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Don't Break It!

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Don't Break It!
I've been a very frequent masturbater since I was about 11 (30+ years). For a period of time I felt all the guilt one can feel while I was involved with an evangelistic church; then, because I finally came to realize my mental health was way more important than pleasing some "entity," I just accepted myself and learned to fully enjoy it. However, my little story involves a warning. Careful with that thing, guys (and gals)...it CAN BE BROKEN!
During a particularly pleasurable evening (a little over 2 years ago), while enjoying one of my favorite mental images (I won't say what), I had the bright idea I could squeeze that sucka at the point of ejaculation so hard that, though it might not release the juices, at least it would be one helluva a good sensation. Well, to my horror, something went "pop." I thought, "Oh, boy. I don't exactly know what I've done, but I'm sure it wasn't good. I'll have to see what happens." The next day I discovered what it was. Horror of horrors! I now had a bend at that point (about 15 degrees) and some 3-4 little "nodules"; bumps, inside actually, which kinda scared me. "I'm gonna need surgery," is all I could think. Maybe John Wayne Bobbitt's doctor can fix it up. Maybe any urologist can do the job.
Well, after checking it out again in the next few days, I was pretty worried...and rightly so. I finally got to a couple of urologists who said, "Yep, peyronies. A condition with hardly anything to be called a cure. We can do some surgery allright. But most who've had it regret having done so. I'm afraid it's something you'll have to live with." "I don't want to live with it!," I pleaded. They could only suggest I try getting on the web to find other sufferers and keep up with what's happening with a few promising treatments, namely megadoses of vitamin E, "verapamil" and/or "potaba." It prompted me (last year) to buy a computer, my first. I found a good site with just about anything one could want to know about this condition. http://www.angelfire.com/nt/rubent2/ From what I've been able to read about it, it seems there are a few different ways to get the condition. Obviously, the trauma I inflicted on my member is one way.
The poor thing ain't been the same since, though it is functional. I'm convinced the ejaculate, because of the force with which it normally attempts to come out, nearly, or actually, broke through the urethra and into the surrounding tissue. It still hurts pretty damn bad to get a full erection; and, at the point I did my stupid little trick, it's about 25% less in diameter (from that point to the head). It would be a serious mistake to think I am suggesting that masturbating can cause peyronies, it doesn't. However, what I did has given me a condition which the urologists are calling "peyronies."
Enjoy your self-sexual sessions. Nothing should come between you and that...HOWEVER, BE CAREFUL with that thing! Not too hard! IT CAN BE BROKEN!
Thanks for reading.



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