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Driving Fun Last One

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Pretty much true. This series is my first. Thanks for enjoying it.


I slide closer to Bill and lean down to look at the clear stuff. I put my finger on it bringing a little bit up to my nose. 'It doesn't smell like anything' I say as I further inspect it. Bill says, 'taste it, I did and it didn't taste that bad'. I say, 'noway man I'm no queer'. 'I'm not either but it makes me real horny when I lick it watch this' He rasises his legs over his head and spins his whole body around and kinda walks his feet up the wall then lets them fall toward me and his dick dangles down just above his mouth.
Then he does the most amazing thing, he puts his dick in his mouth. I'm sitting there with my mouth open not really beleiving what I see when he says, 'you try it'. I say, I don't think so - but after watching him enjoying it so much I spin around and do the same. Well after a lot of trying all I can do is just touch my tongue to the end of my dick. Bill says, 'that's all I could do when I stated too'. We both get out of that position and are just doing our regular playing with our own dicks when Bill says, 'hey tell me more about Myford'.
Ok. like I was saying, Myford's dick is getting slippery but I didn't wanta look any closer so I just kept jacking him off and he does the same with my dick. We do that for about 5 minutes and I'm getting really horny. Then he stops and takes his hand away and puts it on my hand and stops me from rubbing his dick. I say, 'hey wasn't I doing it right'? he says, 'no you were doing it just fine but I wanted to ask you if you wanted to try something else'. 'Like what' I say suspicously.
He kind of takes a deep breath pauses and says, 'I guess you must have figured it out by now that I'm queer right'. I'm kinda thinking out loud as I say, 'I'm not sure what that means but I've heard that queers are bad people that hurt and do bad things to boys'. He quickly says, 'hey man you know me pretty well and you know I wouldn't hurt you, I just like to make you feel really good right'. Yeah you have been real nice to me and I do trust you.
'Ok', he says, 'I'll give you twenty dollars if you let me suck your dick'. I think, wow twenty bucks that is a lot of money. He continues, 'I promise not to do anything else and if you don't like what I'm doing you can stop me any time you want'. He has been really nice to me and he doesn't know it, but I want him to suck me and would do it just to keep driving his car, so I say, 'Ok, do you want to do it now'? He looks at the clock and says, we have another hour before you have to be home right.? I nod, and he says, 'now would be great'.
He opens his car door steps out and tells me to slide over toward him. As he stands next to the car I hang my feet out the door and he unbuttons my pants. He seems kinda nervous but finally pulls them down along with my underwear. Next he puts his knees on the running board of the car and moves his mouth toward my dick.
Bill says, 'hold it right there, hey man wasn't it cold out there by the river'? No not at all I was so excited I never thought about it. Do you want me to go on? Bill says, 'let me see if I've got the picture', as he scoots over closer to me, 'You are sitting on the edge of the seat, Myford is kneeling like this and he starts to suck you like this. As Bill finishes talking he has moved right next to me leans over and takes my dick into his mouth. I moan a soft 'yess'. Bill is really getting into it and I notice he is jackin his own dick at the same time. I guess he doesn't care about my story any more.
As he continues sucking me I slide around till I can get my hand on his dick and the second I touch him he removes his hand and I start jackin him. Bills lips feel so good I close my eyes and jack him faster. I think about Myford sucking me that night by the river and kick myself for not trying to suck him I wanted to but was just to chicken. I'm getting pretty close to the feeling and I don't want to miss another chance to try sucking a dick, so I move around Bill until his dick is right up to my lips. Without anymore thinking I open my mouth and suck him in.
It isn't any big deal I don't feel queer and it doesn't taste bad so I try some tongue movements. He moans and increases his sucking on me. After about 3-4 minutes we are sucking each other and humping when I stop and whisper, 'hey better stop I'm getting close to getting the feeling'. He says, me too'. I think about that and we both speed up. The feeling starts to build and I don't even think about what my mouth is doing when I stiffen and the feeling hits me. Oh wow I think - I hope this feeling never stops.
Finally I come back to reality with Bills dick still in my mouth tasting something salty. His dick is soft and slips from my mouth just as mine does from his. He says, 'I didn't know you made cum yet why didn't you tell me. I said, 'really I never did before are you sure'. Now we both are thinking the same thing we are queers. Without a word we get dressed and leave the fort. Bill heads home and I go to my room to do my home work.
Thirty minutes later the phone rings and its Bill. He says, turn on the TV. I say, OK, 'whats on' just do it channel 2 and hangs up. I turn it on and it's the news. They caught a man that was molesting boys in the town next to ours his name was Myford Mayers.
The next morning on my way to school Bill rides up next to me on his bike and we look at each other and don't say a word. We never talked about our experiences again nor did we have any. Bill moved away about 3 months later and I never did anything with another guy until I was 55 years old.



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