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Earliest Exhibitionism

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I've had an exhibitionist tendancy all my life. This the first time I did something about it.


This story took place in the summer vacation before I went up to secondary school so I must have been ten going on eleven.

A friend of mine (Paul) and his sister used to hang around a lot. He was the same age as me, while his sister (Mandy) was probably a year or two younger. One day Paul and I were rather bored with playing outside in the heat and we ended up in his room with his sister. As was pretty common for us we ended up playing cards. Our favourite game was what many people will know as 'hearts' although we call it 'black maria' after the name we gave to the Queen of Hearts which carried the highest penalty. I am not sure what gave me the idea but after a couple of rounds I suggested we make it more interesting and make the game a form of strip poker. I do not remember the actual rules we used but I think it basically was whoever got the least points for a round had to take something off and also who ever got 'black maria' also had to remove something immediately. We also had another rule that if someone got ALL the penalty cards they could get dressed.

It may seem odd, but the reason I wanted to play was not to win, but to lose! I had this strange urge to let Mandy see me naked and my tiny cock was quite stiff at the thought. I am usually pretty good at the game so didn't think I would have any problem losing. As it happened things did not at first go to plan. I lost the first round, but then Paul and Mandy kept losing and it was not long before he was just in his shorts while Mandy was in her t-shirt and panties (she did not have a bra). The next round was 'better' and I lost both on points and getting 'black maria'. I also lost the next couple of rounds and soon was also just in my underpants.

My face was glowing red as we played the next round. It did not go as I planned and it looked like Paul was going to lose, then all of a sudden it was clear he was was not going to lose at all: he got all the tricks and got dressed!

The next round was evenly split between Mandy and me. I was getting most hearts but then she got 'black maria'. She said something like 'Ok, you win' trying to get out of taking off something else. To my surprise, Paul insisted his sister had to play along. She hesitated for a bit then slipped off her panties and quickly pulled her t-shirt up over her knees to cover up what she called her 'front bottom'. I tried to catch a glimpse but her legs were tight together and I saw nothing. We played out the rest of the hand and the points were tallied up. I had lost.

'Your turn!' shouted Mandy gleefully. I needed no more encouragement and slipped off my underpants. My cock was just starting to develop and I had the barest hint of hair starting to grow. Mandy looked at it closely and I felt it getting very hard even though it was still small. 'It's much bigger than Paul's' giggled Mandy gleefully. I blushed at her compliment.

Not sure what to do next, Paul saved the day by suggesting we had to finish the game. We played another round where he lost two items of clothing. Next time I got 'black maria': not having anything to strip off I was asked for a forfeit. Paul suggested I kiss Mandy 'like in the movies'. I was reluctant but she was keen and jumped towards me arms out ready to go round my neck. As she did her t-shirt slipped up and I finally saw her 'front bottom'. It was white and smooth and the first one I had seen. Before I got to look more, her arms were around me and we kissed. We did not really know what to do but I did enjoy it, if anything she was much more forward than me as I felt her tongue probe my mouth.

When she let me go we finished the round and it turned out she had lost. This time she did not think twice and slipped off her t-shirt. She did not really have breasts but they were clearly starting to grow: her nipples were large compared to a boy's and there were noticable swellings beneath them.

'OK I win!' said Paul. I did not really want to get dressed. I had a very strange feeling that I now recognised as being very aroused. Being naked here with a naked girl was an amazing feeling. Mandy must have felt the same as she made no move to dress, in fact she had one hand between her legs and wss rubbing her 'front bottom'. I had no idea what she was doing but started to play with myself as well. She rubbed harder and harder, all the time I saw her watching my hand on my cock. Suddenly she rubbed really hard and made a murmuring noise then stopped and smiled. I kept pulling and finally had that nice feeling I had started to have for a couple of months. I twitched and felt a slight dampness on my hand as the thin juice squirted as it had for about a month.

With that, and with nothing more said we both got dressed. Paul strangely had said nothing and never did mention it.

Over the years Mandy and I played with each other a lot until finally I went to college and we lost touch, but I still remember those early naive but erotic days with fondness.



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