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Driving Miss Georgia

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A true story from a time before mandatory seat belt laws.


It was a warm summer night and Georgia appeared on the deck wearing a strapless sundress. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra as the stretch material struggled to confine her 36c breasts.

'Do you want to go for a ride?' she asked in a little girl voice she used only when she wanted sex.

I knew what she had in mind. Masturbation had been any part of our love life nearly since the beginning of our relationship. Georgia had never masturbated to orgasm before she met me. She told me when she was young, her mother caught her doing it and told her to never do that again, so she didn't. When she was in her early twenties and became sexually active she found she couldn't reach orgasm through intercourse. When she attempted to masturbate to relieve sexual tension she couldn't orgasm. She told me her fingers felt good but it didn't 'feel right'.

That was before I introduced her to sex toys her first birthday we were together. She found that with a little practice, she could reliably reach orgasm if she used a vibrator. Soon had a collection of vibrators and dildos and it turned out she particularly enjoyed large dildos because, as she put it, 'they really fill me up.' If I was not able to meet her sexual needs, she would use her toys to masturbate to orgasm.

Sexual fantasies were an exciting part of our love life. During foreplay we had a game where Georgia would supply a general topic, and I would construct a short story involving the subject. Exhibitionism, public sex and public masturbation were her favorite turn ons. In her favorite fantasy, she would ride in the passenger seat of a car while masturbating.

So when she asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in that voice wearing that dress, I knew what she wanted. We had worked out the all the details in many previous sessions. She would wear a sun dress with a stretch top and no panties, of course. That way she could cover up quickly if she needed to, and still have full access. I slipped into a flimsy pair of running shorts and a t-shirt and grabbed the car keys. She went to the bedroom and selected her favorite vibrator and a large dildo and jammed them both into her bag.

We hurried to the car and she took her position in the passenger seat. By the time we pulled out of our driveway, the vibrator was already running and positioned against her clit under her dress. We lived about five miles from our small town. Once out of our neighborhood, the two lane road was dark and private enough, with houses and intersections spaced well apart. As soon as we turned off our neighborhood streets onto the dark main road, I ordered her to pull her top down and not to put it back on until we reached the streetlights of town. This was the way we had worked it out in our fantasy, so she complied. The lights from oncoming cars would illuminate inside of our car, giving me a great view of her naked breasts. Cars waiting to pull onto the main road would get a quick glimpse of the profile of her full breasts in their head lights. Her skirt was gathered up around her midriff, exposing her spread legs and her wet pussy. By now, the dildo was buried deep inside her, and was being held in place with her left hand, while her right hand worked the vibrator over her clit. I'd seen her masturbate that way many times. That was her style. She liked to shove the dildo inside as deep as it would go and hold it there. A big dildo like she was using that night would pull her clit down so it was almost inside of her. She would place the tip of the vibrator on the intersection of the dildo and her clit, gently trapping her sensitive little organ between the dildo and her pulsing vibrator.

Her seat was partly reclined and I could tell from her face that she was completely absorbed with what she was doing. When we got into town, she pulled her top up and let her skirt cover herself, but she continued to manipulate both toys on her genitals. She straightened up and opened her eyes while attempting to look normal, like nothing was going on. Our town had about six traffic lights. We made most of the lights but were stopped at two. The first time we stopped was at the main intersection in town. It was brightly lit, and there was some pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks, with people walking between the three bars in the downtown area. Georgia tried valiantly not to show in her expression what she was doing. She clinched her legs together as tightly as she could with the dildo inside her. She held it in place with her hand casually outside her skirt. She relaxed her right arm as much as possible and vibrated her clit with the tip of the vibrator with her hand up her skirt but positioned as low and to the right as she could, out of sight of onlookers.

In spite of these attempts and possibly because of the danger of being noticed, she could no longer hold back. Her whole body tensed as she orgasmed right before the light turned green. After she came, and we were back in motion she let the dildo drop from her cunt and slid it under her car seat. She pulled her vibrator out and turned the speed control up a couple of notches. Again, she casually positioned the vibrator on her clit under her dress as we drove through the bright lights at the 35 mile per hour speed limit. We were stopped at the last traffic light in town. She continued to rub the vibrator between her legs. Just before the light turned green, I ordered her to pull her top down again, which she did. She pulled her knees close to her breasts as the light turned green, allowing her skirt to gather at her midriff again exposing her very wet hole. There were no other cars, so there was nobody there to see her, but it obviously was a big turn-on for her as well as for me. She came again very hard and very loud soon after we were moving again.

By this time I was dying for some relief. I had been gently rubbing my penis head through my shorts for several miles and I was needing to cum now. We pulled into a roadside park and stopped the car. My cock was outside the leg of my shorts in seconds and I began to stroke my very hard cock, which was well lubricated with my own pre-cum. In about six strokes I shot a big load of cum all over my front. I didn't think to bring anything to clean up with so took my shirt off and mopped up my mess. I drove home very satisfied but shirtless.

We never did this again but I'll always remember that summer night and the sundress.



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