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Dr Cousin

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We were visiting family that we hadn't seen in a number of years. My cousin, who is two years younger than me, had graduated from medical school and was working in a local family medicine practice. Around 6 o'clock she called home for a ride and I offered to go get her. When I arrived the office was empty except for her and she was working on a bunch of paperwork. We chatted as she worked and I mentioned that I was going to try and get beck into shape. 'Have you seen your doctor for a physical?' she asked. I replied that I hadn't, but it wasn't like I was that out of shape. 'Well, let me give you a once over,' she said, 'Better safe than sorry'. I agreed, figuring that she would just listen to my heart and maybe take my blood pressure.

So we went into one of the examination rooms and just as I suspected she took my blood pressure before lifting my shirt slightly to listen to my heart. Her face scrunched a little and she said, 'Why don't you take off your shirt so I can listen to your lungs.' I obliged, and she pressed the cold stethoscope against my back and told me to breathe. She began tracing her hand over my back. Stopping at one of my shoulder blades she asked, 'Have you always had this mole?' I told her I didn't know. 'Let me check your legs, too'. 'That's ok', I said, 'I'm sure I'm fine'. 'Now, now', she scolded. 'Don't worry I won't hurt you.'

I got off the table and with my back to her dropped my pants to my knees. 'You're so shy,' she said 'Let me check.' So I kicked off my shoes and pants. Luckily I still had my back to her otherwise she would have seen the hard on that was starting to rise in my shorts. Her latex gloved fingers traced up my legs to my back and back down. Then she turned me around. It was at this point that I was betrayed. My penis was fully erect and straining the limits of my underwear.

She didn't say anything as she traced her fingers down and across my chest. She pulled a small stool over, sat down, and continued to go over the front of my legs. I couldn't believe that she didn't notice my bulge. It was only when she moved back up my legs did she pause. 'Well, I guess everything looks ok', she said, and then suddenly pulled my underwear down to the knees. My erection sprang free and was bobbing directly in front off her face. Without saying a word she grasped my rock hard penis on the shaft and moved it to the side with one hand while her other hand squeezed my balls lightly. She moved her hand lightly up and down my shaft a small drop of pre cum appeared.

'Only one thing left to check' she said and with that she turned me around. She pressed the small of my back, but she didn't have to. I leaned over the table aching for what I knew was coming. Her lubed finger split my butt cheeks and rammed into my asshole. She pressed and stroked my prostate with first one, then two of her fingers. They were wiggling deep inside me when I must have let out a small moan. 'I think its time to finish,' she said. I thought she was going to stop, but instead she reached through between my legs. Between her fingers gyrating in my ass and her powdered latex hand stroking my cock I exploded in no time shooting a heavy stream of cum onto the paper covering the exam table. Looking at what I had just done, she said, 'Yea, I think everything's working just fine.' She took off her gloves and threw them away. 'I'll let you get yourself together' and left the room. I stood motionless for a minute before getting dressed. On the way home we made small talk as if nothing had happened and as far as our family knows, nothing did.



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