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Dressing Room Pleasure

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I have long loved to stroke myself in public every chance I get. The idea of being caught and turning someone else on with my pleasure is too hard for me to resist. I also like to fantasize about security guards watching and getting hard as I get wet.

Playing with myself in dressing rooms, especially when trying on lingerie, is one of my favorites. I usually look for transparent, light-colored bras to try on. My breasts are bigger than average size, but my nipples are huge, and I love how they look through a scratchy lace bra. I love how scratchy lace feels against them too as I twist and pinch them until they are raw. When it comes to my breasts, the rougher the better, and I can sometimes make myself cum just by twisting and pulling on my nipples hard.

Last week I was feeling especially horny when I was at the mall, so I slipped into a lingerie shop and started looking around. I found a beautiful soft pink bra that was almost the color of my skin. I grabbed a pair of matching panties and headed into the dressing room.

I love watching myself in the mirror as I put on lingerie. I think everyone should watch herself at least once in a mirror while getting off. It's amazing how much hornier it makes me.

I wanted to start touching my body straight away, but I made myself wait until I had slipped on the lingerie. I was very excited to find out that the panties were crotchless. I gave myself a quick exploratory rub through the hole of the panties. Usually I spend a lot of time with my breasts, pinching and squeezing my nipples until they're sore, but this time I was totally turned on by the feeling of the silky crotchless panties against my freshly-shaved mons.

Sitting down on the corner bench, I positioned myself with my legs, and the underwear, spread so that I got a good view of my beautiful pussy in the mirror. My lips were already swollen, and the entrance to my pussy was glistening with my juices. I really wanted to rub my juices up onto my engorged clit, but I forced myself not to touch there yet, just loving the sight of my turned-on reflection in the mirror.

I popped my breasts out over the cups of the underwire bra and began stroking my nipples, gently at first. My breasts are big enough that I can just barely suck on my own nipples. I did this, alternately licking, biting, and sucking on my nips, while my pussy kept getting wetter and hotter.

I didn't know why I was feeling so incredibly hot that day, but when I heard myself moaning while roughly biting my nipple, I knew I'd have to be careful if I didn't want to get thrown out of the store. Trying to slow down, I licked gently around my erect nipple instead.

As I raised my head and looked back in the mirror, I was shocked to see the woman in the next stall watching me over the partition. I froze in shock and instinctively tried to cover myself, but she just smiled and shook her head. The next thing I knew, she was in my dressing room.

She was wearing a white lace bra and panties that showed off her tan. Her breasts were small but lovely, the soft pink nipples visible through the lace and just begging for my touch. I started to move toward her, but she shook her head again and moved back to sit on the other bench in the corner across from me. She spread her legs. Holding her panties aside with one hand, she used the fingers of her other hand to open up her swollen pussy lips and expose her aroused clit to my mesmerized gaze.

I thought of how glorious it would be to rub her swollen, slippery clit against mine, our juices mingling, but since she'd already rebuffed me once, I was afraid to try. It's not like I was unlucky here either. It's certainly not every day a beautiful stranger is willing to jill with you in a dressing room.

I motioned to her to expose her breasts, and she undid the front clasp of her bra with a smile. We stared at each other for a moment, and I could feel my pussy contract involuntarily with desire. Figuring I had waited long enough, I began stroking myself, starting with my labia and moving in to touch my now fiercely-swollen clitoris. The stranger began rubbing her clit at a medium pace. I had to be careful or I would cum too soon. More than anything, I didn't want this incredibly erotic experience to end.

I allowed my eyes to wander up from her pussy to her breasts, which were swaying gently with her movements, the nipples erect with lust. I was almost cumming, so I stopped stroking my clit, instead gathering up my ample juices on my fingers. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and sucked on them, all the while staring lustfully into her eyes. Looking down at my pussy, I gathered up some more of my juices and spread them around my raw nipples, enjoying the erotic stinging feeling that caused.

By this point, her clit was huge and swollen, almost purple, and three fingers from her other hand were pumping furiously inside her pussy. I could tell she was about ready to cum. Roughly fingering my breast with one hand, I slid my other hand down to attack my clit again. I tried to go slow, but it was no use. Three strokes later, I was cumming harder than I'd ever cum before. I managed to stifle my moans but couldn't help gasping out loud as my body bucked in the throes of pleasure.

She pulled her hand out of her pussy as she came violently a moment later, squirting so hard that her juices hit my ankle. I couldn't help a moan escaping from my throat. My climax had been slowing down, but at the sight of her pleasure, my pussy clenched hard again and surprised me with renewed contractions.

I reached down and picked up some of her juice from my ankle and tasted it. She looked spent but intrigued. When I scooped up the rest of her juices and rubbed them onto my clit, the look in her eyes told me I could probably interest her in another round.



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