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Driving to an Orgasm

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Driving To An Orgasm
First of all, I can't believe I'm writing this. I am usually very private about this. I have a very high sex drive and, for the most part, I am not inhibited very much. However, what I do behind closed doors usually stays there. Yet, I have enjoyed reading the stories in this site. If I am going to exercise my voyeuristic tendencies, I should reciprocate a bit.
As I said, I am not very sexually inhibited. There's not too much I won't try with my partner, providing it's not life threatening. I have masturbated since childhood. For the longest time, I did not know that's what it was called. I was never told it was bad. I was told by my grandmother once, "Honey, that looks vulgar. You shouldn't do that where people could see." I was not even 10 and wasn't sure what I was doing was actually classified as. I just knew it felt really good.
Orgasms have always come easy for me. It has only been a couple of times, literally, that I had difficulty having one. Those were times when I wanted one just too bad. I was concentrating too hard on it. A person should relax and enjoy their body and the body of their partner (if there is one at the time). Orgasms are natural and will come naturally, they can't be forced. So, relax.
I have orgasms at 3-4 times a day. If I didn't have to work, it would be much more. I wake up with an undeniable desire for stimulation. That same urge doesn't completely go away during the day, I just push it aside until I can tend to "business". Often times I go home for lunch for my own personal nooner.
My earliest recollection of masturbating was discovering that it felt really good when I climbed those poles on the playground. I would also straddle a door, hold on to the doorknobs and hump the door. Different, I know, but it still works. You get firm pressure and stimulation on the clit and you feel something firm when you squeeze your thighs tight.
I am very careful about my partners and have gone quite a while without a partner. (I have a childhood friend who died of AIDS.) So, I find myself masturbating very often during the day, as I said before.
My current obsession can be dangerous. I would suggest starting on back roads. I have a vibrating dildo. I drive on the back roads in the rural areas that are a bit rough. After a mile or so, I am getting aroused. I start out by sitting upright and pulsating my pelvis back and forth. The seam on my jeans gives me a gentle stimulation. As I become more aroused, I unfasten and unzip my pants, take my little friend and slide it under me. I continue to move my hips back and forth. Another mile or so, and I turn my friend on. Cruise control is good to have at this point. I can have an orgasm at this point and sometimes do, but I'm not done. Each time I masturbate, I have a few orgasms.
Eventually, I'll pull over for safety and work my friend into me. No lube is needed. I get very wet and my friend makes his entry quite easily. I must note that if you're shy, do this in the dark. People WILL have a very good idea what you are doing. Some like it. I slowly insert my friend. I will slide down on it, hold the base with one hand and slide up. Up and down, up and down. The slower the better. When I am ready for the screamer, I make my movements more quickly. When I do come, I am sitting with my friend completely inside of me and pulsating my hips back and forth quite violently, rubbing my clit. An orgasm like this is too dangerous for driving, trust me, so don't even try it while you're driving. I never want to explain to the cops or emergency room personnel what happened. After that orgasm I'll wait a few minutes and do it again. I'll go through a tank of gas sometimes.
Well, this is my current method. I hope to read some new entries soon. Keep it going, girls! --Patty



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