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Driving Me Crazy

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I just love this site. I get off so much reading to stories of men and women. I have been exposing myself to women while I jackoff since I was in high school. The first time was when I accidently left my blinds open and girl that lived next door walked up and caught me. She said if I didn't let her watch she would tell her parents. Mary was a year younger than me and we had been exploring each others bodies since we were about 8 or 9. She told me she wanted to bring one of her friends over and I had to put on a show for them or she was going to tell on me. That got me started and I have been exposing myself to women for more than 30 years.
One night I was riding around in my car butt naked with my cock all lubed up, with a tripple cock ring on and slowly stroking myself. I had even gotten out of my car completely nude and put my clothes in the trunk. I did this in a well lighted parking lot. It is so exciting to know that you can't get to your clothes if you get caught. I did get caught this one day by a woman I was dating. She pulled up beside me in this store parking lot and got out of her car and came over to me. My clothes were in the trunk that time so I was just busted. I couldn't very well just drive off so I made up a lame story about getting my clothes wet while washing the car and had put them in the truck to dry. She looked down at my cock that was rock hard, with a cock ring on it and covered in lube. She said that was bullshit that she knew I had been exposing myself while I was jacking off. She said the woman that lived next door to me told her that she had seen me jacking off in my back yard several times and that she was pretty sure that I knew she had seen me. I told her that I did know she had seen me and that I would probably expose myself to her again. I had started back jacking myself off again while she was talking to me. I told her I was sorry but I was just addicted to exposing myself. She said she was sorry too but she just couldn't live with that. Just then I came all over myself and she said I couldn't even stop jacking off long enough for her to break up with me. That was the last time we ever saw each other.
Anyway, back to me riding around at night jacking off. I spotted this young woman walking down the sidewalk so I pulled over and asked if she would like a ride. She said sure and jumped in. I had fixed my inside lights where they wouldn't come on when you opened the door so she could not see that I was naked. She started thanking me for the ride and asked how far I was going. I told her I was going to the other side of town and asked her where she needed to go. This whole time I was still jacking off and was getting so hot with young girl sitting just two feet away from me. I had to stroke it very slowly so she couldn't hear the stroking sound it made with all the lube on me. We drove on for a few minutes when we came up to a red light. I stopped the car right under a street light and she looked over and saw what I was doing. She Said, 'Oh my goodness. What are you doing? Do you always drive around doing that? Aren't you afraid you'll get caught?' I told her that was what was so exciting about it. I told her she could get out if it made her uneasy and she said she could really use the ride if I wasn't going to try to do anything to her. I assured her that all I wanted was for her to watch me jackoff. She said that was O.K. with her so long as I didn't want her to touch me or anything. I told her I just wanted her to watch. She asked where my clothes were and I told her in the trunk. She said I was really brave to ride around completely naked like that. I flipped on a map light above the mirror so it shined down on my lap so she could have a really good view of me jacking off. She said that that must feel really good and I told her that it felt great. She asked me if she could change her mind and just touch me a little. She said she had never seen a man's thing before and would love to see how it felt. I told her she could touch all she wanted but it was not a thing, it was a cock and she had to call it that before she could touch it. She said, 'can I please touch your cock?'. She moved over in the seat to where her leg was touching mine. I poured some lube in her hand and showed her how to stroke it. Now I was totally in her control. She said what would happen if she speeded up a little and I told her I would squirt all over the place. She started jacking me off really fast and said she had never even seen a man's cock before and she really wanted to see me squirt. She didn't have to wait long. I told her to be careful or she would get it all over herself. She kept stroking me and aimed it right at herself. My first squirt hit her left tit. She quickly yanked up her shirt and the next one landed on her bare stomach. She just kept jerking me off and her beautiful little soft hand felt fantastic. She had on shorts and she got the next two squirts across her bare leg. Then the cum stopped squirting and just started flowing out. It was running all down her hand, down my shaft and all over my balls ond onto the seat. She said that was the most amazing thing she had ever seen and asked if she had to stop jacking me off. I told her she could keep doing it as long as she wanted. She said she did need to get home but she wanted to see me get out of my car naked and get my clothes out of the trunk. I told her she really learned fast what turned me on. I pulled into and apartment complex and parked. As I started to get out she said I dare you to walk down to the end of the driveway naked. I said just watch. She said, 'come back I was just kidding' but I kept right on walking. My cock standing out rock hard and still dripping cum. The drive was about 100 feet long and I walked all the way to the end and back. One car drove by with two women in it but they probably thought they had imagined what they had seen. When I got back to the car I got my clothes out of the trunk and the young girl laughed and told me I was crazy but she enjoyed the show. I stayed completely naked and she jerked me off all the way to her house. My house is just at the end of this street, she told me, but asked if she could see me cum one more time and if there was anything else she could do to make it feel better. I told her to play with my balls with her other hand. She did and I came again just as we pulled up in front of her house. She thanked me for the ride and I thanked her for making me feel so fantastic. I never saw her again but still jackoff to this day thinking about her.



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