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Down by the River

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When I was about 14, my two friends and I, let's call them John and Mike, went exploring in the woods near our town. John and Mike were my classmates and we hung out a lot.

As we walked we came up on a little river, so we decided to sit down and take a break. We sat in a circle on a big rock near the river. We talked for a while about school and what not. Then we began to talk about sex. John asked us if we ever had jerked off before and said that he had done it a few times. I said no, but told him that I had seen my older brother play with his cock in the shower. Mike said nothing yet and John began to persist in asking Mike if he had ever done it before. Mike told us that once a few weeks ago he had tried it looking at his fathers porn magazine. But his parents came home and he had to stop to rush and put the magazine back.

After a few minutes talking about masterbation John told us that he had thought about other guys jerking off and that he would like to do it with us. He said that we were his best friends and that it would be great if we tried it with him. Mike said he wondered if we ever jerked off but never bothered to ask. I told them both I thought about it after seeing my brother in the shower. John said so how about it then. I told him I would try it if he did it first. Mike thought about it and then said to John you go first then.

John took off his shoes, stood up and pulled down his hiking shorts. He placed his shorts on the rock and sat on it with his legs spread out. I was shocked at the size of his balls. He had an average cock I guess. He said it was about five and a half inches, but his balls were so long they sagged on the rock. His ball sack must have been about as long as his cock. So he started to tug at his cock slowly. I could tell he enjoyed it, he started sweating and took off his shirt. He had a very good body. After a few minutes of watching him he told us to start jerking off with him.

I told them both I would do it in a few moments. Mike said okay. He got up on his knees took his shirt off and unbuttoned his jeans. He then sat back down and pulled it off. He was wearing checkerboard boxer shorts which he didn't take off. He pulled his cock out and John and I was like whoa. He had the biggest cock I ever had seen before. Not that I had seen many but it was huge. It was thick and about seven inches hard. After watching them both jerk off for a few minutes I got so turned on I took off my shorts and started tugging at my cock also. It was so hot watching the two of them jerk off with me. They asked how big my cock was and I told them I had never measured it yet.

Then John started moaning, he looked down at his cock and started spraying his cum all over the rock we were sitting on. His streams shot out so far, Mike and I flinched a little. He sat there fiddeling with his cock while Mike and I continued. Then Mike said I'm going to cum. He leaned his head back and thick white cum started oozing down his hand and cock. It didn't shoot out like John's but it was a lot. So they both watched me until I felt the feeling of my first orgasm. I breathed hard and shot a few long streams of hot cum that landed on John's foot. Mike and I had never seen cum until that day so we began looking closer at it all over the rock. We picked some up in our hands and washed it off in the river. Then we all went back to John's house to relax.

John told me to measure my cock and pulled out a ruler. I had stroked it a few times in his room in front of them and put the ruler to my cock. It was about six inches long.



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