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Ducky Duex

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'Just Ducky' posted here a few weeks back explains how Ducky and I became friends and MORE! This story tells of what happened a couple weeks ago! Enjoy!!


'Dustin-Phone' My mom hollers from across the room.

I go and take the phone from her. It is my best friend Travis telling me that he and his family are coming into town to take care of some business and visit!! They had rented a condo. right on the beach for 10 days!! I was so excited I was speechless when I hung up the phone.

You see Travis was my best friend. Many people mistook us for brothers since we were so close and looked so much alike, except he had more body hair than I did. We had known each other for years and had been through everything together. He and I had had discovered jerking off together and were regular jerk off buds until the day he moved away!! Yes we had tried other stuff but we really liked jerking each other off best!!

I ran out of the house because I had to share the good news with my lil' bro Ducky! I rang the bell and Ducky answered; happy as always to see me standing there!

'Dude you ain't gonna believe this! Travis is coming for a visit next week!!' I excitedly exclaim!

'That's cool I guess.' Ducky half-heartedly replied.

I really did not think about the tone of his reply right then, but looking back now and his attitude toward me for the next week kind of told me something was wrong. Almost like he was pissed off at me for some reason. We only jerked off together twice that whole week, which was odd because ever since I had taught him how we did it together every day! I just figured we were both just too busy to get together and soon things would get back to normal. The week dragged. I could not wait to see Travis again!!

Soon the day arrived. I heard the doorbell ring and sprinted for the door. I open the door, while the whole family was standing there, all I could see was Travis, looking oh so hot in his wife beater t-shirt and board shorts! A smile was beaming from his cute face and the blonde hair on his legs glistened in the sunshine! I could feel all the blood from my body rushing to my dick as I stood there looking at him! I just grabbed him and gave him a big hug being very careful not to let our lower bodies touch because I KNEW he was hard too! They came in and we visited for awhile but they had to get going to get settled in to the condo.. Before they left mom invited them over for a barbecue. Again one of those little neighborhood get togethers. I asked mom if I could invite Ducky and his mom and of course she said sure! I called Ducky's house and his mom answered. She said they would love to come.

Every one showed up at the house and the party was in full swing when Ducky and his mom arrived. Again, Ducky was being very standoffish toward me and was very cold to Travis when I introduced them to each other.

'So this is the Ducky I have heard so much about?' Travis asks.

'Ya this is my lil' bro!' I say as I wrap my arm around his shoulder and pull him in closer.

'Whatever!' Ducky coldly says as he pushes my arm from around his shoulder and walks away. Travis and I just look at each other and shrug our shoulders.

So we are all out on the lanai (Florida speak for screened in porch) fixing plates. Travis' mom explains that they had to go to Miami for a couple of days to visit other friends but would be leaving Travis here at the condo so we could spend some time together. She thought it would be a great idea if 'the boys' stayed at the condo since it was already paid for. Ducky hears these plans, grabs his plate, and storms off into the house plopping himself down in front of the TV. I pull Travis aside and asked if we could include Ducky. Travis smiles and says 'You bet! He's really cute!'.

We go and throw the idea past the parents. Travis' mom says its OK as long as it is OK with Ducky's mom. At first she was a bit reluctant but I reminded her that I had already stayed with Ducky while she was far away and that this was just a condo a few miles away. Well that changed her mind plus she thought it might be good for him since he had been in such a bad mood all week. I go in to tell Ducky the good news.

'Dude what's up?' I say with a big smile on my face.

'Nothin'' He snaps back with just a couple of tears running down his cheeks.

'Talk to me lil' bro. What's goin' on?' I ask concerned.

'Just leave me alone!' He says bursting into tears.

Not wanting anyone else to see this meltdown, I pick up Ducky and take him to my bedroom where I throw him down on the bed. I shut the door and demand to know what is up with him.

'You said I was your lil' bro!' Ducky whimpers 'And now HE'S here, you have no time for me and your going to stay at the condo with him! I know what you two are going to be doing there!!'.

At that moment it hit me hard. Ducky was jealous!! I sit on the bed next to him, put my arm around him and pull him in close to my chest. At this point I am almost in tears too. 'Dude you are my lil' bro and you are very special to me.' I tell him reassuringly. 'But you have to understand Travis and I have been best friends for years!' Now Ducky is shaking and whimpering burying his face into my chest.

'Listen to me.' I demand. 'Travis thinks your cool and cute. We talked then we talked with the parents. Your going to the condo with us!!' I tell him excitedly!!

Ducky looks up at me. Our eyes meet as a smile begins to radiate from his face. 'Really??' He asks in disbelief.

'Yup! Ya wanna go?'

'You bet' Duck exclaims!

Just them the door opens and in comes Travis. 'Wondering where you dudes disappeared to. Everything cool?' Travis asks concerned.

'Ya everything is cool now bro. Ducky wants to come with us!'

'And I want to cum with him!' Travis says with a wink of an eye and a naughty smile on his face.

We all rejoin the party and Ducky is back to his old self. The plans were finalized and the party broke up soon afterwards. As they were leaving I pulled Ducky aside and told him 'Dude leave those dorky pyjamas at home. You won't need them!!' I whisper to him with a wink and a smile!

The next day it is off to the beach side condo. we go. We get there and Travis answers the door wearing only his board shorts. I knew right then and there that we weren't going to be going to the beach that day! Then Travis does the nicest thing ever. He walks over to Ducky, picks him up and gives him a great big hug. Lil' dude, Glad you came!'

Ducky is now smiling ear to ear and is completely at ease. When Travis set him down I noticed that they both had tents in their shorts which made mine start to grow as well. We all knew what we wanted to do but no one said it until Ducky of all people spoke up. 'Dudes we gonna get naked and jack off or what?!'

Travis and I look at each other, shrug our shoulders and together say 'Cool let's do it!'

With that we all begin shedding our clothes and before long are standing in front of each other buck naked and very hard! Travis walks over to Ducky and grabs his hard dick. 'Dude you were soooo right! He has got a big dick and cute too!' Travis exclaims.

'Tthhhanks!' Ducky stutters. Then he looks right at me and asks 'You told him about me?'

'Of course! Your my lil' bro!!' I tell him proudly.

'Dudes, follow me!' Travis says with that grin of his plastered across his face. We follow him. It was really hot watching three naked boys walking around this condo with their boners bouncing and balls hanging. He leads us into one of the bedrooms where there is this huge king sized bed. He scoops of Ducky and tosses him gently on the bed. Then we jump onto the bed too.

'Oops forgot something'!' Travis excitedly says. With that he jumps off the bed and heads to the other room.

After he leaves Ducky says, 'He's really hot. And hairier than you too!'.

'Shut up you little shit!' I playfully say as I start to tickle him.

Travis returns holding a big tube of lube. 'Now the real fun starts!' He proclaims.

'What's that for?' Ducky inquires. I explain that it is lube. You stroke off with it and it makes your dick feel extra good. With that Travis puts some on his hands and tosses it to me. I knew what he was thinking so I put some on my hands too. We both then started to make Duck feel really welcome. We lubed up his little dick and took turns jerking him off. Well he could not handle it and within about 5 minutes he was moaning and thrusting totally out of control. He busted a nut equal to or greater than the first time I had made him cum! Now it was our turn. Ducky went after Travis and Travis went after me. We laid there on this big bed just enjoying what was happening.

'Dude I have really missed your dick and how good it feels in my hands! And lil' bro Dustin taught you well. You really know what to do to a guy!' Travis moans loudly.

'Oh dude I know. I wanted you right at the front door the other day!' I moan back.

Silence now fills the room. All that can be heard is the squish squish of the lube as we pleasure each other. I look over and see that Ducky has a boner again. I grab it, now we all have a hard dick in our hands. Before too long we are all moaning and groaning in ecstasy. After about 30 minutes none of us could take much more. Travis cums first, shooting his load everywhere. God it was nice seeing him cum again even if I wasn't the one doing it to him. Actually it made me very happy to see my bro being brought off by my lil' bro! I couldn't stand it any longer and soon Travis was making me shoot buckets! Once I finished it was time for Ducky to let loose with round two! I finished him off in another minute.

We spent the rest of the day and night naked in the condo, jerking each other off every time we were hard. I think we all came about six times that day. We all slept naked together in the king sized bed. Ducky was in the middle in between his two big bros! The next day we did make it to the beach, mainly so we could honestly tell our parents that we had gone to the beach and had lots of fun. Needless to say we didn't stay long because we were all horny and just wanted to jerk off!

Yup it was an awesome couple of days! Just me and my two bros doin' what we love to do!! Ducky and I were both sad when Travis had to leave but we knew we still had each other! School starts soon, I hope Ducky and I can still find time to be together. His 14th birthday comes up soon. Can't wait to give him a special present that day!!



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