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Dorm Life

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When I was 13, I had jerked off with a buddy of mine, Brett. I couldn't tell you how it happened. It was fun but we never repeated the experience and for the following five years I never really gave it much thought or thought to recreate it with another guy.

In my senior high school year, I had chosen the college I wanted to attend and was eventually accepted. It was about 200 miles from home, close enough to get home on weekends or holidays but not close enough for my family to just drop in whenever they felt like it. At 18, I was looking forward to making the break, getting away and making my own way. I still had a couple of weeks before packing up and leaving and was talking to a buddy of mine, Todd, about upcoming dorm life. It was partly exciting and a bit scary at the same time. Todd mentioned a former classmate, Mark, going to the same school and suggested that maybe we could room together. Mark was 19, and had graduated the year before me but took a year off to travel before enrolling in college.

I thought about it for awhile and talked with some other friends to find out what they new about this Mark guy. All pretty much said that the same thing; nice guy, easy going, etc. I figured what the heck, it was better to know someone than no one so I asked Todd to track down his number. I called but got his mom who told me Mark was already at college having gotten some kind of waiver to arrive early. She gave me his local number. I called and explained who I was and why I was calling. We talked for awhile but it was pretty clear he had no clue who I was but he said he'd keep an open mind and invited me to come down the following weekend to meet and check out the dorm setup.

As soon as he saw me in the lobby, he recognized me and apologized for not having done so before. On the other hand, I almost didn't recognize him. In school his hair was long and flowing and now it was cut short, almost military, and also he looked about 20lbs lighter. When I mentioned it he just smiled and said 'new start'. He had to run across campus on an errand so he gave me a quick tour before taking me through the nearly deserted dorm building and finally the fourth floor room. I guess I was a bit naïve, I thought the bath and shower would be in the room. No such luck. All I could think of was that the distance between the room and the bath seem a long way.

As dorm rooms go, apparently it was larger than most on the floor. It was a corner L-shaped room with two twin beds filling one end of the L and two desks filling the other, both ends with windows. In the corner of the L were the two wardrobes on one wall and the door on the other. One of the beds was all dismantled. Mark apologized for the mess explaining he was in the process of converting them to raised platform beds so there would be storage underneath. When I commented on the size of the rooms, he mentioned it was one of the advantages of having an older brother who attended the same school years before; 'Connections'. He was allowed to check in early and was able to get one of the larger accommodations, the same room his brother had years before.

We talked for a while longer and then he walked out to the car with me. I asked what Mark thought; he just smiled and said he'd think about it. He said, 'I'm not playing games. I've been looking forward to this for a long time and want to make sure I don't get stuck with a roommate who'll ruin it'. Well...I couldn't deny that logic.

To my immense relief Mark called 4-5 days later and asked if I was still interested in rooming with him. I said yes immediately. He said 'good, cuz I pulled some strings and managed to get you in with me even though you haven't officially checked in yet'. I was really glad and said so. He laughed and said 'me too' and that I'd see him the following week.

I arrived with my folks and belongings in tow. When we walked into the room, the first thing I noticed was that our beds were 3 feet above the floor. I looked at him and asked 'what's with this?'. He laughed and said 'Like I said; storage....but I admit my measurements were bit off and they're a bit higher than I had calculated....So much for my math skills!' I cracked a joke about how it wasn't going to be pretty climbing in and out of bed. We all laughed. Little was I to know how much I'd come to appreciate the error.

My folks helped me stow my stuff and hung around for awhile talking with Mark before finally leaving. The last thing we did was to hang two of my favorite posters. As a birthday gift several years before my folks had both framed behind glass. The only logical place to hang them was side by side on the wall beside my bed. Because the beds were so ridiculously high, the pictures were almost at bed level, something else I'd be grateful for.

I spent the following week learning about the campus, checking out the various facilities, going into town to see what it was about, and finally going through the grist of the scheduling mill. Mark pretty much did the same thing. It was pretty hectic with not much time for anything else. The little time we did spend together it was learning about each others likes and dislikes, getting the dorm room squared away, comparing class schedules, etc. While we had differing interests in classes, our schedules were almost the same though mine allowed me to sleep in an additional hour.

The first couple of weeks went by uneventful as we slipped into an easy routine. Mark was up and out before I woke up and he spent a fair amount of evening time at the library so we didn't see each other too often. It wasn't until the second or third Saturday morning after classes started that things took an interesting and yet disconcerting turn for me. Interesting because of what I witnessed, disconcerting because I found what I witnessed so interesting.

Saturdays were usually saved for sleeping in. Usually one of us got up first and headed off to the showers before the other woke. This Saturday though, I awoke and was just laying there facing the wall dozing in and out. I heard Mark move about in bed and yawn. I slowly opened my eyes to see the morning light and closed them again. It got quiet again so I drifted back to sleep again. Not sure how much time passed but Mark moved again, I opened my eyes again and was about to drift off yet again when I saw movement in the reflection on my glass covered posters. It took me a moment to focus on the reflection.

Because of how the posters had been hung, I could clearly see Mark from his shoulders down in the dark section while his head was vaguely visible through the busier colored section. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet dangling about a foot off the floor looking half asleep. He stretched backwards slightly and then relaxed again still sitting in one of those oh-so familiar sleepy stupors.

Because of the first weeks busy activities, our comings and goings were such that we had yet to see each other changing clothes or showering or doing the normal roommate things. Mark was wearing only a pair of cotton camouflage running shorts one of his brothers gave him. They look like short boxers without the opening. What caught my eye initially was the happy trail running down his lower stomach. Even more startling was the fact that he had a rather sizeable morning wood and it was pointing up and slightly off center stretching the material of his shorts. He seemed totally oblivious to it.

Mark stretched again this time arching his back and rubbing his eyes. The action caused his happy trail to extend and his dick to recede down between his legs momentarily and then reappear as he relaxed. He then slowly slid off the high bed, an act which, when leaning back, caused his boner to jut out momentarily fully exposed. It pointed over his left hip straining even further to escape the confines of his shorts. The image became indelibly printed on my brain....and caused me to experience a totally unexpected surge in my own crotch giving me an instantaneous hard on!!

Still in the reflection, Mark sleepily walked around to the wardrobe against the wall at the foot of his bed and began rustling through some drawers. He pulled out a towel, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and then proceeded to drop his drawers. I wanted so bad to roll over and look because he was now standing there naked with his hardon sticking up at an angle. I figured it was about 6-7' jutting out of a thick bush of hair. He grabbed it for a second, pushed it straight down as though stretching it and then grabbed the towel to wrap around himself. He had to scoop his hardon up in the overlap to hide it and then took off to the shower room, leaving me breathless and flustered in my own thoughts as to why I found it so erotic. I contemplated it for 20mins or so until he came back. I had barely moved so I still had a clear view in the reflection.

Mark removed the towel and began drying his hair. His dick, no longer hard, swayed and jiggled with his body movements. He had foreskin! I knew some guys were uncut but I'd never really seen one up close. The hardon I had and lost came back with a vengeance at the sight. Mark, still oblivious to me, slipped on his t-shirt, combed his hair and then slipped on his jeans (going commando to boot!) and flips, grabbed his backpack and was out the door leaving me once again on my own.

I couldn't help myself...savoring the memory of what I'd seen, and not wanting to move but so horny after seeing that, I just buried my face in the bed and started humping away until I dumped the biggest load of cum I think I've ever have right into my underwear. It was great. I'd been laying there for five minutes or so basking in the afterglow, enjoying the sogginess in my shorts around my dick when I heard someone running up the dorm hallway. Suddenly the door burst open and Mark ran in. I was still face down in bed though the sheets were down to my waist. Startled, I turned sideways to see what was going on. 'Sorry, I forgot my keys!' Picking them up, he turned, snorted and looked my way saying 'Jeez, it smells like cum in here' and was out the door like a shot leaving me absolutely mortified. Even I could smell it.

Nothing was said later. We both had studies and did so late into the night (who said college was easy?). On some nights I'd hit the sack first and would be out the door in the morning before he got up. On other days, it was the opposite but on those mornings; I found myself awaking just before he did so I could watch in the reflection. It was always the same routine with Mark. He'd stir, sit up on the edge of the bed for a couple of minutes, his hardon always present and accounted for, he'd stretch, he'd go to the showers and return, dress commando again and would be gone. I learned after the first time to be more discrete when dropping my load.

Then one Friday morning, Mark didn't get up. I awoke and was sitting on the edge of my bed with the covers bunched over my own morning wood trying to figure out how I was going to get around without Mark seeing it. Mark, face down, suddenly awoke and looked at his clock. With an 'Oh shit!', he rolled over, threw the covers back and slid out of bed right in front of me as though I wasn't even there. As ever, his morning hard was straining at his shorts. Funny thing though, he made no effort to hide it. He ran to the wardrobe, stripping off his shorts and with his hard dick bouncing all over the place, slid on his t-shirt and jeans. It was almost comical when he grabbed his dick and crammed it into his jeans, buttoned up, and was out the door without so much as a good morning.

I sat there for a second or two after the door closed and then fell back on the bed and staring at the ceiling, my legs hanging down on each side of the corner of the bed. I was still laying there, absentmindedly stroking my sheet encased dick, when Mark came busting through the door again to retrieve a book. 'Whoa! Sorry guy!', and ran out the door again. Crap! Crap! Crap! Caught twice!

Again, nothing was said. A couple of days later late at night we had been studying and I had to go to the bathroom so I headed down the hall. The dorm bathroom was design like one you'd see at an airport, a zig zag entry way with no door. The group showers were just beyond the wall of sinks. The stalls and wall urinals were on the left on the other side of the sink wall. At first I was disconcerted about the group showers set up but eventually grew to enjoy the views. It was pretty interesting what you'd see there, particularly in the mornings as guys were just starting their days. Guys would be lined up along the sinks in towels or underwear shaving. One guy always shaved with nothing on. It always made for a interesting profile shot if he happened to be on the end sink. I saw a lot of half hards in there and a couple that couldn't control themselves and ended up with full hards much to the delight of some of the guys who ribbed them mercilessly.

Anyway, I walked in and found it quiet, or so I thought. I walked around to the urinals and was quietly letting nature take its course when I could hear coming from two different stalls far apart the distinct sounds of someone enjoying themselves. It was obvious from the rasping breath one of them was close. I finished up and put my hardening dick away and stood there quietly until I could hear very quiet grunting and then the sounds of cleaning up. I got out of there fast and ran down the hall and paused long enough to see a guy name Max come out and head to his room. A minute later another one came out. I'd seen him around but didn't know his name.

I went back in the room and told Mark what I'd heard and trying to make a joke of it. I was surprised by his response. Instead of responding like I thought he would, without even looking up from his books he just said 'Hmmm...., must not have reached an accommodation with their roomies'. 'What do you mean?' Again, without looking up from his reading, he responded 'you know...' and gave the internationally recognized hand signal for jerking off. I was a bit flustered as I've never talked about it with anyone before and it was bad enough he'd caught me twice so I just sat back at my desk without saying a word and buried myself in my books.

Then Saturday morning a week later, I woke up and sat up leaning back in bed contemplating what I was going to do for the day. Mark moved and yawned again, and then as was his morning habit, sat up, did that same stretching as always. He sat there for a minute, slid off the bed again, once again affording me the view of his boner, walked around to his closet, just as he did every morning, dropped his drawers, rummaged around in his closet, all the while his boner bouncing around, only this time I was sitting there looking right at him instead of the via the reflection. His dick was about 6-7 inches with foreskin and it point up about 45degrees. His balls were good size and hung low. He slid on his t-shirt total oblivious to the fact that I was sitting right there looking at him.

I was getting hard immediately and raised my knees up and sat forward so the tenting sheets would hide my own hardon. To cover up the obvious, I leaned forward, not being able to resist any longer and said 'dude, doesn't it bother you that I'm sitting right here looking at you?'. He looked at me for a moment, then pulled out a pair of shorts and slid them on commando, again grabbing his hard and tucking it in. He said 'I'll be right back' and went off to the bathroom. When he came back, he jumped up on his bed, smacked his hands on this thighs and said 'Let's talk!'. I had no idea what to expect but to this day I remember all of it, word for word!

He said 'I have 5 older brothers. My parents hoped for at least some girls but, when the sixth boy, me, was born they stopped trying. My dad, knowing six boys would be a handful and probably to spare my mother the onslaught, built a huge single room addition to the house with its own laundry room, bathroom and shower room. He moved all us boys in there and that became the 'boys' wing'. My mother taught my older brothers how to properly use the washer and dryer and with her oversight, it became their responsibility, their obligation to pass the knowledge down to the rest of us. It became 'our' responsibility to keep the room, our clothes, and ourselves' clean.'

'Likewise my dad sat down with my oldest brothers Dan and Joe when they were 11-12 years old and gave them the 'birds and the bees' speech much to their embarrassment. When Joe started to balk at the speech, especially in front of his younger brother, my father cuffed him upside the head and told him that he, Joe, had better pay attention because it was going to be their responsibility for educating their younger brothers on the facts of life and that they'd better learn it and teach it right. Joe told us years later in one of the many late night lights-out conversations we brothers would have over the years, that he just shut up and listened.'

Mark continued; 'Apparently my dad, from his years in the service, knew something about boys and men and life in general, and took painstaking measures to impress upon my brothers, and later the rest of us individually, that he loved his sons, that he wanted them to grow up to be proud of who and what they were, that he didn't want any brother to denigrate the other because of what they might turn out to be, that it was going to be Joes' and his brothers job to make sure that each brother was accepted regardless of how they turned out. Apparently Joe took it to heart because he passed the story down to each of us when the time was right.'

And then almost as a challenge to me Mark looked right at me in the eye and said 'Since I was probably a year and half old, my brothers and I shared the same space day in and day out. We laughed together; cried together; fought each other; played together; we love each other unconditionally. And living that close together, in that kind of environment, inevitably in all of that time, there isn't anything I haven't seen, or heard, .....or done.....with my brothers.' He paused looking at me. For some reason I knew the pause was significant.

'You learn to accommodate. From my earliest recollections, I've seen them all naked, I've seen them all with hardons, I've seen them jerking off in bed, on the toilet, in the shower room and in a few other places, most times alone, may times with one or more of the others. There were even circle jerks and when I got old enough to understand, I became part of it. Looking back, I find nothing out of the ordinary about the experience. It was normal. I don't know any different. Being in a college dorm is no different than that'

'So...., to answer your question, no, it doesn't bother me to be seen. I'm used to it. I hope it doesn't bother you.' He just sat there looking at me waiting for a response. I was still trying to take it all in. I wasn't expecting such a blunt, open portrayal of his life. I just looked at him.

He jumped off the bed crossed his arms and stood there looking at me. Finally he said, 'And since you brought it up, let's talk about 'accommodations''. ME?? I hadn't said a word yet but it was obvious he was on a roll. 'You'll probably find this awkward, but let's talk about the 1000lb elephant in the room.' I must have looked confused because he got this scornful look on his face, raised his hand and said 'You know....', again giving the internationally recognized hand gesture. I blushed slightly.

'We might as well talk about it because you and I live in tight quarters. Hell, your bed is less than three feet from mine which makes it tough. I don't know about you but I for one don't particularly want to slink off down the hallway to deal with it. I haven't had to in the past and I'm not about to start now. So, let's face facts. All guys do it, and if they say they don't, they're lying. I do it, sometimes a couple of times a day.' That was news to me! 'And...', he paused for effect, 'I know you do it, I could smell it.'

I blushed a deep crimson at that comment but found my hardon returning under the sheets. He went on 'I'm not ashamed to admit it. So let's hear you say it. How often do you do it?'. I was completely thrown off by the question. Not only would I have to acknowledge I did it but how often too. Still, the direction of the conversation was getting interesting and my dick was starting to think for me. I said 'At least once a day, sometimes....three...or four'. He wasn't expecting that. He laughed out loud. 'Three or four!? You are a horn dawg!' I couldn't help but laugh as I knew he wasn't being mean.

He paused for a moment and then asked with a straight face 'You hard now?'. I stopped laughing and started sputtering my denial. 'Liar!' and before I knew what was happening, he had grabbed the sheet and yanked on it. It was gone off the bed before I could react leaving me completely exposed in my underwear. It's funny what happens under stress like that sometimes. You'd think I would have dived for cover but since there wasn't any, since the damage was done and my covered hardon was exposed, I instantly became calm and just sat there not moving. I looked down slowly and was a bit annoyed that I was showing a big wet spot where my dickhead was but still did not make any move to cover up.

Mark just looked at me smiling, taking it all in before stepping back and in one fluid movement, dropped his shorts and stood there naked. 'See, it's not so bad'. His soft dick was fully exposed. It was about 3 inches with ample foreskin, and his balls hung low. My dick on the other hand got even harder as I stared at him. I couldn't believe he could be so gutsy and so at ease with it! As I stared, his dick, untouched, slowly started to rise.

We just stared at each other until his dick was fully hard and his foreskin rolled back just slightly to show his piss hold. He quietly said 'Now your turn'. I looked at him for a sec and then slid off the bed, turned towards him, pausing for a moment and then slid my shorts off. Straightening up, he took in my dick. Mine was cut, a bit shorter than his and perhaps a bit fatter. It stood there bobbing up and down with my heartbeat as did his.

He kept smiling and said, 'See? Easy as pie'. He stepped forward to within a foot of me and said 'Touch it'. My dick was thinking for me so I slowly reached out and put my hand around the first hard dick other than my own. It felt great. It was hard as rock, yet soft, a truly generous handful. Without thinking I pushed my hand back into his bush causing his foreskin to retract and expose the full head of his dick. Then I pulled back on it watching the skin roll over and extend about an inch or so past the tip of his dick.

I slid it back and fourth a several times in fascination. Mark closed his eyes quivering at the touch. 'Ohhh.... It's always better when someone else does it'. With that he looked down and ran his fingers along my dick a couple of times and then tickled and cupped my balls. I was leaking precum like a faucet. He dipped his thumb in it and ran it around my dick head. It was awesome! He turned leaning back against his bed and took his dick in hand and started slow methodical stroking. I did the same against my bed never taking my eyes off his action. Our dicks were only about six inches apart as we stroked.

After a minute or two, Mark reached over and took my dick in his hand and pulled me towards him until my dick head was against his. He then stroked his dick forward until his ample foreskin rolled completely over the head of my dick. I couldn't help but gasp, it was an incredible feeling. When he maximized his foreskin over my dick, he clamped his hand over both of them and slowly started short stroking. After a couple of strokes it proved to be too much for me!! I started coming in buckets. He squeezed his hand tighter keeping his foreskin lodged behind the ridge of my dick head. Cum started squirting out around the loose openings into his hand.

Keeping his foreskin clamped on my dick, he kept moving his fist almost imperceptibly and then looked at me and said 'My turn.' He dropped his forehead onto my shoulder as his orgasm took over. I instinctively put my arms around his shoulders and dropped my head down to this shoulder. I could feel him trembling while he was grunting and gasping. His cum was a degree or two warmer as I could feel pulse after pulse of it spurting across my dick head still enclosed in his foreskin. It was such an unexpected experience and so hot that I found myself coming again. 'Keep holding it!' I said as I proceeded to dump another load into his clamped hand.

We stayed like that for another minute or so as we came back to reality. After a moment, Mark slowly stroked our softening dicks until my dick fell out of his foreskin, forced out by the head of his dick. We both looked down as he opened his hand and exhibited three loads worth of come in his palm. Both our dicks were a sticky mess. He held up his hand for me to see. He dipped his finger into the goo and then brought it to his mouth and licked it off. He then dipped it again and held it out for me saying 'Brothers'. I looked at him and leaned forward and took his finger into my mouth, tasting cum for the first time ever, and then leaned back and said 'Brothers!'. We wiped down, grabbed our towels and went off to the showers where both of us managed to get off one more load. Fortunately no one came in.

After that first experience, we settled into a fun life during college. We had many, many similar events. I grew to be comfortable enough with him that we no longer had secrets. I even stopped wearing underwear to bed and stopped worrying about getting out of bed with a morning hardon. We continued to jerk off daily, though it wasn't always together. In fact, the majority of the times, it was solo though no longer hidden.

It was nothing for one or both of us to jerk in bed at night or in the morning or at odd hours. I can't tell you how many times one or the other of us would walk in on the other in the process of either stroking, cumming, or cleaning up afterwards. Nothing was said, it was just what it was. Sometimes we pause long enough to watch the other guy go for it, not joining in, but just watching, sometimes maybe helping, a tickle of the balls, or a rubbing of the butt, all without reciprocation.

It was nothing for one of us take a break from homework and climb into bed for a quick stroke while the other would continue with homework. One day, so deep into my homework, at his request for help, I stood beside Mark on one of his jerk breaks rubbing his anus with one hand while holding a book in the other reading. In hindsight, it was comically ludicrous.

The dorm shower room afforded endless opportunities to connect up with other guys for a quick toss in the shower or later in our room. Sometimes it was one guy, some times several. Somehow Mark's inhibitions and self confidence always made others feel comfortable enough to follow their instincts and not feel guilty about what they were experiencing. Guys knew there was a safe and harmless haven to let off steam. There were times when his brothers would come to visit and those always proved to be fun.

Mark somehow managed to keep us in the same dorm room for the entire four years though I was never sure how he was able to do that or what further strings he was able to pull. I knew it was wholly unusual but I decided it was probably better not to ask. He did have a gift for getting things and I wasn't going to spoil it. I also found out later that after I approached him about sharing the room, he did his own asking around about me. Turns out he and my first time jerk off buddy Brett from years before knew each other and had their own fun. Brett told him about our experience and that apparently sealed the deal for Mark.

After college we both eventually got married. We never lost touch. I have three sons. He has three daughters and a son. I never forgot Mark's story about his dad and his brothers and after all of the fun we had in the four years together at college, I made sure my sons understood it was OK to be who and what they were comfortable being and that there was nothing wrong with having fun with their buddies if opportunities presented themselves. I know at least one of my boys acted on it as I inadvertently walked in on him and a buddy going at it. I just winked and said 'enjoy yourselves' and walked back out again. Later I talked to him about it to make sure he was not ashamed. It's going to make for an interesting day if he ever finds the Solo Touch site and reads this story. If he's smart, he'll not fail to make the connection.

Don't let others dictate what's right and wrong for you. Masturbation with friends isn't going to change who you really are! I had tons of masturbatory fun with both straight and gay guys. Other than affording me an open mind, it didn't change my basic sexual preference! Enjoy it!



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