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DUI Law Creates Lesbians

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I have a group of eight female friends who are all between the ages of 35 and 45, and either single, divorced or separated. A few years ago we began to go out to a downtown bar every first Saturday of the month where we shared plates of bar food, drank and danced. The women with kids got sitters for that special evening and once a month like clockwork we all had a wonderful time. Conversations would always turn to men and sex, and as our monthly celebrations continued it became apparent that most of us were getting less sex than we had been hoping for. By the end of most evenings after dancing with each other and with the single men at the bar, most of whom were ten years younger than us, we generally went home horny and as one of the girls put it 'took things into our own hands.' Almost all of us drove to the bar from our suburban homes or apartments and then drove home at the end of the evening.

Then a few months ago one of the girls was pulled over for being intoxicated and charged with DUI. Her life was altered by the event and the rest of us began to realize that we were just lucky not to have suffered the same fate. We skipped a month and then began to travel in twos and threes to the bar for our outing and to use taxi's to take us back and forth. We should have done that before!

Three of us live in the same neighborhood so we began to share the cab. Myself, and two other women who had become good friends. One of them, Norma, was divorced with no kids and the other separated with two grade school children. Julie was the separated girl with kids. She was 45 years old but looked much younger and she had an amazing body. Italian, tall with large breasts and great curves, and of all the girls she was the most likely to talk about sex and how much she missed it since her husband left. She often joked about how she had replaced her husband with a vibrator.

To save money we used to meet at one of the three houses and have the taxi pick us up and return us there. The first month that it was time to meet at my house Julie got an overnight sitter for her two kids and made plans to sleep over at my house after our evening. When we went home Julie and I had to help Norma out of the cab and into my house. She objected saying that she had planned to drive home but we would not let her.

Once inside we took her upstairs to the guest bedroom where I had imagined that Julie would sleep and helped her into the bed. With a twinkle in her eye Julie pulled all of Norma's clothing off except for her panties as we tucked her in. As we rolled our semi naked friend into the bed Julie called my attention to the rather large and obvious wet spot on the crotch of her panties. 'Looks like she needed some attention,' Julie laughed as she playfully pressed against the top of the triangle of moisture that was showing through the material in the blue panties. 'Watch this,' she whispered as she used her fingers to press against the wetness.

Responding to Julie's touch, Norma began to breathe heavily and to undulate against the pressure. 'Should we?' Julie asked. 'What do you mean?' I replied. 'Let's help her out,' Julie continued. Then while I watched in shock, Julie began to manipulate Norma's soaking wet vagina, pressing and squeezing through the moist fabric of her panties. 'Help me,' Julie whispered. Captivated by what was happening I began to touch our friend's bare breasts and as I did Julie slowly removed her blouse. 'No, I mean help me,' Julie whispered. She cupped one of her breasts and squeezed her nipple as she continued to rub Norma's vagina. As she rubbed, her fingers made squishing sounds and the wet spot grew.

Glancing at Julie, I had never seen such a huge nipple. Julie's nipples were as long and as hard as fingers. I touched and squeezed one and an electric feeling went through me. Her breasts were seductive even to a person who had never imagined having a physical relationship with another woman.

A few minutes later Julie and I had both stripped to our panties and our friend had fallen fast asleep after having what seemed like a small orgasm. Our attentions then shifted to each other as we moved from the guest bedroom to my master. Few words were spoken and all we did that evening was bring each other to climaxes without even removing our panties. We kissed, and touched and took turns masturbating each other. After two orgasms each we fell asleep in each others arms.

We were awakened the next morning to find our third friend snuggling with us in my king sized bed. Three of us in panties with the smell of sex so strong underneath the covers that it had to be obvious that we had all been making love the evening before. Norma's warm wet vagina was pressing against my bottom as I awoke and I could feel the urgent pressure of her hips pushing against me.

That night was the beginning of something really amazing for all of us, particularly me. As it turned out Julie and Norma had been masturbating with each other before and had often talked about

initiating' me. So now our monthly bar sessions almost always end with great sex instead of frustration. Julie insists that as long as we limit our play to masturbation sessions, which we would be doing by ourselves anyway, that we are not really lesbians. I'm not so sure.



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