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Dorm Neighbors 2

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Several weeks after our first hot encounter, I couldn't get it off my mind. Every time my hands found my hard cock, Alex was the topic of my fantasies. I thought of every possibility of repeating that event. 

The end of the semester came upon us quickly and that resulting in me cramming, getting ready for my tests. With all of my studying, relieving myself of building pressure was not high on my priority list. But that didn't stop my dick, it was more active than ever begging for attention. 

Well the tests came and went. I did fine, but I wasn't ready to leave the dorms for winter break. Home was pretty beat so I decided to hang around until the very end. Only a few guys were there by the end of that week, Alex being one of them. 

One morning I headed down towards the bathroom, noticing that Alex's door was open but he wasn't inside. While pissing, I heard Alex's typical whistling coming from one of the shower stalls. How I'd give anything for a peak into that stall. Him lathering up his body, soaping up his muscles. I snapped back to reality realizing that my dick was growing in my hand as I stood at the urinal. After pushing my swelling dick into my shorts, I quickly left the bathroom. 

While walking past Alex's bedroom, something on the floor caught my attention. Right there in the middle of the floor were his trunks. Being the underwear addict that I am, my originally half-hard dick was now completely hard inside my shorts, pushing against the material for release. 

Looking back down the hall, I could hear Alex still whistling. Do I dare it, I asked myself. Absolutely! I darted into his room, snatched them off the floor, shoved them into my pocket (brushing my hard-on and making my dick jump in the process), and quickly headed for my room.

Before the door was even locked, my clothes were off and my hand was on my cock. Holding his trunks in my hand, I couldn't resist bringing them to my nose and inhaling his deep musky scent. It was intoxicating. The mix of musk and sweat was delicious. Deep breath after breath brought me closer and closer to blowing my load. I thought about him watching porn in this trunks, his cock growing and swelling to fill them, leaking precum into them.à

The smell and thoughts were too much to handle and I felt myself quickly approaching climax. I brought the trunks down before shooting my load into them. My first few shots were too powerful and I shot over them, landing on my carpet. My other shots covered the trunks, my cum mixing with his sweat. 

Once my ecstasy subsided, I viewed the damage and cleaned up the spilled cum from my carpet. I balled the trunks up and threw them into the corner. I knew I'd be going back for them again soon.

After recovering a little bit, I got dressed and opened my door so guys could stop by and chat. About an hour later, I heard Alex's door open and him chatting with some of the remaining guys. He got closer to my room and eventually was standing in my doorway, shirtless and gorgeous. 

We chatted about our exams and out winter break plans. While watching TV Alex got a puzzled look on his face. 

Looking at the corner of my room, he asked, 'Dude... Are those my trunks?'

To be continued. Please reach out and let me know that you think!! Questions and comments are always appreciated!!



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