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Dream Come True

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I love this site I come to it all the time


This is a true story. Well I am a closet gay, I don't express it to my classmates or anyone else. There is this one kid at school whose name is Brad, I used to hang out with him but we sorta drifted. We are both popular at our school, but he goes for the girls. Or so I thought.....I have known him since I was 11, and we live kinda close together. He is 5'9' with green eyes and black hair, and is in very good shape by playing baseball and football. I am 5'6' (I know short) have blue eyes and brown hair, and am also in good shape.

Well last year I had my dreams come true. Around our neighborhood there are woods. Like always I go out and explore the woods. One summer day I came across a small clearing with used cum stained napkins everywhere. Knowing what this place is like I decided to come and vist it to see if I can see anything. Now comes the good part. After a few days of no success I decided to go out early in the morning. Walking up to the spot I heard some soft moans. Heart racing I slide closer to the clearing trying to not make a sound. Getting closer I hear the slurping sound one makes while jacking off with lotion, and lo and behold Brad is in the middle of the clearing jacking away. His eyes are closed and his moans grow with each stroke. His hands are moving over a 6 inch cock pointing straight into the air. My dick is pressing into my jeans as I watch Brad pound away.

Then a crack as I step on a branch and his eyes bolt open. 'Who's there' he demands gripping his dick, then he sees me. 'Drew is that you' he asked fumbling around for his boxers. Stepping out I try and make a joke out of it, feeling like I ruined my chance of a wonderful show I was depressed. Then he saw my boner straining to get out of my pants. I could tell he was embarrassed with me catching him, but what I really noticed was he kept looking at my obvious hardon. Thinking fast I say 'you don't have to stop, we all know every guy does it' heart racing once again I get daring.

'Here I will even join you if you want' I start to strip but to my dread I hear 'Dude are you gay, one you watch me now you wanna jack off with me, I'm leaving' Heart racing I felt ashamed, I didn't want him to know I was gay, I turned and ran home. I didn't see him for the rest of the summer. When school started I would pass him in the halls eyes downcast, in fear he would spread rumors. Walking home one day the unexpected happened he walked up behind me and started to talk to me.

'Dude I'm sorry I called you gay, I was just embarrassed you caught me, who knows maybe I will take you up on your offer' he then jogs off leaving me with my heart again pounding. Days pass everything is normal, then one day in my locker I found a note, meet in the woods at 4. Recognizing his handwriting I race to the woods at 4. There he was in all his glory naked with a hard on in his hands. 'you came' he said kinda nervous 'well are you going to jack off with me'

Stripping right there I walk over with my dick in hand. Both of our 6 inch dicks are leaking precum as we jack away. My body tenses with each stroke and my eyes are locked on his dick. Glancing up I see he was entranced by my dick also. Being daring I ask if I can jack him off, at first he hesitates then says ok. He lays down in the grass and puts his hand behind his head. I kneel down and reach with my sweaty hands. Grabbing his stiff rood I feel his body shiver. His dick was warm to the touch and as hard as a rock. I slowly start to move up his shaft feeling the veins underneath. Each time I got close to the head he would shiver, him being under my complte control I toy with him trying to drag the moment on for as long as possible. I slide my fingers up and down bringing pleasure to him. He moans with each stroke and his eyes are locked on my hands. Then he yells 'Faster, faster, I am going to cum'

So I stroke faster and faster allowing my entire hand to engulf his head. I feel his body tremble and his dick get bright red then WHAM his body arches and cum splatters all around from my jacking motion. Catching his breath he then turns to me and says my turn. I lay back and allow him to grab my stiff rod. Already excited I felt like cumming right then. His tender hand caressed my dick and his other hand massaged my balls. He started fast then went slow, he rubbed with his thumb at the top of the head while using his other hand massaged my shaft. Unable to take it I let out moans of joy and pleasure, then I felt the pressure rise, 'I'm going to cum' I gasped.

He rubbed harder and I moaned louder, then it came. My cum drizzled all over his hand. he let go and left me gasping for air.

'That was funner than I thought' he said.

After this he got his stuff and left me there. Ever since then we started to hang out more and do more 'stuff' together. However that's for later times, sorry it took so long, happy jackings.



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