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Dream Canyon Revisited

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I had been to this beautiful canyon above the city of Boulder several times in the early 90's. Down steep slopes and rocks over hard to find trails you will arrive at a natural wonderland that for many years now has been a hang-out for 'skinny-sunners.' Dream Canyon's reputation goes beyond nude sunbathers, but I have to admit that I've seen little other than bare bums and the occasional T & A. Yes, there are girls down there from time to time, but like most nude beaches I've ever been to, this one too is mostly populated by men.

I had seen several couples and even single women baring it all - and I returned many times back then, just to get away, take off my skivvies, and get the occasional voyeuristic rush from watching couples kiss and smooch and once in a while touch.

I told my girlfriend, Laura, about Dream Canyon, and must have caught her in a good mood of some sort, because she said, 'It would be neat to have people watching us. Did you ever see guys jacking off as they watched some of the couples? Did you jack off?' She smiled. She's 23, and I'm 39 - OK, well, I'm really 43, but I look like I'm in my 30's. Anyway, I'd been very honest with her and told her I had had an active life as a voyeur and whacker before I had met her. She knew I loved to watch almost any sexual activity and pressed me for more details.

So, three weeks ago we headed out for a full day of skinny dipping in the cool pools of the creek and sunbathing without the hindrance of clothes. It was a Tuesday, so there was no problem finding a place to park and I took her down what I think of as the main trail, which ends at the best rocks and pools. The trail is tough, but Laura jumped, climbed and scrambled down with barely more than a hand now and then from me.

Two thirds of the way down, an overlook hangs above one of the main huge rocks at the stream where people sunbathe. On it was a young man, completely nude, legs splayed, and an impressive dong lolling between his legs. He had the body of a competitive swimmer, was at least 6'5,' with blonde hair, flat stomach and a generous manhood.

'Oh, my,' Laura gasped, 'Yum.' She smiled at me, but she was flushed - and not just from the hike. 'Sorry, Mark, but, what a body.' She stared at the young man who did not notice us as we were probably 200 feet above him and hidden slightly by the trees. We watched him for a few minutes and saw him turn over on his stomach and move slightly, flexing his buttocks and appearing to be turned on by the sun and wind. When he turned over on his back and sat up to get a drink his phallus was noticeably longer and thicker than it had been, and he touched himself slightly with a couple of stroking motions. He was definitely well endowed.

'Um, maybe you'll be the guy in the trees jacking off,' Laura looked at me, still flushed. I knew what she meant. We'd talked about it before - how I'd love to be 'off-stage,' watching her take her clothes off while a couple of guys tried not to be overcome by her beauty. Well, here was one guy, and I knew what she was thinking. We completed the trail to the bottom, which comes in just north of that huge sunbathing rock, so the young man still did not know we were there.

We got very close behind some bushes and trees and Laura said, 'My fantasy - and yours - stay here for a bit, until I'm nude, anyway.' She walked out from behind the bushes and went to the rock barely 15 feet away. I could hear and see everything.

'Hi,' she said brightly, the young man becoming aware of her just before she said hi. He didn't try to cover himself, but did sit up, keeping his legs splayed - his impressive manhood still slightly tumescent. 'God, beautiful day,' he said. 'Beautiful day - and beautiful scenery,' Laura told him, looking right at his cock. 'Mind if I join you? I feel more secure being around someone down here.' 'No, great, come on up. I'm Jeff, by the way.' 'I'm Laura.'

I watched her take off her fanny pack - unroll a towel to lay down on (she put the towel down about 10 feet from the young man) - and then looked over at him, 'Is it OK if I take these off, Jeff?' He laughed, and said something I couldn't hear. Laura unbuttoned her blouse, and slipped it off her shoulders, a white bra covered some of her impressive boobs. With a slow, soft motion, she reached behind her and let the bra fall. Jeff was definitely watching, and reacting. His already impressive dong was lengthening perceptively and starting to rise as he watched my girlfriend.

Next, she slid down her shorts, but had trouble getting them off over her boots, so she sat down on the towel and did the shoelaces. She wears only a thong underneath, so when she got the boots off, she stood, went to the edge of the rock farthest away from both where I was in the bushes and where Jeff lay. With her back to us, she unrolled the thong down her long legs (for a girl 5'2' she has remarkably long legs) and stepped out of it. She held it in her hand and kept facing away, seeming to bask in the sun and slight breeze. Jeff's boner had hardened most of the way, and he stroked it two or three times while she was looking away.

When she turned around, she could see his hardon, but didn't mention it. 'God, it's good to get free of those clothes.' She came back to her towel and she chatted with Jeff about this and that for a few minutes, asking him if he came there a lot, whether he had a girl friend (he did) and how he first discovered the place. She reached into her fanny pack during their chat, still ignoring Jeff's arousal, and brought out a bottle of suntan oil. She put some on her legs, luxuriating in the feel, completely aware that Jeff was entranced. She poured a fair amount in her hands, put the bottle down, and then rubbed the other hand and cupped her breasts, softly massaging the oil over her chest.

I think Jeff had gone nuts by then, totally hard, he let his hand trail down to his cock, and slowly started to stroke it, both of them still idly chatting about nothing much at all.

I had taken all my clothes off and was getting harder all the time. I couldn't help starting to stroke my boner. It felt great out their in the soft wind, watching my girl friend drive a guy nuts. His back was to me, but Laura often looked over toward me, and now noticed my boner, and smiled at me, without making it obvious. She moved her oiled hands down toward her pussy.

Before she got there, she looked right at Jeff's cock, and said, 'Do you have suntan oil on that? You need some if not.' He grinned and got up, walking the eight or ten feet to where she sat. 'Bad place to get sunburned,' he looked down at her, her eyes now level with his hard manhood - and only a foot or so away. I was going nuts, by now, wanking as slowly as I could. She smiled up at him, taking the suntan bottle in her hands and slowly dripping down a fair amount into her left hand. Then, raising it, she encircled his cock, working in the clear oil up and down his hardened length. 'It only works well if you really work the oil into the skin.' She grinned and leered up at him. He moaned now, 'God, yes, ummmm mmmmm....uhhhhhhh hhheeeeeeehhhh, work it in some more, god babe.'

The two of them were drawing an audience. Up above, on the rock promontory we had stopped at just before, were two guys, clothed, but clearly enjoying the exhibition of Laura's nakedness, Jeff's hardness and even my solo job, as they had a clear view of me. Laura and Jeff had no idea they were watching, as these guys were above and behind their view. But, Jeff had motioned for Laura to look over her shoulder at a guy 40 yards downstream and on the other side. He was in his early 20's, probably a college kid, good looking, lying nude on his back on a rock face that gave him a clear view of the couple. I think he had been there before, I just hadn't noticed him. I caught just the end of what Jeff said to Laura, something like, '..... and definitely enjoying himself.' The college kid was openly, but slowly, jacking his own huge hardon as he watched them. Laura gazed at him for a minute, I couldn't see the look she gave him, but it must not have been a 'come join in' look, maybe just a 'go right ahead and watch me do this guy' look.

She stopped rubbing the oil on Jeff's cock, and motioned back to his large towel-blanket. Jeff turned and walked back to it, lying on his back, while Laura got up from her sitting position and walked slowly over to the towel and Jeff's prone body. She smiled at me as she walked, breasts swaying, but gave no indication for me to join, so I didn't. She sat with her back to me, now, near Jeff's chest. She had brought the oil with her and now spread more on her hands, dripping it onto Jeff's upper body. She was not blocking my view of his tumescent cock, just his chest, and was now looking straight across and down the stream at the young guy on the rock, who was still whacking slowly and watching her intently.

She began working in the oil on Jeff's chest and stomach, often lingering down to his pubic hair and bumping his upstanding penis. Then, more oil on his upper thighs, often cupping his balls, stroking them sensuously. She scrunched down a bit to lie on her side, propping her head up with her left hand at mid stomach, looking, I could tell, right at the kid across the stream. Her head was now inches away from Jeff's cock. The kid on the rock stood and, still masturbating, walked up the stream until he was directly across from Laura and Jeff's rock, getting the best view he could. She continued to jack Jeff off, varying her touch.

Jeff's legs began to move and quiver and then spasm. Laura kept her hand smoothly jerking his manhood and just then several huge blasts of cum shot up out of his cock, landing in runny gobs on his chest. Jeff moaned, gasped and writhed with pleasure, continuing to spurt his load on Laura's hands and up onto his chest. I couldn't stand it, now, and felt my own blast of passion explode out of my thighs, streaming onto the plants and rocks in front of me. On the other side of the stream, the college kid was shooting his load almost at the same time. I had seen him start as Jeff unloaded, kind of out of the corner of my eye. Now, he was shooting streams of jizz into the nearby stream. The guys on the rock above, still clothed, stood and applauded with jeering cat calls, like 'Oh, mama' and 'we're cummin' - hang in there, we're cummin'' Laura, who hadn't been aware of them, turned and saluted them from her prone position, gathering up some of Jeff's spent load in her hands and holding it up, dripping from her fingers, to their rock above. She laughed out loud at their antics and they at hers. The bowed and applauded again, laughing all the time.

In a few minutes, I went over to the rock, got introduced to a fairly surprised Jeff, who couldn't believe I'd let my girlfriend do that with someone else while I watched just a few feet away. In time, though, he became one of our best new sex-exhibition friends - and a perfect complement to Laura's beauty.

Dream Canyon, I realized, with Laura around, was going to become one of my ultimate dreams.



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