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Drawing Keren

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I was kind of shy around girls. Keren helped me with that one by asking me to draw her sweet pussy.


I've always been kind of shy around girls so when I was at high school there were times when I could have asked a girl out but usually I would chicken out. By the time I started going to university I had only ever kissed a few times and I did have a couple of nice make out sessions in my senior year. Going to uni I decided that I would go out of my way to start dating but again I kept chickening out even when girls seemed interested.

One girl I was really interested in was Keren who was my biology lab partner. As soon as I saw her I thought she was kind of cute-19, about 5'2', 100 lbs, 34b breasts, green eyes and long dark brown hair, nice smile and a nice sense of humour. We got on real well and I helped her out with drawing the anatomical stuff because she'd never done that kind of work before. After a couple of months I began to think that maybe she liked me enough for me to ask her out. There were a couple of times lately I could have sworn that she had brushed her breast against my arm and sometimes I knew she wasn't wearing a bra. I liked the way her nipples poked against her sweatshirt and I would find my cock getting stiff when I looked at her. I started to wonder what she looked like naked and would imagine her when I masturbated but still I was too chicken to approach her.

Then one Friday afternoon she phoned me and asked if I could come around to her place because she was finding something really tough to draw. I said sure and grabbed my pencils and stuff and walked around to her flat which wasn't too far from mine. When I got there the back door was open. I knocked and Keren yelled for me to walk in. I was kind of nervous but I walked in to the living room and sat down. Then Keren walked in and wow! She was naked except for a pair of skimpy white panties! She blushed and laughed and said she often walked around just in her panties. Then she said there were times she didn't even wear those, in fact most of the time both her and her flatmate would strip off, especially in warm weather. All I could do was stare. I couldn't help noticing her dark pink nipples were long and stiff. She laughed again and asked me if I liked what I saw. Shit yeah I told her. That's good she said because, she stood in front of me put her hands in her waistband and slid her panties down her legs, she had been trying to draw her cunt!

I just gaped. Her cunt was clean shaven except for a tuft of black pubes and I could see her sweet pink inner lips peeping through her slit. Keren sat in the easy chair opposite me and draped her legs over the arms. Then she started explaining how she had tried to do an anatomical drawing of her cunt, correction vulva, using a mirror and torch. I was just sitting there feeling my cock stretching my jeans while she peeled herself wide open and lifted her hips! She was so pink and succulent inside! Then she asked if I wanted to do the drawing.

By now I was so hot and horny I forgot that I was shy. I told her I would do an anatomical drawing of her vulva if she agreed to do my penis. Next thing I knew I was standing up with my pants around my ankles. Keren blushed again and stared at my 6 1/2' hard on. Then she nodded. My heart was pounding as I kicked off my sneakers and pants. I got my pad and pencils and things and knelt down between Keren's thighs, using a coffee table under my pad. Keren peeled herself wide open again, letting me see everything inside her lovely womanhood. I started drawing but I was having problems because my hand was kind of trembly. Keren wasn't much help, because she kept distracting me. Her deep pink clitoris grabbed my attention because it was about the size and shape of a velvet covered .22 cal bullet! She explained that when she was growing up she was really embarrassed by it until she learned how good it made her feel when she touched it the right way. Then she wet her finger and gently stroked it. Her whole body trembled and she let out a low moan. After a while a trickle of fluid oozed out of her urethra.

She giggled and told me I could touch her as well as long as I was careful. As I tickled her clit with my wet finger she sighed then moaned and trembled again. She told me she was so horny and she was ready to fuck later if I did things right she'd let me come inside her. Now she just wanted me to make her come by playing with her. So much for the drawing! I chucked the pad, leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on her inner thigh. She laughed and guided me to her sensitive spots and explained how much pressure she liked. Soon she let me slide two fingers deep into her vagina and asked me to find her g-spot because she had one. I was surprised at how tight she was. After a gentle probe I found a small smooth dome thing, oh yeah that was it! As I gently massaged the spot Keren lifted her hips and gave a loud yelp. Then she squirted! A big gush of pussy honey fountained at least a foot then splattered all over my face and hands. She lay back, still trembling and told me that she hadn't come like that for a while. I hadn't made a girl come so hard ever so I was really happy. I stood up, peeled off my tee shirt and kissed her on the mouth.

Keren relaxed and put her arms around my neck. After we'd kissed for a while she asked me if I was ready for my reward. Of course I was but that story comes later...



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