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Dorm Neighbor

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Turning gay


Hi my name is Jacen and I am 22, first of all I am a skinny cute but toned guy very quiet. Well this happened to me just a couple of months ago where I live (it is a six apartment college kids block). Well one afternoon I went outside to go place the trash when I was coming back in I noticed my car and a car that of the person who lived on the second floor. I live on the bottom floor so I thought no problem. So I decided I was going to the basement and wash my clothes. So I went and checked out the laundry room (No one was there) So I went up to my apartment and bundled up my clothes and decided since I am probably the only one really around I would strip down to my white briefs and go start my colors and while that was going I would get cleaned up.

Well I was fine, started my laundry and was going back when I passed my neighbor Derek who is three years older than me. My face turned red. Cause I was not expecting anyone. Well he smiled and awkwardly talked for a few minutes. I told him I had to go and take a shower. He said Nice and we left. Well as soon as I was in my apartment I stripped my underwear off and proceeded to go take a shower. Derek came over (which I didn't realize he yelled for me but cause I was in the shower I did not hear him). So when I get out of the shower I normally just dry off and proceed to my room to get another pair of underwear, but to my surprise Derek was sitting and watching tv on my couch, which he apologized for. There I was standing in front of this guy with my dick getting harder and harder the more I stood there embarrassed and excited. (I was kinda working my cock getting it hard and soft in the shower).

The next thing I hear he says nice big cock! I said what he told me that it was good size cock. Well I guess for my body my dick is 7.5 long more than thick. Well he told me to hurry and go get some clothes so I ran to just throw on a pair of loose boxers. So we sat there a few mins and then Derek was joking about seeing me in the hallway in my underwear and that he one late night went there and washed his laundry naked and didn't get caught. He even said that he jacked off while waiting for his laundry and shot his wad in the trash can. To my amazement I was getting excited (which in boxers is hard to cover up) Of course Derek noticed it and commented that I better take care of that before it gets out of hand. I jokily told him 'Yea I will later' He asked 'Why not now' I told him 'Cause you are here' He told me that has nothing to do with it and that he was going to later but he might have to whip his out also. Of course I got red faced. He dared me to do it now if I wanted to jack off right on the couch he did not care.

I looked at his crotch and I noticed in his shorts he was getting hard also. So I agreed, at first I started just to rub my stomach and put my hands down my boxers. He dared me to stand up and take them off (while his hand was down his shorts). I stood up and ass facing him dropped my shorts, half way facing him he dropped his shorts to his knees and had a pair of hot red bikini underwear on with a nice thick dick. So I am jacking my dick then he told me I have to own my cock to work it and he stood up and reached in his short pocket and pulled out some lube and put it in his hand and the next thing he done he reached around me and grabbed my cock and put some on telling me that this is the way a real man handles his cock. Which I thought he would stop but he grabbed my dick telling me how does it feel now. Of course, yes it felt great then he had me hold my hand out and he gave me some lube with his hand still on my cock I knew what he wanted the same thing that is when I really saw his dick and it was amazing he was about the same as me but a lot thicker and smooth looser balls.

Well as we continued with him behind me I kept telling him after about 15mins that I am going to shoot. He made me continue for about 10mins later and told me that I am enjoying this to easy that I need to work into it. So after that I was getting ready to cum and started moaning for him to quit I could feel his breath on me telling me yea baby you like it. Yes Yes more! I shot the most ultimate biggest load for a long time. It kept coming and lucky I have wood floor. Then he turned me around told me to get on my knees and continue jacking off. As the closer he got the louder he got and I kept thinking I wonder if anyone else can hear him. But right then he said watch me cum so right then and there he cummed right on my cheek and nose and dripped down to my chest he actually shot more than I did. Which I thought I did a lot. We relaxed a minute and then he said it was worth it and left and as I let him out the door and go back to another shower I saw the cum still on the floor and smiled. He can please me anytime.



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