to their back door. Byron was opening the door as I walked up and welcomed me with a smile and wink.

"Did you like jacking off together?" he asked "Do you want to do it again?" I told him how much I liked it and could not wait to do it again. So just like two eager young boys, we planned the next morning.

4:30 AM the next day, I was already nude standing near Byron's back door. My cock was hard and I knew it would not take me long to cum. His door opened slowly and quietly and he stepped out wearing his robe. I almost scarred him when I whispered "Good morning." "Let's cum in my yard this time. He whispered. He dropped his robe and we stepped out into his dark back yard. We stood side by side and started jacking. We were being as quiet as possible - all you could hear was our breathing as we were jacking away. "I am close." I said. "Me too." he said while breathing hard. A few seconds later, he turned toward me and started to cum. I could feel it hitting my legs, 2, them 3 times his cum splatted on me. This put me over the top and I turned and starting shooting spunk at him too. When we calmed and our breathing slowed, we tried to laugh quietly. "Best way to start the day!" I whispered. "I have been thinking about cumming on you all night. Bryon whispered back. "Call me after you have breakfast." I said. He said "OK" and I walked home with cum running down my leg.



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