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Dorm Room

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Straight guys do jack-off together


My name is Travis and this story is about last fall when I went away to college for the first time. I went to a JC my first two years and lived at home. At home I lived with three other brothers. I am 20 and I have a 19, 18 and 17 year old brother. When mom and dad had the fourth boy in four years they decided it was time to stop. Dad built a huge room on to our house for the four of us. Four boys in a 40 by 40 room with a four headed gang shower. Needless to say there was no privacy, but the way dad handled things we really did not need any privacy. When I just turned 10 dad sat me and my brother and told us about the birds and the bees and he talked openly to us about jacking-off - its benefits and pleasure. I started jacking-off in that room and have been jacking-off in there ever since. Each brother followed much the same routine - we just never thought much about the fact that we could jack-off when we wanted to.

When we had friends over they just joined in the fun. We all have slept naked from the time we were out of diapers - dad sleeps naked - we sleep naked. When friends came over we just all got naked and did what naked guys do, we just enjoyed being naked - we skinny dipped and we jacked-off. Dads rule was pretty simple - don't touch somebody else's dick and don't let them touch yours - this is homosexual and don't do it. This simple rule has worked well.

Now off to college. Dad told me that I needed to start my first night with my roommate like I expected to spend my sixth week. I was not really sure what he meant until it got time to go to bed the first night. I didn't know this guy, James, and he didn't know me. I was wearing a t-shirt, elastic top shorts, micro-briefs and flip flops. James is wearing just about the same thing, I didn't know what kind of underwear he was wearing. Now remember up until now I would have simple striped and headed to bed and jacked-off and then went to sleep, something I have been doing for about eight years and loving every minute of it. What to do? This is when dads comment rang clearly in my head - start the first night like you want to live.

I went over by my bed and slipped off my flip-flops and then draped my shirt and shorts over the chair at the foot of my bed. I decided to keep my briefs on for the moment, not knowing what to do. I looked over at James and I can tell that he must really be a shy guy. He is just sitting on the side of his bed, still dressed. I began to talk about my family and my three brothers and James tells me he is an only child. I think crap and keep talking. James has now removed his shirt and flip-flops and is lying on his bed. Our room is very small with about three feet between the two beds, just enough room to walk. Well it happened, I get a raging hard-on just thinking about what I want to do and wondering what I am going to do. It is one of those hard-ons that pushes your briefs completely away from your waist, you know when you look down and you can see the shaft because your dick is so hard. Still on my back with the hardest dick I have ever had in my life I look over at James and see that he is looking at me. When I glace at him he turns away quickly - trying to look like he is not looking.

I then switched off my light and James does the same thing. I look over at him now and see that he has slipped out of his shorts and has on bikini style whitie-tities. I really never knew a guy that wore white briefs, boxers and colored briefs yes, but never white boring briefs. At this point there is very little light in the room, but enough to see from one bed to the other. I decided then and there that I was not going to live in fear for the next two years and I slipped off my briefs. My dick is at attention and it needs my attention, which I have decided to give it. I started slowly and quietly and then moved on to fast, but I was quite about the whole thing. When I shot I cleaned up with my briefs, a normal way for me to clean-up and I rolled over and was quickly asleep.

In the morning when I woke up I was uncovered, hard as a rock once again - morning wood is so sent by God. The room is bright, because of a bank of windows across the head of our beds. I just laid there and enjoyed being a naked guy. I am not sure what I should do next, but I just decided to play like I was asleep. James is on his back, he is hard as a rock and his dick is sticking though the fly in his briefs. Finally, I see that James is doing that thing where you play with your dick and try to look like you are not playing with your dick - I am not sure, but I think he is still asleep.

When James does wake up he quickly pulls his dick back into his briefs, but he has the same problem that I did the night before, the darn thing was sticking out so far that it was pushing his waistband away from his waist. I am still pretending to be asleep - I am naked, uncovered and my dick is hard.

Just James' feet hit the floor I let him know that I am awake and pull one corner of the sheet over my dick - I had to make it look like I cared if he saw my dick, when I fact all I cared about was getting to be naked in my room when I wanted and to jack-off when I wanted.

James was not in the bathroom long enough to do anything but pee. When he came back in the room he was still fighting his hard-on - he had pushed it down and to one side so he could keep in his undies - the darn thing was still very hard and was not cooperating with him at all. I am still on my back, the only thing covered is my dick and I am tenting with all I have got. I am playing with my dick, but not jacking.

Then it happened - James came right out and ask me if I was a queer. I was a little taken back, but assured him that I was a straight as my hard dick. He then apologized for asking, and he told me that he was not interested in a queer roommate, and I let him know that I wasn't either. He then ask why I was sleeping naked, to which I told him I had always slept naked. Some of the tension began to go away at this time. I then decided it was time for me to ask a question or two and I started with how we were going to relieve ourselves? James got a puzzled look on his face and there was silence for a few minutes -he then looked sheepish and said 'Oh.'

I then told him that I did not have a shy bone in my body. That I had jacked-off with three other brothers in the room and that I would like to just consider him like one of my brothers, with the same rules as home - I don't touch him and he doesn't touch me. It was really hard for James to go with this, but he then said, 'I guess that makes sense.' I then said, 'Good.' Pushed back the corner of the sheet and stared my morning jack-off. James went to the bathroom and took his shower. When he got back in the room I went and took my shower.

For the first three weeks James never jacked-off in the room and he always slept in his briefs, come to find out he has one pair of white briefs, all of the others are as colored as mine - reds, blues, yellows, etc. Then it happened, James went over to his side of the room, took off his shorts, t-shirt and briefs got in bed and started jacking-off just like me. James looked at me and he then said, 'thank you for making this normal, rather than nasty.'

I led James to a Godly view of Jacking-off and I also led James to accepting Christ as Saviour. Not bad for a guy that likes to jack-off to remain a virgin.



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