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Dream Cum True

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I am pretty much married to my job, working long hours, leaving little time for dating and sex. One of my normal routines is to stop by my local video store on Friday night (usually late) after work, rent a porn flick, and masturbate for an hour or two before bed. I'm almost always alone in the 'Adults Only' room, and when somebody does come in, it's usually another guy. The only women I have seen have been the occasional giggling co-eds from the local university, probably on a sorority dare or something. A few weeks ago, I was looking through the lesbian section (my favorite) when I heard somebody walk in. I turned to see an attractive brunette in her middle thirties. I was a little embarrassed to be 'caught' by a woman, but turned on a bit as well.

She was attractive, and slightly heavy set. She was dressed in a skirt that hugged her full hips and a blazer over a shirt that couldn't hide her slightly-larger-than-average tits. I was surprised when she calmly walked over and started checking out the lesbian films, too. I was shocked when she said, 'Hi.' I could hardly mumble a polite return. Part of me wanted to leave immediately, but part of me wanted to see if she would actually pick out a movie to rent. We both stood for a while looking over the titles when out of the blue she said, 'Maybe you can help. I was trying to decide what to rent, and I can't make up my mind. Is there anything especially hot in this section?'

I didn't know what to say. I was totally floored! I figured the best thing was to be honest, and since I had seen most of the movies in that section, I recommended one of my favorites called 'Dildo Divas.' She said thanks and took the movie. As she was leaving, she turned and said, 'See you around.' I certainly hoped so!

The next Friday, I wanted to spend the day camped out at the video store, but figured my chances of meeting the mystery woman again were best at about the same time. Heart racing, I went in about ten and made my way back to the porn room. She wasn't there. I consoled myself with the thought that she probably wasn't interested in men, anyway. I had been in only a few minutes when I heard someone walk in. It was her again! She looked right at me, and said, 'Come here often?' with a laugh.

I said, 'About as often as you do,' which got another chuckle.

She introduced herself as Michelle and explained that she was divorced, worked a ton of hours, and was new to the area. Half joking, she said her new best friend was her vibrator. You could have knocked me over with a feather! I told her that I worked a lot, too, never married, and that this was part of my Friday night stress relief ritual. Not wanting the conversation to end there, I asked what kind of film she was looking for tonight. She told me she had really enjoyed 'Dildo Divas,' and wanted to see something like that, but she was also hoping to find some male masturbation scenes. Before my jaw could hit the floor, she asked, 'And how about you?' My inhibitions were pretty much gone at this point, so I told her I was looking for a film that featured squirting, or female ejaculation.

She looked though some titles and then pulled one down. 'I have this one at home; I think you'll really like it.' It was called 'Squirt Queens' and featured scenes of women masturbating and being fucked by men until they (the women) ejaculated. My cock-which had stiffened a little when Michelle walked in-was now fully raging, and I caught her glancing at the obvious bulge in my pants. So maybe she did like guys after all...

As she headed out, she turned and said, 'Why don't you save the rental fee and come to my place to watch 'Squirt Queens?' Grab a bottle of wine, and meet me in 20 minutes.' She gave me her address and left. I felt like I had won the lottery!

When I got to her place, she let me in and set the wine on the table. 'Before we go any further,' she said, 'I want you to know something. I'm not ready for a sexual relationship yet, so you are not going to get laid tonight. But, if you want to watch some porn and get off with me, you're welcome to stay. No oral sex or touching-and you can't cum on me-but anything else goes if you're game.'

'That sounds great,' I said, and I really meant it. I had fantasized about masturbating for a woman for years, and one of my biggest turn-ons has always been watching a woman pleasure herself.

'Good,' she said. Go ahead and get comfy in the living room. I'm going to get some towels and change up.'

I sat down in the living room and wasn't sure what to do next. Then I noticed a large library of porn DVDs on her shelf. She had varied interests-straight hard-core, amateur, lesbian, and even a couple of girls only masturbation titles. As I was looking through the collection, she came in carrying the towels and started to cover the couch and floor in front of it. She was wearing a bathrobe, closed tightly from knees to neck.

Without skipping a beat, she said, 'In case you were curious-and I can see that you are-I'm bi-sexual. I didn't really know it until I had been married for a while, and my ex couldn't handle it. I don't have time for dating right now, so my toys and my movies are pretty much my sex life for the moment.'

'That's fine,' was all I could think to say as my dreams unfolded in front of me and I sat down on one of the two small couches facing each other. 'How about 'Squirt Queens'?' she asked.

I said she didn't have to pick one just for me-I wanted something that would turn her on, too.

'Don't worry about that,' she said with a smile. 'It's one of my favorites-I like a squirting pussy as much as the next guy.'

She started the movie and sat down on the couch opposite me. She looked at me with a slightly confused look and asked if I was going to take my clothes off. I had been too preoccupied to get naked! I took of my shirt, socks, and pants, but not my briefs. 'I have a little ritual,' I told her. 'I leave my underwear on and don't touch my cock until at least the second scene. It kind of turns me on to see my pre-cum make a wet spot.'

'Really?' she said. 'I do the same thing-I keep my panties on until they're wet.' With that, she dropped her robe, revealing a skimpy bra and a pair of tight white panties that were cut very high on her chubby thighs. Sitting back down, she opened a drawer in the coffee table, pulled out a vibrator about six inches long and a rubber dildo about the same size, and spread her legs. I was totally transfixed and ready to break my 'first scene' rule right there and then! She noticed my hand heading for my cock and reminded me of the rule. 'Uh-uh,' she said with a sly grin.

The first scene of the movie featured a sexy blonde stripping in a locker room. As she stripped, she started to rub her breasts and then her pussy. I looked over at Michelle and could see she was very turned on. Her nipples were poking right through her bra, and one hand was cupped over her crotch and applying pressure. I could see her lips moving, and then though I heard her whisper, 'You horny slut. Couldn't wait to get home from the gym. Had to play with your pussy right there. That's it, put another finger in your wet hole.'

One of my biggest turn ons is 'dirty talk', so I went for it. 'Yeah baby,' I said right out loud to the TV, 'Work that pussy 'til it squirts. Show me your cum.'

'You too?' Michelle asked. 'Wow, I thought I was the only one that talked to porn flicks. That kind of talk makes me so hot.' She took off her bra and lifted one of her nipples to her mouth to suck on it. I almost blew my load right there, and would have if I had been able to touch my cock. Then, she stood up, dropped her panties, and started to rub the buzzing vibrator on her clit. This was better than the best sex I had ever had, and nobody had even touched my cock yet!

About that time, the girl in the movie had a tremendous orgasm, drenching her hand and the floor with her cum. I couldn't stand it anymore and told Michelle I had to take my cock out. She told me to go for it. Knowing I needed something to counteract the excitement, I took the waistband and placed it behind my balls, which pushed them up against my cock and produced just a little unpleasant sensation-enough to help me withhold my orgasm for quite awhile, I hoped. I placed the fingers of my right hand on the underside of my cock and my thumb on the topside, squeezed, and started to stroke. I turned when Michelle gasped and found her staring at me. 'That's so hot. My ex never used to do that for me, even when I begged... Can I talk dirty?'

Before I could answer, she was saying, 'That's it, you like it don't you? Watching women play with their pussies makes your cock hard and you can't help it can you? You have to stroke that hot, hard cock until you squirt. You gonna cum? You gonna cum from watching me fuck myself? ... Oh God, I'm cumming!' I could see her tense up, and watched in awe as her body convulsed and her pussy twitched around the vibrator.

By this time, the second scene had started and a hot red head was giving head to a guy with an impressive cock. I could almost feel her lips wrapping around my cock as the pre-cum dribbled off my head and I rubbed it in along the shaft. Michelle was finally coming down after her high when the couple in the movie started in on some anal sex. This is another 'hot button' for me, and it clearly was for Michelle, too. She squirted some lube from a bottle onto her pussy and slid the rubber dildo in to the hilt in one long, slow thrust. My eyes flew back and forth between her spread legs and the TV while my hand flew up and down on my cock. Just as I was thinking it couldn't get any better and I might cum, Michelle looked at the TV and said, 'I need some of that. Will you help me for a second?'

She didn't have to ask twice. 'What can I do?' I said, a million thoughts racing through my head.

'Sorry, not what you think,' she said, 'but this will still be hot.' She wasn't kidding. She spread her legs as wide as she could and then splayed her pussy lips as far as possible using both hands. 'Now, take my lube, and squirt some on my cunt.' I did as she asked. 'More,' she said. 'I want it to drip down over my ass.' I did as I was told. 'Sit back down,' she said, 'you're going to like this.' With that, she placed the tip of the vibrator against her ass and gave a short thrust of her hips. It went in, slowly, and then a little faster with each thrust of her hips. With her knees up by her shoulders, she was a picture of smoldering sex. I started gaping. 'You like it, don't you, you horny fuck. Your cock gives you away.' Sure enough, it was throbbing on its own and leaking pre-cum. Next, she grabbed the dildo and put it up against her pussy. One quick push, and it was buried, her pussy lips stretched tightly around it. She was so wet that her pubic hair was matted and slick, plastered against her pussy lips.

'Oh yeah,' I said breathlessly, 'that's it you naughty slut, take it up both holes. Not happy with just your pussy, are you? Need one in the ass, too.' She stayed in that position for a few minutes, plunging her toys in and out of both holes, her clit swollen and sticking out over the dildo, me stroking slowly, prolonging the inevitable. But I couldn't hold out forever. 'I have to cum,' I said, 'You're just too hot.'

'Yes', she said, 'Cum for me.' Just then I noticed her panties on the floor. Being way past the point of anything like inhibition, I picked them up, lifted them to my face and licked her cum from the crotch while getting a smell of her incredible sex. 'Oh, you are a nasty fucker - I love it', she moaned. 'Suck on my panties while you cum. Suck on my panties while you squirt it all over my couch.' Seeing as the couch was covered with towels, I let go, pulsing huge gobs of sticky semen from my cock onto her couch one, two, three, four times. She screamed at the same time, convulsing into her second orgasm of the night.

Since then we have met every Friday night. We still haven't had sex, but neither one of us is in a hurry...



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