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Dressing Rooms

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Im not sure what you'd call it...a fetish? a compultion? but...I love to play with myself in store dressing rooms. The first time I did it I was 20 and immediately hooked! The sounds of people all around, the risk of getting caught, the necessity to stifle moans, make me cum harder than I ever do at home or with a partner. My husband has no idea I do it. I average twice a week. Dressing rooms with only curtains are the best. And Wal-Mart. They are very noisy and have no ceiling in the one by my house, and there are open spaces at the bottom.

I always bring a toy with me and strip totally naked. I have a few very quiet vibrators. Watching myself in the mirror is also an incredible turn-on.

I've been caught 34 times, 9 of those went badly, and Ive been reported to security twice. 17 times the person who caught me left me alone. The other times have been awesome! Id like to tell you about one of them.

I was in the Gap. I left the dressing room door unlocked (as usual) and was really getting into it. It wasn't too busy, so the sales clerk was letting me take my time. I was enjoying it, keeping myself close to cumming for a while. Suddenly the door opened, and I heard someone say 'Oh, sorry!' and it closed. Then a moment later the door cracked open again. I nevver stopped, just kept right on as I saw an eye staring at my pussy. When it looked into my eyes I just smiled. My heart was beating really hard and I had to really slow down to keep from cumming! The door opened, and a young asian guy stepped into the room with me! He had to stand right in between my legs to fit. He didn't say anything, just watched me, so I closed my eyes and let myself moan a little. I heard him undoing his belt, so I looked as he pulled his cock out, and he started to stroke it. I took a moment to reach into my bag and I handed him some lube. He put some on his hand and went back to it. We watched each other, not saying a word, for what seemed like 10 minutes. Maybe it was 5. Then, a knock at the door! A womans voice, I couldn't understand it, he answered in an asian language and whispered 'My Mom!' I reached out and took his cock in my hand, and stroked him fast until he came, shooting his cum all over my breasts. I bring baby wipes with me to clean up, and after he cleaned himself he left. I still hadn't cum, and his cum was still all over me. I rubbed my clit hard, wanting to cum fast, but for some reason I couldn't! Then there was another knock on the door! A girls voice, 'Are you ok in there?' I was rubbing so hard and wanted to cum so bad I didn't answer...I couldn't believe I was going to be caught twice! Then the door opened again, and she looked at me. Her mouth dropped open, and she said 'What are you doing?' She looked up the hall and back in at me. She smiled, laughed a little, watching me. I said 'I'm trying to cum!' I felt like I would never get there, until she started to talk dirty to me. 'Hurry up and cum, sweetie. Rub that pussy, come on!' Finally I had the best orgasm ever! She watched until I cleaned up and got dressed. We went out to lunch and she wanted to know all about my little habit! We exchange e-mails and she tells me of her own dressing room experiences.

Well...maybe I'll write some more another time! C Ya!



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