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Dorm Room Excitement

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In my sophomore year of college I moved in with one other girl, a junior who seemed friendly and nice. She was unattractive by conventional standards and had no dates but she seemed interested in my boyfriends and often shared stories about her failed experiences in the dating world. We used to joke about sex and laugh about how horny we always were. She with no dates and me with the occasional date but afraid to and not ready to have sex with a boy.

One Saturday in October I came back to our room after a date that had culminated in some kissing and petting. I was very aroused but had told my date that I wasn't ready to go any further. He had been touching my breasts through my shirt and kissing my neck. If I had had such a date at home I almost surely would have gone to my bedroom and masturbated before falling asleep.

In the dorm, our beds were on opposite sides of a single room and I had not yet masturbated in the presence of Julie, but this night I was terribly aroused and when I came home it was well past 1:00am and I could tell from her breathing that she was asleep. My favorite technique has always been to lie on my tummy and rock gently back and forth on my left hand which I usually clench over my pubic bone. In this position I can let a finger drift down to my little hard bump. I have always been able to reach an orgasm that way with a minimum of noise or motion.

After making sure that Julie was really asleep I reached under myself with the blankets over me and gently went to work rocking away. I wanted to be quiet and not disturb my sleeping roommate. A few minutes into my little session I was shocked to feel Julie's hand on my shoulder. I froze like a deer in headlights terribly embarrassed at having been caught. But before I could move my hand Julie bent down and whispered in my ear. 'Please don't stop. I want you to keep going,' she said. I didn't know what to do. I was scared and excited at the same time.

Julie sat on the edge of my bed, pulled the blanket down to my waist and began to rub my shoulders. 'Please keep going' she begged, 'I want you to have a climax. You need it' she urged 'and I want to help you by making you relax.' Gently she rubbed my shoulders and my back and as she did my inhibitions evaporated. I began squeezing myself again and pressing into my hand with my pelvis, slowly rocking against my bed.

'That's exactly how I do it,' Julie whispered. 'I have been waiting to see you do this for more than two months,' she added. I rocked harder and Julie let her hands drift down to my bottom, gently cupping my cheeks and developing a rythmic pressure of her own. As I rocked she applied pressure, making my thrusts even more delicious. Then she reached over to my hips and began holding me off the mattress. 'Slow down a litle' she begged. 'I want to enjoy this.' Her urging made me feel even more desperate as I was now thrusting against nothing. It was a delicious and frustrating pleasure as she delayed my orgasm.

With her hands on both of my hips and the bed covers pulled away, Julie suddenly straddled me placing one knee on each side of my legs and as she did she gently lowered herself so that I could distinctly feel the warmth of her sex against my bottom. She wasn't wearing any panties and even though I was I could feel the outline of her vulva against me. She was so hot and moist that I shivered with excitement. Then she opened the pyjama top that she was wearing and pressed her bare breasts against my back. I exploded whimpering my passion into the bed mattress. It was the most powerful climax that I had ever experienced. Julie pressed against me a dozen times, imitating the undulations that I had been making as I tried to meet her thrusts with the arching of my back. Suddenly she let out a noisy moan and had her own climax, squeezing the entire length of her body against mine.

Julie lifted herself away from me and as I turned to face her she let herself back down so that we were face to face. 'That was so beautiful' she whispered and for the first time in my life I kissed another girl passionately on the lips. After a long wet kiss she let herself slide down my body with her breasts rubbing along my tummy until her mouth was at my breasts. She took a nipple between her lips and began suckling against me and as she did the orgasm that had filled me just a moment before began to build again.



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