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Dr. Dave

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Looking back on an unusual treatment.


Dr. Dave was a college friend of my dad's and a friend of the family all my life. Since he was a urologist, he had never examined or treated me -- until as a newlywed (age 25)we were having some trouble conceiving a child. I believe we were talking about it (guy stuff) while working out at the gym one day, so he suggested I come to his office for a consultation. When I arrived for the first visit, Dr. Dave asked the usual particulars about my health and the trouble my wife and I were experiencing. Basically, it was so stressful trying to have a child that I couldn't even get it up anymore -- not easy to tell a family friend, but he was 'the doctor' now. He told me get undressed to my underwear and hop on the exam table; since he'd seen more of me in the locker room -- shit, he probably changed my diapers when I was a baby, this was not uncomfortable. After the usual eye, ear, nose check, he began listening to my heart. The stethoscope was so cold, my nipples immediately hardened but I remember his hands on my chest and back being so warm. He told me to lie on the table and pressed around my stomach, his hand occasionally slipping below the waistband of my briefs; then he slid my briefs down my legs to check out my genitals. Although he was thorough, I wasn't getting hard as I feared what may happen from the physical manipulation. He felt my balls for irregularities and commented that they were big and heavy, asking how long it had been since I had an orgasm. I confessed it had been weeks. He asked me to turn on my side and I heard the snap of the rubber glove so I knew what was coming next. He removed my briefs and began probing my butt. Instead of feeling intrusive as with other exams I've had, he was gentle, spreading my ass and lubricating my hole in a rhythmic, circular pattern -- which actually felt quite good and eased the entry of his gloved finger. When he found my prostate, pre-cum gushed out of my still flaccid dick. I was shocked, but he said it was quite normal, especially since I hadn't released my sperm in awhile. I lay back on the table, naked now, but still not uncomfortable in his presence. He said he would run the urine and blood samples, but he was quite sure there wasn't any medical condition causing the erectile dysfunction but mainly stress. He said I needed to relax and not concentrate on having a baby, but remember how good it felt having sex with my wife. Lastly, he said he needed to insure there was an adequate number of sperm and for that he needed a sample. I told him I wasn't feeling like I could 'get it up' to produce one; he said that a strong and healthy male like me should not have any trouble with the right stimulation and I should let a professional handle it. So he did. He began massaging my cock and balls, slowly and rhythmically; after my original reaction of shock, my eyes sort of rolled back in my head as I felt the pleasure his massage was giving me. My head thumped back on the table, and Dr. Dave rubbed, massaged and pulled on my dick until it hardened. We both kind of smiled at his success. Instead of stopping at that major breakthrough, he continued to stroke me until I came. I shot the furthest I think I ever did and produced a load that covered his hand and my stomach. I felt really embarrassed, but he assured me I was normal and that playing ball with my kids one day was well worth the discomfort I may be feeling. He said this wasn't unusual for newlyweds and after a few more 'treatments,' we'd conceive in no time. 10 years (and 2 kids)later, I realize it was pure bullshit. I was either very naive or just a healthy guy enjoying having someone get him off.



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