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Double the Fun

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Well, I am a 14 year old boy, and I would like to say that I love this site. It inspires me and shows me that it is ok to masturbate. That is something that I didn't use to believe.
I have masturbated by myself since I was 12. I remember sitting is a sex ed. classroom and hearing the word masturbation get brushed over. I asked the kid sitting next to me what it was, and he giggled and told me that it was 'playing with your penis'. I remember going home and 'playing' with it. Nothing happened, until one day when my mom sent me to my room. I was so angry that she would treat me like a little kid, so I decided to 'play'. I don't quite remember it, but I remember the intense pleasure I felt when 'some white stuff' came out. I felt guilty and told myself that I'd never do it again.
Of course, that was a lie, and I kept on doing it, soon, I heard some boys talking about Pamela Anderson. I didn't want to look stupid and ask who she was, so I checked her up on the internet. Boy was I surprised. I remember getting my first look at her and saying 'wow'. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I looked at picture of her day by day, but I never really looked at anything pornographic.
About this time, an indian boy named Ruhul moved into my class. We became quick friends and we did lots of stuff together. One day, I asked him if he masturbated. When he answered that he did, I asked him how he did it. He showed me his method, which was quite different then mine. However, we showed each other with our clothes on, and we were both really embarrassed. I went home and tried it his way. It was different, but it gave me the same feeling.
Now, I started to look at pornography also. I started with the softcore stuff, but soon I changed to the more 'pleasing' stuff. I especially liked looking at lesbians.
One day, my parents went off on a trip, and my grandparents were out watching TV with the rest of my siblings. I asked if a friend could come over, and they said yes. I called up Ruhul and he came over. We went into my room and played around for a while. We were talking about hot girls, when I pulled out a Victoria's Secret catalogue from under my bed. I said something like 'check this out,' and he did. We were staring at it for a while and I said, 'why don't we masturbated together?' He told me that is was disgusting, but I really wanted to. (I wanted to compare our dicks. Finally, he gave in and we took off our pants, keeping our shirts on. He really didn't want to show me his penis!
So, we looked at the magazine, rubbing our dicks and I asked him if I could see his whole dick. I'm not gay, I'm just curious. Very reluctantly, he showed me it. It was very different from mine. Mine was white and sort of curved upwards while his was jet black and stood straight out. I pointed out the difference and he nodded and started to cover it up again. I told him to stop. I asked him if I could touch it. He got really scared now, but I told him that I was just curious. I also told him that if he wanted to, he could examine mine too. He said that it was ok.
I started to play with his dick with my fingers. I rubbed it and stroked it and tickled it to see what it would do. It was a bit strange, touching another boy's penis. After I was through, he checked mine out, doing the same sort of stuff. Then, we sat on my bed and talked. While he was talking about hot girls, I was moving around the room, until I stopped in front of him. I sat down on the ground, so his penis was about directly in front of my face. While he talked, I played with his balls and his penis. I could tell that he liked it, and he kept on talking.
As he talked, I was wondering what it would like to suck another boy's cock. I was really turned on, and I'm not gay, but the thought really appealed to me. As he was talking, I started to suck. He stopped talking and he looked down at me. When he saw what I was doing he pulled away, but I told him to let me try it. He said, 'Ok, but this is really weird.' I sucked all around: his sack, his penis, his thighs, and he laid down on my bed, moaning. When he was moaning, I got really turned on, and I asked him is he would 'do me'. He said that he would.
I sat on the bed, and he started with my ballsack, sucking. I could see what he was moaning about. This was better than anything that I could do by far! He got me almost all the way, and then he said, 'Let's do each other at the same time; a 69!' We did it. As he was sucking on mine, it made me want to suck more furiously on his. It was the most amazing sensation that I have ever felt. We both came at about the same time.
After that, we both laid on my bed, stroking each other's cocks and talking together. We masturbated together again, but we never quite got to the same stage. Now he's moved away, and I don't think that it will ever happen again. I'm sad that he had to move. He was truly my 'best friend'.



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