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I need help and replies


Hi. Im 15 and have been masturbating for 5 years and i really love it. Ive been through everything, normal handed techniques, to using substitutes for vaginas, and even found my g-spot (well, i think its my g-spot, u cant be sure really can you). anyway, i found this site a few months ago, and i love reading about other peoples experiences. i noticed the majority of the stories are about mutual experiences, and that made me think, ive never had a really exciting experience like that. i got a really empty feeling and really wanted to have a mutual experience, but its not the type of thing u can just casually ask someone to do. so i got on and gradually forgot about it.
then i had a dream.
i dreamt that my best friend for 4 years had come over to my house for the night, and we were masturbating each other. it was a really nice dream, it felt so real and fun and i came in my sleep. i pondered it the next day. recently me and sam hadnt been that close, we had drifted apart and didnt talk that often. i thought that the dream just meant that i needed to try to be a better friend to him. so that was that. that was 4 nights ago then i had another one last night. in it me and sam snuck out of lessons and went into the toilet and locked oursleves in the small room. i instantly got out my hard cock and had my trousers around my ankles, and he was a little reluctant, but started undoing his flies. there was a noise outside the door, and he stopped to put his finger to his mouth, be quiet. i ignored him and plunged my hands behind his belt and down towards him. he felt really warm and soft, and i put my hand under his testicles and pushed my wrist against his cock. i felt him getting hard, so i clasped my hand around his pulsating cock and began to slowly move it up and down. he became extremely hard and he undid his trousers, giving me more room to pleasure him. then i woke up, with my own cock in my hand, and my bedcovers and boxers on the floor. i looked around and fully awoke and realised what was going on. the dream had made me so aroused and hard that i woke up to finish off rather than just a normal wet dream. i was harder than id ever been before. so i continued stroking, imagining that it was sams hand. i came onto my stomach, one of teh best orgasms id ever had, so strong and exhausting, i was throbbing after.
i was too exhausted to properly clean up so i wiped my mess with my boxers and slept naked.
i plucked up the courage to tell sam today on msn messenger, and he reacted brilliantly. he wasnt offended or embarassed, he didnt laugh at me or judge me.
he told me that he had had a dream too, about a year ago. but it wasnt like mine. in his he was giving me anal sex. i felt so much better that i wasnt the only one. i thought about asking asking him what he felt about making them a reality, but i felt better just telling him, so i didnt think there was any need to spoil it. then as he was going, and we were laughing, he said : we should try it someday. i didnt reply as my heart stopped and i felt so happy. he repeated the word someday, then logged.
that was this morning and i have been thinking about it ever since. does it mean im gay? would it affect our friendship if we did? i feel so confused and scared and horny too. if anyone else has been through this please tell me what i should do, does the site allow replies. if it does i want people to reply and help me. please thanx
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