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Driving Lesson With Mom

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This insane but true story happened the other day whilst I was getting a driving lesson with mom. I had been driving for about an hour, and I really needed to pee. Holding out for the toilet gets me all tingly, and I was starting to get an erection as I headed the car back home. It would be about 30 minutes more drive, and I was desperate, and was now starting to get nervous about mom noticing the bulge in my pants, which got my blood flowing even more. As she continued to instruct me she must have looked down to see that my feet were in the right positions on the pedals.

'Are you ok Jim?' she asked

I told her I just needed to use the bathroom and asked if she knew where the nearest public toilet was. We have always been open about sexual things, but her response came as a surprise.

'You sure look like you need to take care of that' she said gesturing at my pants.

I managed a nervous laugh and insisted that I just needed to pee.

'Oh', she said 'so it's nothing to do with that' she gestured again at my raging hard on.

'I just need to pee. I should be able to hold on,' but in truth I was edging closer to an accident. We drove another 10 minutes or so, and the situation was getting worse. I was wriggling and repositioning myself to try and relieve the pressure but it was no good.

'I need to pull over' I said and parked the car by the side of the road, but it was too late, I felt my dick start to leak, then a full stream started, and quickly drenched my pants. I swore and closed my eyes.

'Never mind dear, let's just get you home and into some dry pants' Mom said and I started the car back up. Though I was in one way relieved, I was so embarrassed, my heart was racing, but my erection did not subside. If anything all the commotion was turning me on even more, and mom could tell.

'Pull over Jim' she said, and I did. 'take off your wet pants' I did this too, which left me sitting there in wet underwear, with my dick poking straight up. 'I really don't mind if you take care of that'

'Come on mom, I'm embarrassed enough'

'Would you like some privacy'

'No, seriously', I replied, I just want to get home. Then she did something very unexpected. She put her hand on my knee, and looked me in the face.

'I really don't mind' she said.

If I'm honest I was now so horny I could have blown my load in about two seconds if I touched myself, but I didn't... she did.

Mom ran her hand down my thigh, and rested it over my drenched underwear.

'Mom!' I exclaimed, but she shooshed me, and moved a finger over the elastic, and into my undies, then another, then her whole hand. She left it there on my throbbing dick for a few moments, and then gripped it softly. The pee by now was trickling down my leg, creating tingling sensations through my whole body. I could feel myself twitching at her touch, and then she slowly started stroking, pulling down my foreskin and running her palm over the head of my penis. I knew I couldn't take much more and told her I was about to cum. She stroked firmer and faster, pumping her hand up and down my dick in my pee soaked undies. I got up the courage to look at her, but her eyes were closed, and her other hand was in her jeans, rubbing at the same pace as she jerked me off. She let out a sigh and bucked up off her seat, with the same motion pulling hard up the length of my shaft. I came instantly, the blasts of cum restrained by my undies. Mom grunted and tilted further back and off the seat, and with that she came too, and must have squirted several times, as her jeans started to darken, she lay back in her seat, her hand still in her pants, and started peeing! I could hear the trickle, and see the stream running down the leg of her pants.

We sat for what seemed an eternity, sitting in a pool of our own pee and come, before I started the car again and we headed home.



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