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Down By the Water

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Such a pretty day for lunch and play by the water


I work in a town right near the water for a company with approximately 70 employees. Yesterday I decided to take lunch on my own. So I went through the drive-thru of a fast food place and figured I'd eat it parked down by the docks on such a beautiful day. It was very relaxing watching the water and where I was parked no one was around me. There were a few cars parked but more towards the beginning of the dock, I drove to the end and parked there. It only took me about 15 minutes to buy my food and eat it. I still had 45 minutes to kill. It was so relaxing, I wanted to nap. But I was afraid I wouldn't wake up in time and I had nothing to set an alarm. So I sat just mesmerized by the water and became very relaxed. I moved my car seat all the way back and put the back of the seat into a reclining position. Suddenly I heard a noise from the back. I realized the bottom of the seat hit my kid's toy in the back and it caused it to shake a bit. I grabbed the toy to stop it and it gave me an idea. Hmmmmm this thing vibrates. It was some sort of a cylinder shaped toy w/ a spoon at the end and the whole toy vibrates and the spoon pops out w/ food on it to feed a doll, then pops back in. So, I flicked the button to on as my lil jolt had subsided and it stopped moving. When I flicked it on it vibrated nicely in my hand. I put the toy between my legs over my dressy stretch pants. MMMMMMMM it sent nice sensations through my groin. And then a surprise. Added pleasure when the spoon popped out. It would pop and hit and then retreat. I kept holding it there and the vibrations were steady and then, boom, the spoon would hit every 10 seconds. I held it sideways on my clit over my pants and whent he spoon would pop it would go down towards the vaginal opening and bang into the slit a bit right thru the pants and it would send such a teasing tingle. I was getting very excited and wet and it felt so good. The vibrations were exciting but not that strong and after about 20 minutes I couldn't go any further so I had the urge to finger myself. I reached into my pants w/ my right hand and put my pointer finger on my clit over my panties. I held the toy over my pants still w/ my left hand down by my opening with the spoon facing me so as I played the spoon would pop out and push through the pants a bit into me. I wished I could have inserted it but it was a bit awkward but I wondered how it would feel inside me with the spoon popping every 10 seconds. I slowly stimulated my clit with my fignertip as I wanted this to last. I did this for about 10 minutes and then realized I had better finish up as I was running out of time. So I started to finger my clit faster and faster and I got more and more excited. I started moving my hips up and down and pressing the toy tighter against me. I kept glacing out the windows and in the rear view mirror to be sure no one was approaching. I fantasized about two carloads of business people pulling up on each side of me to chat and eat lunch and them realizing what I was doing and watching the whole event. That's just a fantasy. Had anyone approached I would have stopped. I was praying no one approached now cause I was way too excited and I was frantically fingering my clit. I was sighing and moaning and then came the urge, the point of no return, I couldn't stop. I held my finger down tight over my clit and wiggled it as fast as I could and the first wave hit me, then a second smaller explosion. I let it subside and then pulled my hand out, pulled the toy away and turned it off and adjusted myself. Oh no, to my horror there was a huge wet spot on my pants. Thank god they were black. My pants had moved position and the wet spot when I fixed them was right smack in the front of the crotch, looked like I had peed myself. Then I realized my fingers smelt like pussy. And my panties were filled with cum. I drove back to the office and headed straight for the bathroom. I went into the stall to clean myself up and wipe me and my panties and then wash my hands. Luckily my blouse covered the front of my pants. A lady came into the bathroom just as I was fixing my makeup. She asked 'so how was lunch' I said 'AWESOME' with a big smile on my face. She said 'my god with the smile on your face you make a burger sound better than sex'. I just giggled to myself and thought - I was sex, with myself!!!!!



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