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Dressing Up With Barry & Nigel

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An early experience I have been reliving a lot lately.


This took place when my friends' and myself were about 11. Barry and I had already experienced getting naked and lying on top of each other and rubbing up and down, sometimes experiencing an orgasm, the feeling of a warm body against mine, and his cock rubbing on my side was glorious.

One day Nigel invited us to his house to show us his collection of photographs. When we arrived he took us up to his bedroom where he pulled out a folder that was bulging with pictures that he had collected from magazines. We eagerly took the folder and opened it. Inside was crammed full of photographs of girls mostly in underwear, a lot wearing stockings and suspenders, and some were naked. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, I had never seen a lot of pictures like this.

After a couple of minutes Nigel suggested we go to the main bedroom, where we could strip off and lay the pictures out on the bed. We quickly agreed, and in no time we were all naked, and very excited. My heart was pounding with expectation, nothing prepared me for what happened next.

Nigel left Barry and me drooling over the photos and fondling each other, he was gone for about ten minutes, but we did not care, we were in ecstasy.

Finally Nigel returned, he had been in his sister's room, she was about five years older than us, and had been looking through her underwear drawer. He was wearing black stockings, a very nice lacy suspender belt, and a lttle pair of black and purple panties. Barry and I could not believe our eyes, it was the most sexiest thing I have ever seen. He explained that he really loved this underwear and often dressed up when his sister was out, and that was why he had so many pictures of girls in stockings etc.

Anyway, through his panties he began to rub his cock, he was already half erect, but very soon he was rock hard, with the end of his cock poking out of the top of his sister's little panties. He told us to carry on playing with each other whilst he would perform for us. He kept rubbing his cock, and stroking the tip that was exposed, he ran his hands up and down his stocking clad legs, which I could tell he really enjoyed. Then he slowly pulled down the panties, and took them off, his left hand then massaged his testicles and his right hand rubbed up and down the full length of his cock. Barry and I had not learnt to masturbate like this, so Barry was lying on top of me, and we were getting very excited. The whole experience was very horny.

Shortly Nigel stopped and asked if we wanted to dress up. Well Nigel looked so good that Barry leapt off the bed and said that he wanted to have a go. So Nigel got onto the bed with me and started to rub my cock. It was a fantastic feeling, I could feel shudders going through me. He then massaged my balls and ran his finger down to my anus. This was amazing and within seconds I shot great wads of cum, the first one hit Nigel on the chest and the rest covered his hand and my thighs. We got some tissues and cleaned up, and then Barry walked in wearing the same outfit Nigel had been wearing. We told him what had been going on, and I said it was absolutely fantastic, I had never shot so much, because the whole experience was out of this world.

Barry stood there and was very hard, I told him to continue. So he began to rub his cock and performed for us in the same way Nigel had. I was beginning to get hard again, as Barry faced away from us with his feet close together, he bent over, with his arse towards us and slowly, very slowly, pulled down the panties. Nigel got very excited at this and was wanking away furiously. Suddenly he jumped up and went over to Barry who was still bending over, and almost straight away shot his cum all over Barry's arse, it trickled down his crack onto the panties. I think Barry really enjoyed this because he started moaning. He rubbed his right hand around his buttocks and smeared Nigel's cum all around, and then he started rubbing his cock very hard. The cum on his hand making glorious slurping noises. Nigel told him to shoot his spunk onto the pictures on the bed as that is what he usually did because he kept it as a record of previous wanking sessions. So Barry walked over to the bed and quickly off-loaded all his spunk onto the the photos. Great strands shot over about five of the pictures, what a sight I had just seen. I was really hard now, and eager for my turn to dress up.

I went into Nigel's sisters room and found her underwear, it was bliss. I found a black and red basque, very lacy and sexy, and what a joy, it fitted me. I pulled on some black stockings and found a black and red G-string, the string going up my arse was really good. I stood for awhile caressing myself and admiring my reflection in the full length mirror. The G-string was so small and my cock was so hard, practially all of my length was poking out of the top of them. I stroked my cock and rubbed my hands all over my legs and my arse, I was really feeling sexy. Then they called me and said they were ready, so in I went and they gasped. So I paraded around, caressing myself, stroking my cock and were amazed at how big it was. I said it was these sexy undies, I loved them. I could see that they were getting in the mood now playing with each other. The more I posed the more they rubbed their cocks. I played on this because I found it very exciting to tease them.

I removed my G-string reluctantly as it felt so good, and paraded some more, rubbing my now completely free hard-on. I faced away from the bed with my legs apart, and bent right over, so that my arse was fully exposed, and my balls and cock could been seen by my friends. I started wanking in this position. It had the effect I had hoped for as Nigel came over and started wanking within inches of my arse. I urged him to shoot his cum all over me, particularly onto my crack. It did not take long for him to shoot, and I felt a glorious warm spurt right onto my arse, the feeling was so intense, fantastic. I do love cum, mine or anyone's.

Nigel finished and looked at Barry who, like me, was very horny and more than ready to cum again. So I slowly undid and removed my stockings, still trying to tease, and then removed the basque. I climbed onto the bed and on top of Barry. I lowered myself onto him, his body felt fantastic. It was only a couple of minutes before he shot all his cum all over our bodies. This was too much for me and I too unloaded all of my cum between our now very sticky, but gloriously erotic bodies.

I hope you have enjoyed this true story, I had a lot of fun wearing female underwear over the years, more of this later.

I have not worn stockings for some years, but today I have on black stockings, black matching garter belt and G-string, trimmed with turquoise. I am now going to have fantastic wank over my porn pictures.



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