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Dry Spell

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I rarely masterbate, because usually, I'm very sexually active(but monogomous), and as such, don't need to. But, after reading 'Religious Kid''s story, I thought I could share something from one of my 'dry spells.'

One night, I was sitting on my computer, talking with a girl about life, love, and eventually, sex. She asked if I had ever been with another woman. I said yes, and I asked her the same. She also said yes. Well, eventually, our conversation led to how long it had been since we had last had sex. At the time, it had been almost a year for me, and 6 months for her. So, she asked if I wanted to cyber. I agreed.

So, we asked what the other was wearing, and when she asked, I told her that I was a t-shirt with no bra, and a pair of granny panties(what I normally wear to bed).

Well, she got to work, telling me what she was doing, and I followed suit. We started by gently massaging my breasts, until my nipples were sticking out of my shirt. We then started stimulating my nipples, and I felt a wave of pleasure surge through my body. She was going to remove my shirt and suck on my breasts, and I followed suit, removing my shirt and began massaging my nipples with an ice cube.

She started kissing down my breasts, until she got to my naval ring. She started licking it, and I moved the ice cube down there. Eventually, she got down to my pussy.

By this time, I was soaking wet. She started by once again, massaging my pussy through my clothes, and I did the same, realizing just how hot I had been the whole time. When she started licking, I wished she was right there, in front of me. Eventually, she stripped off my sopping wet panties, and I did the same. It's here where things diverge.

I slowly massaged my pussy lips until they were nice and pink, and started massaging my clit. I did that for a while, until I stuck my other hand inside my pussy. You see, I squirt when I orgasm, and for those of you who have never done that, you are missing out on the most intense orgasm in your life. You see, a squirting orgasm actually occurs in the same area where urine comes out, and all you need to do is stimulate the right spot for it to occur. Well, I know exactly the right spot to make that occur, but I need my other hand to reach there. So, with one hand massaging my clit and my other massaging my other spot, I eventually came all over the place; my hands, my chair, even the towel I put over my computer to clean up after myself.

I thanked my friend after cleaning myself up, and began the recriprocating, but that is a story that is not apropriate for this site.



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