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Driving Fun III

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We ride through the chainlink fence and I stop to close the latch. Hopping back on my bike I catch up with Bill and tell him to head under the bleachers. All the way to the end near the refreshment booth we get off our bikes and hide them under a tarp. Around the backside of the hut underneath the bleachers is the back door. It is set back about five feet leaving a nice completely hidden area. I pull Bill inside and drag some empty boxes in front of the opening. He says, 'man this is really cool'. I always check the back door and it's always locked, but this time it opens. We both go inside and I lock the door. It's pretty dark but as our eyes adjust we start checking everything out. I tell him this is the first time I've ever found it open.
The first door I open is where they store the seat cushions and blankets. 'Wow this is cool' Bill says, just as I jump on the pile of blankets he leaps at me tackling me and landing right on top of me. We wrestle around a little and finally give up out of exhaustion. Sitting there in the dim light that leaks thru the cracks in the walls Bill asks, 'ok tell me what you do when you sneak out with Myford'.
'Ok, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. He says, 'Ok'. I start telling him about it and he says, 'I don't know what you mean, why don't you show me on your own cock.' I say, 'Nope that won't work at all, but I'll do it to your cock, what do you say?' 'I don't think so cause I'm not a queer', he says. 'I'm not either you needle d**k but I do it so he will quit playing around with me'. He asks, 'how many times have you jacked him off? I say, four times is all' He says, 'ok but don't tell anyone I let you do it to me.' 'Yeah no problem I won't.'
So I get up and move over next to him and make a nice little chair in the blankets and sit down. As I reach over to unzip Bill's jeans he helps me and pulls his pants and underpants down to his knees. I continue telling my story while I'm feeling Bills cock and its getting hard. 'Every time I turn down the river road he try's to get his hand on my cock. It's always really small and shriveled up and he can't find it, so he doesn't get his hand on it before I grab his cock'. 'But the last time he grabbed my crotch I was already hard and he kind of stopped and pulled his hand away before I could even tell him to stop. He got real quiet and said, 'I sure would like to touch your cock while you jack me off this time, is that ok?'
By now I had my hand around Bill's cock and was jacking him off pretty fast. He really liked it because I could feel him humping my hand. I say to Myford 'you know the deal we made, I'll jack you off if you let me drive your car? 'Yeah I know but', and catches himself and says, 'I'll give you five bucks just to hold it when you jack me off'. I think shit five bucks - that takes me a week to earn on my paper route. During the pause in the story I've unzipped my pants and Bill reaches over and pulls my cock out through the flap in my underwear and starts to stroke me.
Finally after about ten seconds I say to Myford, Ok, but if you do anything other than hold it I'm going to tell my Dad all about you'. He says, 'ok deal'. He hands me five bucks. The whole time Bill hasn't said a word and leans over to me and says, 'what happens next'. I said, 'I unzip my pants and reach over to unzip Myford's, but he has already pulled his underwear and pants down to his knees and his cock is hard as a rock sticking straight up. Just as I rap my fingers around his cock he finds mine and does the same.
Before I can tell anymore of the story Bill has moved around so his cock is touching mine and his legs are over my legs and our balls are touching. Than with both hands he grabs my cock and his cock at the same time putting them next to each other and starts to jack both together. I look down and his cock is dribbling cum all over mine. The sight and the warmth of his cum on my cock set me off too. Oh wow I can't believe it I see white stuff coming out of my cock too. After about 2 or three more strokes I can't stand the tickle and push Bills hand off my cock.
We both lay back into the blankets in a daze. Once I'm back to reality I look down again and we have both shrunk up but the white stuff is running down our balls. Now I start thinking about where we are and how late it is and leap to my feet saying, 'lets go before someone comes'. We pull up our underwear and jeans and sneak out the back door. It's still early in the morning and we get back to the street before anyone sees us. Just before we get to Bills house he says, 'man that was so cool I'll see you during lunch'. 'Ok I'll see you than' he pulls into his driveway and I go the next two blocks home.



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