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Dreams Really Can Come True

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I am currently in the 'curious' stage in my life. I do not consider myself gay, but wonder what my friends look like. This is a story of what happened with my best friend about a week ago. Names have been changed.


My best friend Michael and I are extremely close. So much so, that we are more like brothers than like friends. We do everything together and can rarely be found apart. Every weekend is a sleepover, and we can just hang out and talk for hours about anything. However, the one thing that has never really been talked about is sex and girls. It seems like it has always been hanging in the air, but neither one of us has decided to pull in it into the realm of conversation. We have gotten along so well, I never wanted to chance our relationship by bringing up something that may be uncomfortable for him. Now, on with the story.

It was about a week ago, when he called and asked if I wanted to come over and hang out. Nothing out of the ordinary, and of course I accepted. He told me that he was showering and finishing up some homework, and that I should come over in about 25 minutes. It takes about 15 minutes to get to his house, so I left after about 10 minutes. On the way there, every light I passed was green and the journey only took about 8 minutes. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly by his dog and covered with licks within seconds. I stopped and said hello to his mom, who was working in the kitchen. After exchanging pleasantries, I walked down the hall to his bedroom where I assumed he would be. I heard little noises coming from his room, but thought it was either music or him making something.

I guess I should include here that while being in this 'curious' stage, I have developed a mini-crush on him. I think that it is more of an interest to see what my best friend look like, and a yearning to just explore his body and see what he feels like. Anyway, as I was saying. I walked down the hall towards his room, and then being so comfortable around him, just opened the door. The sight that met my eyes was the complete opposite of what I was expecting. There he was, laying on his bed completely naked, stroking his dick. He had somehow missed my entrance, most likely due to the fact that he has his eyes closed and was in what looked like a deep state of bliss. So there he is, legs spread, completely naked on his towel laying on his bed, stroking his dick. After watching in shock for a few moments, I choked up a 'Hey Michael'. His eyes snapped open and he tried to cover himself. 'Don't worry about it,' I told him. 'Just go ahead and finish, it's cool'. He pondered for a moment, then re-spread his legs and began to pound his cock again. After maybe 30 seconds, he looks over and me and tells me to 'come join me'. My initial response was no way, but at some point I decided what the hell. He has a queen size bed, so there was plenty of room anyway. I stripped off my shirt and pants, leaving me only in a pair of boxers which could hardly contain my ever growing tent. He reached over and pulled my boxers down below my dick, and then I figured it was no use and took them completely off. I climbed up on his bed and assessed the situation. I assumed that we would just lie down next to each other and jack off, and that would be that. Little did I know.

So, I climbed up on his bed and started stroking my now rock hard dick. I jumped up next to him, and my dick rubbed up against his side. 'Ohh!' I moaned in pleasure. In response, he grabbed my boner and began to jack me off. The pleasure was too great for words, and after a minute I took his hand off me. I reached over and started to return the favor. We are both circumcised, so I asked him if he had any lube. Without answering, he bent down and grabbed a bottle of lube from under his bed. I poured a big dab onto my hand, and started to feel up his dick. God, it felt so good in my hands. I stopped only when he swatted my hand away as he was dangerously close to orgasm. He took over once again, and I can now confirm the fact that it takes a guy to give a great handjob. Michael knew exactly how to do it, from focusing on the head to rubbing my balls. I tried to hold back, but it took only another minute for me to shoot my hot boy cum all over the two of us. After recovering from my orgasm, I took his cock in my hand. I sped up the pace and let him join me in ecstasy. We both fell asleep and woke an hour later with some more wood to tend to.

Needless to say, our relationship has now changed slightly.



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