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Driving Fun II

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It continues


Two nights later he picked me up at 1 am and I got into the driver's side and drove away. Much to my surprise sitting next to Myford was one of my friends Bill. I didn't know they knew each other. I also noticed out of the corner of my eye that Myford had his hand on Bill's crotch.
As we drove toward the river road I noticed that Bill kept pushing Myford's hand away from his crotch. Myford was saying to him "hey come on it will be your turn to drive in a few minutes let me have my fun". Ok now I know what's going on. You let him play with your cock and he lets you drive. When we made the turn on to the river road Myford said pull over here. I did as he asked, stopping the car and turning off the lights. He turned to me and said "why don't you switch places with Bill and let him drive than you can change back again drive for awhile and drive home". I hopped out and passed Bill at the back of the car as we changed sides.
Bill was a better driver that me so Myford relaxed and leaned back against the seat and lowers his right hand to my leg and his left hand to Bill leg. I knew what was coming next. I thought cool I was going to play with Myford's cock again. But Bill was freaking out and yelling things like "get your hand off my dick I can't drive" and I told you NO". I said "hey you two stop the yelling and pull over". Bill slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car heading back to town. When I caught up with him he was freaked and said does he play with your cock when you drive? I said "no because I told him that I would jack him off". That is our agreement.
Finally I got him to go back to the car only if I sat next to him when he was driving. I said sure that's cool. I opened the door to the driver's side and sat next to Myford and said, "scoot over dude". He said ok. Bill got in next to me and started the car. As soon as the interior light when out Myford's hand was on my crotch. At the same time I grabbed his hand and said, "I told you no as my other hand grabbed his cock". Instantly he pulled his hand from my crotch and unzipped his pants. I moved around so Bill couldn't see what I was doing.
Bill was feeling better now and asked if he could turn on the radio. Myford said sure man that's cool. Bill found a great station and went back to driving. By now I had my hand in Myford's pants between his under pants and trousers. He was real hard and seemed to be in another world. I was squeezing his cock and trying to find the hole in his boxers to get my hands on it when Bill says "what's going on over there", I said nothing man keep your eyes on the road. Not exactly true but I was kinda enjoying playing with this big cock.
Finally I got it to come out of the underwear. I could barely see it but I could feel it - it was really big and felt soft and smooth but hard too. During this whole time Myford is very quiet, not moving a hair on his body. I start stroking Myford's cock up and down. He really likes it and Bill is asking me about school stuff and I'm nodding my head and once in a while saying, "yeah that's cool" or "OK that sounds cool". Bill says to me, "hey I gota head home pretty soon, you wanta drive a little". In unison very quickly both Myford and I say "not yet". Bill says ok but pretty soon. Myford says "yep prettyyyy soooon".
I catch on to his meaning and speed up my jacking. All of a sudden I hear a slight grunt/moan almost a whisper from Myford and feel his legs straightens out pressing his feet into the floorboards of the car. I know what that means cause I have to strain my muscles just like that to get the feeling the third time I jackoff in a day. I feel something hot and wet on my hand. I slow the pace of my jacking to a stop just leaving my hand gripping his member. The wetness feels kinda weird so I wipe the stuff on his leg. He didn't say a word. As Myford finishes his cleanup I turn to Bill and say "why don't you pull over here and I'll drive us back home. He does and Bill gets out to walk around but stops and says, "hey I want to sit next to you not on the passenger's side". I say, "go sit over there next to the window Myford won't try anything now". He says "what makes you think he won't - he always does.
I tell him, "trust me I'll tell you later". So he goes around the car and gets in next to Myford and closes the door. I turn the car around and head home. All the way home Myford is very mellow and doesn't try anything with Bill. As usual we stop a block from my house and I'm ready to get out when Bill says he wants to go with me. Myford says ok so we both get out and Myford drives away. Its about 4:30 am so I tell him he can go with me on my paper route if he wants. He says sure but I don't have my bike. That's no big deal he can ride my sisters.
As we are peddling toward the place where I fold the papers he says, "hey how did you know Myford wouldn't try playing with my cock anymore" I said "because I jacked him off and he losses interest after that - plus he will do anything you want". Try it the next time he starts putting his hand on your dick. He says, "cool I will". We go into the shack and fold my papers. Once we deliver all the papers he starts asking all about what I did and what it felt like and so I said, "lets go over to the high school and I'll show you. More later



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