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Dorm Neighbors

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(This isn't your typical meet, jerk, blow, and go kind of story. There's plenty of action, but I like a story with details and background. Enjoy!!)

Freshman year of college I got paired with a random roommate. I didn't really care for him, he was kind of a slob and that conflicted with my need of a clean space. We made it through the year, but I got closer with the other guys on my floor more than him.

Now living on a floor with 30+ other college-aged guys was something that I couldn't wait for. Hell, it was the things of countless fantasies actually. Guys were always around the hall without shirts on, walking around in only towels, wearing clinging basketball shorts-it was definitely a feast for the eyes.

There was one guy in particular that I was very taken by-my neighbor. His name was Alex. He came from a small town in the middle of the state-athletic broad shoulders, well-built, defined stomach, and the most beautiful eyes. Being freshman with similar majors meant that we had several classes together, of course I didn't mind this at all. Alex was the thought of many jerk-off fantasies for me (when I actually had the room to myself for an extended period of time).

About two months into the semester I was siting at my desk looking over some work when there was a knock at my door. Now, more often than not it was someone looking for my roommate. I answered the door to find Alex standing there.

'Oh, hey Alex. Actually Mike (my roommate) ain't here right now,' I said.

'That's alright, I was actually wanted to ask you something.'

It was at this point that I noticed something. Alex was holding onto the top of the door frame with his fingers, which caused the bottom of his shirt to rise up slightly. This allowed me to see a 1' band of skin directly above his shorts. I also saw the top of his underwear band (now I'm a HUGE underwear guy, so this was extremely hot for me).

'Sure what's up?' I finally mutter out.

'I was wondering if you could come over and help me with this bio shit. I don't get it.' he asked.

'Yeah, let me get my stuff-I'll be right over.'

He thanked me and went back to his room. As soon as my door closed my mind was spinning. I was excited, nervous, freaking horny, and everything in between. I got my stuff, pulled myself together, and went over.

I knocked on his door and he let me in. As soon as I got in, I was overtaken with the mix of his musky, masculine smell and his delicious cologne-it was intoxicating. He tell me to go ahead and sit on his bed. He came over and joined me, only a few feet separated us and it was hard for me to focus.

We worked for about an hour until we hit a road-block and couldn't figure something out. I suggested that he just google it and see what we could find. He liked the idea and we went over to his desk. He loaded up his laptop, but instead of seeing his desktop, the entire screen was filled with a porno clip of a girl and well-hung guy!! He must have forgotten that it was on there.

He was so flustered as he quickly clicked all over the screen to get it away. He turned to me and apologized, his face entirely red with embarrassment. I told him it was no big deal and that it happens. He seemed to get over it and we were able to find an answer to our question.

About 20 minutes later Alex says, 'you know what dude... I can't get that porno outta my head. Haha!'

I asked him if I should leave him alone to take care of things and winked at him. He said 'Nah dude, but you mind if I pull it up again?' Of course I told him no!

He reloads the clip and makes it full-screen like before. I didn't really care for the girl, but the guy was really well-hung. But my attention was turned to the gorgeous stud sitting a few feet away from me.

He asked me what I thought and I stuttered out some semblance of an answer (something like 'Yeah, nice.')

I watched as his hands slowly moved towards his basketball shorts and adjust the growing bulge that was there. His hands stayed there after that, continually re-adjusting. I figured I might as well join him and starting lightly rubbing my growing dick while watching him from the corner of my eye.

At this point one of his hands traveled up his shirt towards his chest. He started running his chest and this allowed me to see even more of his great stomach. His abs were perfectly defined and were covered by light dusting of hair. He must have noticed me looking cause he said, 'Can I ask you a question?'

I muttered a, 'sure.'

'I was doing work the other night and heard some guy come into your room. A little bit later I heard 2 guys moaning. Was that you?'

I nearly died. All of the color left my body. 'Uhh... Yeah... My buddy... came over and we ... uhh ... ended up watching some porn together.'

'Cool,' he said and he turned his attention back to the couple on the screen. 'It's too hot in here for this,' he said and he took off his shirt. His nipples were the perfect size and seemed to be hard from him rubbing his chest. I wanted to lick and suck on them so bad.

It soon became very apparent that Alex was completely hard in his shorts and his hands weren't doing anything to hide it. 'Screw it dude,' he said, 'I gotta get off. Gonna join me?'

With that he pulled down his basketball shorts and Under armor trunks (of course I noticed, and I wanted to get my hands on those for myself!). And out came his cock, and like the rest if him it was gorgeous! It was about 8 inches long (like mine) and slightly thicker than mine, gorgeous veins and a juicy pink head. He used the pre-cum on his head to lubricate his hand as it moved rhythmically up and down his long shaft.

All of this was too much for me and I ripped off my clothes as fast as I could. My hand straight for my rock hard dick and I quickly matched Alex's pace. He watched the porn while my eyes were glued to him. I watched every stroke he made and saw every muscle in his body contract and relax as he jacked off. With his right hand working his dick, his left hand moved all around his body and chest, sensually rubbing as he went. He arched his back several times giving me an even better view of his muscles.

Before long I heard his breathing start to quicken, interspersed with moans and I couldn't wait for the ending of this hot show. His moans were really getting me close, but I forced myself to hold off cumming. With one more arch of his back Alex announced he was about to bust... And bust he did. The first shot flew high in the air, hitting his chin hard after. The next few plastered his neck and chin, with his final shots collecting over his bulging abs. It was too much for me and as he came down from his euphoria, my orgasm took over. I gave my dick one last pump before shooting my load into the tissues I quickly grabbed. It was one of the strongest orgasms I have had to date, buckling my knees and causing me to almost drop to the floor. Some cum slipped onto the floor (I decided to leave it there for him for later).

After cleaning himself off, Alex and I proceeded to put our clothes back on. Thought I felt a little awkward, he didn't seem to pay any mind-as if it was completely natural.

With that, we finished our forgotten about work for another 15 minutes before I headed back to my room. Once the door shut, I instantly stripped and pumped out another load thinking about what had just happened to me.

Alex and I met on several other occasions over the course of the year-leave some comments and I'll be more than willing to share them.



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