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Driving & Jacking

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Inspired by numerous stories posted here about jacking or jilling while driving.


After spending a relaxing Thanksgiving with family back at my childhood home, I was looking forward to the hour-long drive back home on Black Friday.

The wife and kids were braving the crowds while I was heading home to enjoy some peace and quiet. Because they were heading out shopping and I was heading home, we took two vehicles to my mom's. That meant I'd have one vehicle all to myself on the drive home on the back roads over the river and through the woods.

Planning accordingly for my adventure, I downloaded some audio erotica on my iPod and hooked up my device that lets me play my iPod through the car's stereo system.

As soon as I left town, I headed for a local trail, hoping for an empty parking lot where I could unzip and pull my jeans down around my ankles. I purposely did not wear underwear to add to the excitement. Sure enough, the lot was vacant and soon my jeans were down. I immediately noticed pre-cum smeared on the tip of my cock and the inside of my jeans.

As I pulled out of the lot, I started a rotation of erotic stories on the iPod and started stroking. Now, it's a bit distracting as cars pass you (even on country roads) so I was having trouble maintaining a firm erection at the start. Soon, I got more caught up in the hot stories and became more brazen. After a while, I didn't care if anyone saw what I was doing-even those in higher profile vehicles that could easily see into my car.

As I continued down the road at 55mph, I set the car to cruise control so I could concentrate more on my pleasure and less on keeping an even speed. Sure enough, faster cars were soon on my tail and passing me (again, possibly looking in). I just smiled and stroked!

I was enjoying all the sensations: pants around my ankles, naked ass and balls on the car seat, oozing pre-cum, and hot sex on the stereo. I was dripping more and more pre-cum which served as the perfect lube for my highway ministrations.

In no rush to end this exquisite adventure, I approached a small town which is notorious for having cops lying in wait to nab speeders. The the thought of getting caught or just being seen as I slowly drove through the town added to my excitement. Entering the speed trap, there was the cop, sitting in a parking lot. Fortunately, I had slowed to 25mph and passed right on by with my dick in my hand!

As I left town, the story I was on was really heating up (two hot girls getting it on in a department store dressing room-perfect for Black Friday!). I really started stroking in earnest as the girls switched positions and got each other off. Getting back up to 55mph and hitting cruise, I was free to jerk to my cock's content.

Just as I was getting close to blowing my wad, the story ended. Fortunately, the next story got right to the action with a young women delivering on the promise of hearing her mind-shattering orgasm. As she proceeded to get herself off, her excitement became more and more audible and urgent. I matched her energy stroke-for-stroke as I flew down the highway, approaching my own thrilling orgasm as she was about to complete hers.

Considering I was about to shoot what was probably going to be a pretty large load of cum in the family car, I grabbed some napkins and placed them on the seat, between my legs. I was hoping none would land on my jeans but really didn't care at that point.

The hotty on the audio story was just about there and so was I. With a car approaching in the distance, I tried to focus on her sounds of impending orgasm and my own magical sensations increasing with every stroke. Readying myself for the point of no return, I settled back in my seat as much as possible while still maintaining control of the vehicle.

Just as I was about to pass the approaching car, the babe on the audio hit her peak, sending me through the roof as I erupted in a strong, deeply felt orgasm that felt like it shot through my whole body. I was certain I had exploded all over the dash, steering wheel, seat, jeans, everywhere. It felt that good! I don't know if the folks in the passing car saw my face or what I was doing. If they did, they might have thought I was having a heart attack, as I'm sure my face was contorted-with immense pleasure rather than pain.

Fortunately, when I glanced down to see where my load had landed, it was centered mostly around my shaft, hand and balls, with some landing on the napkins between my legs. No muss, no fuss. I was able to quickly wipe up the sticky white stuff in the napkins, as I basked in the afterglow of my 55mph orgasm, listening to the girl on the stereo come down from her own release.

Still enjoying the feeling of being exposed as I traveled down the country roads, I waited until I reached another empty parking lot a few miles out of town before I reluctantly pulled up my pants, tucked in, and zipped up, killing the audio and returning to your normal, everyday holiday traveler (with a load of cum wadded up in napkins on the floor of the car!).

Next mission: Getting my wife to ride along as we both jack and jill our way down the highway! I got her off once when we were dating as I drove and fingered her through her jeans, so she might be game! More to cum if I can get her to join me!



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