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Drivers Education

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Today I took my ex wife's sister out to help her learn how to drive on the highway. Before I left my house I put a pair of Kelsey's panties in my shorts. I had taken the panties last weekend when we were at her house for dinner. They were pink satin with lace on the crotch. I had decided that I would rub myself with the panties through my shorts as she sat next to me in the car.

Kelsey is sixteen, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice butt and a 34b chest, I found this out when I jacked off with her bra. We have always been close and when her sister and I divorced we still talked. When I was still married to her sister, Kelsey used to spend the night at our house. My ex used to go shopping and Kelsey would stay and surf the net. I would often lay on my bed and watch porn with the volume up and the door open a crack so if she walked by she could see in. I do not think she ever saw me beating off, but I wanted her to catch me. A couple of times I snuck into the guest room when she and my wife were gone and used her panties to jack off with. My favorite pair of panties to use was a green satin bikini size five. I would stroke my cock with them thinking of Kelsey.

Anyway, today I picked her up and we started to drive. Kelsey was wearing black shorts, a white t-shirt, and it looked like she had on bikini panties, and I could see her pink bra through her shirt. I wondered if the panties I had in my shorts were the matching ones for the bra. After about ten minutes of her driving I told her to pull into a parking lot to practice parking. There was nobody around and as she was driving I started to rub my cock through my shorts. Kelsey did not see what I was doing because she was so intent on driving. I was getting harder by the minute as I looked at her legs and the satin bra she had on under her shirt.

I then asked her how things were at school. She said 'Ok,' then I asked if she was dating. She said 'No,' I asked her if she ever got horny. She said, 'Mark, I am embarrassed, but yes I do get horny.' I then told her that everyone gets horny and that there are ways to relieve the feelings. She said 'What are you talking about.' I could feel my cock rubbing on her panties in my shorts and said 'You know, masturbate.' Kelsey said 'That's gross, only perverts beat off.' I reached over and touched her leg and said, 'Kelsey everyone masturbates and I have jacked off thinking about you hundreds of times.'

She just looked at me and then laughed. I told her 'Kelsey I am so horny for you, I just want to show you what guys do when they think of girls.' I then pulled my shorts down, and I covered my hard cock with her panties and began to rub up and down. Kelsey looked at me and said 'What are you doing, and where did you get my panties.' I said 'Kelsey, I have used your panties and bras to jack off with since you were 14,' I then told her that I would watch her lay out and beat off while in the bathroom looking out the window. I told her to stop driving and just watch.

She stopped the car and was looking out the window. I told her to watch me. She said 'Ok, my friends have told me about catching guys beating off, and I am curious to see what it looks like.' As I was beating off I was telling her how hot she was and how much I wanted her to see me cum. She looked over and said 'Ok, I will watch you.' I asked her if she would pull her shirt up and show me her bra. She said 'Ok.' When I saw her bra I told her that I had been in her room when she was away and beat off with that bra. She said 'Mark that is gross, I know guys beat off, but I didn't know they used girls panties and bras'. I told her yes, all guys love panties. All the time I was stroking my cock with the pink satin panties around me, and Kelsey was watching. I looked at her and said 'Please give me your panties to rub on my cock'.

She did not want to at first and said you already have a pair, but after some talking she pulled her shorts down and took her red satin panties off. She handed them to me and said 'I think this is weird but go ahead and do what you need to do.' I put the back of her panties on my cock and started to rub them up and down my shaft. I could not believe it, I had two pairs of her panties on my cock and Kelsey watching. I was in heaven as I stroked my meat. I kept telling her 'Kelsey you are so hot, I just want to cum for you.' After about three minutes I shot a huge load in both pairs of her panties. I told her not to tell anyone and she said no one would believe her story anyway. Kelsey drove home and when I got home I beat off again thinking about the drive.



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