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Drinking Your Own Cum - Greatest Hits

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This is written primarily in reply to the story that posted July 18, called 'Swallow My Cum.' I have contributed many stories in this genre and I've read many hot ones here. I think that doing this goes deeper than a 'sexual act' and reaches into the realm of deep healing and self-acceptance - for both men and other people who they share it with.


Betty, the great grandmother of masturbation (very easy to find, and old friend of this website) recently wrote to me and said that she thought women would be leading the way into the new frontiers of sexuality. I asked her why this was, and she said that it's about men wanting to control women for reproductive purposes.

I think that's true though there's something deeper working, something about men struggling with self-acceptance and homophobia. There have been many posts by men who want to drink their own semen but then lose the desire after they ejaculate. I have a persistent fantasy-desire to hold space for men, let them cum into my hand, and to feed them their own semen, helping them get over that reluctance.

Now imagine this reluctance as a metaphor. Imagine that it says something about men struggling to accept themselves, or with shame or guilt, or being of a 'split mind'. Or put more simply, they can feel the thirst when they're hot and horny and wanting to cum-and then afterwards their psychic presence changes and they reject themselves. Imagine that this struggle with desire / rejection is present all the time, not just in that moment.

It's easier when a woman is there to drink the semen and validate the man even if he loses his sense of love and desire for himself. Many men writing for Solo Touch have discovered that it's easier to drink themselves when they have the loving presence of a woman.

She might encourage him, she might make him do it, she might feed it to him from her hand or mouth or breasts-but she makes a bridge between him and himself and allows him to do what women are so good at but which men struggle with-accept and receive.

I think that the part of men who thirsts for his own semen is the feminine aspect, and after ejaculating many men lose contact with this. Learning to drink your own semen is about staying in contact with the part of you who receives. It's about opening up the space to not reject yourself.

The empathy and compassion of women is an example for how men can do this.

One other thing. I think that in drinking one's own semen, there is something of a homosexual experience-and that after cumming, that may be uncomfortable. The ultimate homosexuality is self-acceptance, isn't it?

I will add one other thing. Many men have figured out that they can ejaculate and keep their semen until their desire returns. I was reading some forum somewhere that said: cum onto something and let it dry out. When you're horny again, go back and lick it.

This may seem disgusting, though it's one of those things that walks the line between weird and exquisitely hot. My preferred place to let go is onto a mirror. Sometimes I lick the mirror right when my semen is fresh. Sometimes I lose my desire and it's there for me when I am horny again, and man is it amazing.

I am particularly fond of showing women how I lick up my old cum, though it can be exquisite-like cunnilingus-when I do it alone as well. I never wash the mirror and my working guideline is, whatever I ejaculate comes back into my mouth, sooner or later. The mirror is left all streaked and sometimes caked with semen and there is hardly a more erotic sight in the universe than looking at my 'mess' just before I let go.

I love to mirror masturbate this way to thoughts of my female friends fucking whoever they want. A few times I've had the privilege of doing it in their presence: I use them as my mirror. I always want to open my mouth and show them what I've done, but I especially want to show him my full load of semen in my mouth, revealing that I was so turned on by their fucking that it was delightfully easy and natural to drink myself.

The mix of submission, pleasure, shame and freedom is beyond delightful. As I explore this, each time I have the deeper feeling that I am healing something within myself, and within all men. As I show women what I do, I reveal that it's possible for a man to fully accept and love himself, and not to leave it to her.

Sharing this with my friends and lovers has led to some delightfully hot sharing sessions, and some deep and emotional sex-that begins with honoring self-acceptance as a way of life, love and pleasure.

There are days I think we could heal all aggression if more men drank their own semen, and released themselves from their inhibitions, body shame and homophobia.

Last night I wrote to one of my masturbation friends:

what I ejaculate comes back into my body.

what I give to the mirror I receive from the mirror.

I want to tell the universe.



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