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Dressing Room Exposure

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Dressing Room Exposure
I'm a guy in his 20s, working as a Sales Associate at a retail clothing store. I've never had anything wild happen on my shift although I've heard of people having sex and jacking off in our dressing room - well, today that changed.
I guess I would consider myself bisexual, so guess I check out just as many guys as girls while I'm working (although it's usually too busy to really daydream about anyone in particular). This one really cute guy came in and he was shopping for some dress pants. He had dark brown hair and really blue eyes. I noticed that he had a nice build, like he'd been working out, but I didn't think anything of it. He asked to try on the pants.
On the way to the dressing room, he asked if I had any smaller sizes in the same pants because - "I like to wear them tight since they stretch," he said. I said that I might be able to find some. When I put him into a room, I did a mental inventory of that pant and realized that I didn't have any smaller sizes earlier in the morning. I let him know, apologized for not having any and kinda brushed him off (there wasn't anything I could do). He called me back immediately and asked with a really sweet smile if I had any BIGGER sizes. My face registered bewilderment and he said that he could get them altered, he just wanted me to give him options.
As I walked out to the sales floor, I commented to another sales associate how crazy this guy was for wanting a bigger size since he wanted to wear them snug. I grabbed the next bigger size, but then noticed that I had smaller sizes in a very similar color. I brought the pant back and started to throw them over the door. Immediately, the door opened and there he stood with a smile and not much else. He had pulled his stretch T-shirt up to above his belly button, revealing a slightly pounch-y tummy and a smooth, shaved pubic region. I couldn't help but look down his tanned body to his half-hard cock and his bouncy balls, pulled tight to his cock because of the air conditioning in the store. There was no underwear in sight!
My breath caught in my throat as I realized that this guy was getting his rocks off in the dressing room and I was his audience. I moved my attention back up to his face (although I kept getting sideways glimpses of his twitching cock). He seemed calm as anything as I handed him the pants. He thanked me for finding the smaller sizes.
I didn't know what to do! I paced around the dressing room area, half excited (which showed through my jeans) and half freaking out. In just a minute he called my name again. This time he came out and asked me how they fit. I told him they fit great, but didn't mention how great his cock looked tenting the front of the pants out in front of him.
I then got into the game and "checked" on him a few more times. He didn't buy the pants, but I did get a few more glimpses of his smooth body and he shook my hand with quite a wet, sticky grip afterwards (I can only imagine).
Almost immediately, I excused myself and locked myself in the men's bathroom. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my straining, half hard dick. It throbbed to life in no time flat. I was so hard and I was panting deep breaths that would have gotten me in trouble had it not been for the heavy fans that we have in the bathrooms. I pumped away as I thought of taking his shaved, smooth cock into my mouth and giving him a blow job until he came heavy into my mouth. I stroked faster on my now purple cock and thought of kissing him with a mouth full of his own cum - swirling it around in our mouths.
It was too much. Almost instantly after that mental picture, my hips began to buck and I came into my tiolet paper covered hand. I cleaned up and spent the rest of the day dreaming about that beautiful guy.
If you've ever had something like this happen to you, please contact me at . Have a great day!



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