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Double or Nothing (Two)

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Double or Nothing Two
I read the story "Double or Nothing" in this archive, and showed it to my girlfriend. She and I have always been experimental and have played strip poker with two other couples before, so after a little smooth talking, I was able to talk her into allowing me to bring it up with our friends.
For those of you who haven't read the story, or who haven't memorized the titles of every story you have read, please let me summarize. The double or nothing story explains the special rules to strip poker in which you can, upon losing your last article of clothing, opt to go double or nothing. Should you win the hand, you can put back one article of clothing and play resumes. If you lose, however, you must move your chair to the center of the room and masturbate for all of the others to see.
As the games typically went in our group, the ladies were usually the weakest poker players, and often one or two of the three would lose completely before any one man was even half naked. When I brought up the idea to the other couples, there was much hesitation on the part of the ladies, and almost none on the part of the men. The issue was kind of dropped after the mood began to sour, and we didn't speak about it for a few weeks.
Last week, my girlfriend and her two friends, along with another woman one of the other girls worked with were over at our apartment after a candle party. They were a bit drunk, and planning to spend the night. We had a hide-a-bed in the living room on which two of the girls were going to sleep, and another couch in the computer room on which the third would sleep. I got home around midnight, and the ladies were all still up talking. I sat down with them, and the subject quickly turned to the special rules for strip poker that I had suggested a few weeks ago. The fourth girl - the one not in our normal group - had been clued in and thought it was a scream. She hadn't played strip poker since high school, and was really interested to find that some of her adult friends still did it. The combination of the peer pressure from the new girl and the alcohol had seemingly changed the attitude of the girls, and I was challenged to play by the new rules with them right then and there.
I dealt the first hand, and as usual, the game went my way. The new girl was the loser, and slid off her sandals. The deal then passed to the right (to the new girl), and somehow I lost the next 4 hands, leaving me in my boxers. I was stunned that the game had gone this badly for me, because I usually don't lose any more than 1 out of every 5 or six hands - I have a good sense for what cards to hold etc.
The deal was back to me, and I called double or nothing, thinking both that if I didn't, no one else would when it was their turn, and that my luck was due to change. I dealt the cards and ended up with the winning hand. I stepped back into my jeans, and play continued. I passed the deck to the new girl, and immediately lost. I got nervous and decided not to call double or nothing. She passed the deck, and it was my girlfriend that lost the next hand. I was still in the game, but still in the position where I needed to call double or nothing, or just play it out. I figured that the tides were changing and made the risky call - double or nothing.
I lost. Not that it matters, but I lost big. I could feel myself blushing as I took down my boxers while the girls arranged the chairs in a semi-circle around mine. I closed my eyes and began to slowly stroke my cock. Within a minute, it was fully erect. I continued to stroke with my eyes closed, and as time passed I began to get more aroused. After about 2 or 3 minutes, I opened my eyes to see 4 smiling faces staring directly at my fist pumping up and down on my swollen cock. After another minute or two, I could feel the orgasm welling up inside my balls. I continued stroking and heard a soft grunt escape my lips. Moments later, my orgasm exploded out of my cock, shooting a jet of cum at least three feet in the air, landing on the floor just to the left of the new girl. Subsequent waves sent more jets into the air at much lower arcs, also landing on the floor in front of me. After about a minute, my girlfriend jumped up, ran to the bathroom and came back with a towel.
I cleaned up and we resumed our places around the table. They all decided that if I were to continue playing, I needed to have something to bet, and that if I wasn't going to continue playing, that there was no need for the game to continue, as they had no desire to see anyone of their friends naked. I said that this was grossly unfair, and after several minutes of "discussion", we came to the compromise that if I won 3 of the next 5 hands, they would all strip to their panties and play the double or nothing hand, but that if I lost 3 of the next 5, I would perform again, and the game would be over.
We all agreed, and play continued. It was my girlfriend's deal, and she dealt me crap. I drew my cards, and drew more crap. I had lost the first hand. The deal passed to me, and I ended up winning the hand - one and one. Another of the girls lost, so in all that time and effort, I had managed to strip 3 of 4 women of only their shoes, while I was totally naked and had just masturbated to orgasm.
I passed the deal to the new girl, and once again lost the hand. She passed the deal, and I drew two aces to the ace-king I had held onto from my crap deal. The new girl had opted to remove her shorts, because her shirt was longer than some of the mini-skirts my girlfriend wears when she's feeling trampy. The count was full, and the next hand would decide it. I drew deuce four six against a king queen hold. Shit.
As high fives were exchanged, I was told to position the chairs, and to make this show better than the last. I decided that, since they had seen it all anyway, I was going to do it up right. I started to slowly grind my hips, like a stripper, and moved close to each girl in turn. Then I slowly ran my hands up and down my stomach, stopping just before reaching my pubic hair. After a few minutes, my cock was fully erect, and I hadn't even touched it! I started stroking it very slowly and lightly, and eventually lay down in front of them. After a few minutes of that, I was cumming once again, shooting the first ropey jet of cum into my chin, and landing three more spurts on my chest.
We cleaned up, and after 10 minutes or so, we all went to bed. My girlfriend and I had incredible sex, and I'm sure that the others could hear us, although no one said anything to us.
I found out yesterday that the new girl was a former blackjack dealer, who had moved here from Vegas only a few months ago. She had heard about the game earlier, and the whole thing was actually planned. For the two hours between when the candle party ended and I had arrived home, she had been teaching the girls how to deal off the bottom of the deck, and how to stack the deck on the shuffle and the cut.



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