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Doing Two Things - Overnight Surprise

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Pretty much the first experience with MM. I have a gf and we're sexually active, but this new domain is equally fascinating.


Table of contents: 1-3 paragraphs for intro, fourth for the setting, fifth for action. I promise you, this is worth the read.

This happened on January 1, 2013. I knew that my college buddy didn't like guests on the house and absolutely hated noise, and people were partying because it was a new year. I extended a helping hand to him and invited him to spend the night over at my house, since we live near the mountains and it's pretty much the perfect place for people who want to have peace of mind. We're pretty much the same height, 5'7" and I'm of average built and he's a little above average, some toned muscles since he's a swimmer. Safe to say, since this is an anonymous story, that we're both good looking (probably a 9 depending on which fabulous person you ask lol). It wasn't his first time coming over, he's been spending the night in our house for a couple of years now since we became friends during college and we only played console and desktop games, talked about girls and other stuff but that was it.

This time was different. He arrived at my house at six in the evening, it was already pretty dark out and we're both hungry. We ate supper and went to my room to start playing games. Just the usual MMO/RTS games. After hours of playing we realized that it was already 11 in the evening and it was time to rest our eyes. He showered and I followed after his turn. I laid the sofa bed just beside my bed for him to sleep on and we went on our own business. I turned off the light and we began to talk about stuff, mostly about science and philosophy and whatnot. I was already feeling sleepy so I just listened to him talk. Then I think I drifted to sleep for some time, not sure how many minutes or hours, but when I woke up I couldn't go back to sleep again.

I asked him, "Are you still up?" and he was.

And apparently I was out for almost an hour according to him. So I grabbed my phone from under my bed and unlocked it, and I don't really know why I did it but I pointed the screen to him just to see him. I saw his blanket slowly rising, then slowly falling, and he was laughing.

"Duuuuude, what the heck?" I laughed at him and he said, "couldn't help it, relatives were staying at our house and cousins were staying with me on my room," and added that doing it while showering wasn't good because it was damn cold.

So I just let him do his stuff and tried to go back to sleep, but I had a rising hard-on. He asked me, "Are you getting hard?" and laughed, just the usual teasing that men do.

"No, why would I?" I lied, and I didn't want to get exposed so I tried my hardest to shrink it down to a dormant stage. "I bet I can make you hard," he challenged me. We've seen each other naked a couple of times during physical fitness class on the showers along with other dozen individuals so we already know the view, and that people were always teasing each other, calling each other "gay" in a light way that was meant to be funny instead of demeaning. I don't know if he was serious about the challenge but he was surprised with my answer because he suddenly asked me if it was really okay. And I was shocked, so I said yes just for giggles. haha I thought he would only masturbate in front of me, since he turned the bed lamp on, try to make me hard by watching.

What he did was he sat next to me while I was lying and fondled my nether regions atop my shorts and briefs. I was shocked and didn't get erect because of it, and he was rather disappointed. I wasn't, because he pulled my shorts and underwear down and began to fondle my still flaccid dick. That felt good and I pretty much got hard, and I was blushing because another man was touching and looking at mine. Then he got off and went back to his bed. We laughed and I said I lost to his challenge. By that time I was already in the mood to masturbate so I asked him if we should continue, and we did while watching each other, constantly laughing because of how stupid everything looked like, whilst being totally hot.

In my mind I was considering asking him to come back on my bed and wank each other off, but I made a spontaneous decision and jumped down right next to him. I guess he got the cue and hovered his hand over my now widely erect penis (6.5") and I nodded. I reached for him too (not sure about the size but we're pretty much the same, except for his larger girth). We began to wank each other off and it felt weird and felt very nice at the same time. He then asked me about the stuffs I've been doing with my girlfriend, and without telling too much I just said a few stuff like petting and oral sex.

He then asked me, "you've got your dick sucked already, aren't you curious about how it feels like if you do it ?" or something along those lines and I answered in truthfully that I have actually thought of that multiple times because my gf looked like she was enjoying every bit of it. He told me that I could try blowing him, but I laughed it off and pumped his dick harder he winced. So we continued on wanking each other, once in a while telling each other to stop because we were about to come. His penis was covered with precum, which I was envious of because of how much natural lube he has. We kept on wanking each other and we stopped just about when we are to come.

 He then asked me after some minutes, "will you blow me if I blow you? I just want to know the feeling." He sounded joking, like he used to, he had two previous girlfriends but both didn't come to sexual stuff when he was 16 and 19 (yeah, we were late bloomers lol). I said, "suck it!" as a pun to tell him not to, or keep his thoughts to himself, because I have a gf and it kinda felt wrong to go there as well. But he took that differently and he suddenly sat himself and I just suddenly felt this warm sensation around my dick, already covered halfway, moist and soft and warm. I knew he was already there, it was like a 2-second instance. I tried pushing him away but when I did I felt his tongue lather my dick from the middle to the tip, and just about I was to fully push him away I pulled him back, and pushed him again, and pulled him back.

I was enjoying it. Truthfully, he was better than my gf. lol, I guess men know how to pleasure men better. He was blowing me for minutes and it was intense, I had to keep my voice down or my younger brother on the next room would hear us. So, he went up and down, and I felt his saliva trickling down my balls. Up and down, and I heard him slurping his own saliva. Up and down and he entwined his tongue on the ridges of my head. Up and down and I moaned softly, covering it as best as I could. I reached for my tissue box because I felt like I was about to come. I told him to pull out when I tap him twice and he mumbled, "mm mm". So he went again, up and down I felt his warm tongue and cheeks wrapping my dick. Damn hot, really. And I felt my dick clench tight and I knew I was about to come. I tapped him twice, tapped him for the third time while still holding it in, tapped him for the fourth time and still holding it in, tapped him for the fifth and sixth and seventh and I don't know how many times until I blew my load in his mouth.

I was like, "hahhhhhhhhhhhh," that felt extremely good. He the spit it all out on some tissue. Then I laughed at him and said, "You're now my bitch" hahaha. He said his back hurt a little and he thinks he'll sleep soon, maybe he felt a little nauseous because of my load. I told him, "Okay, I'll just return the favor later haha" and we laughed, telling each other, "no homo" since apparently it's only gay if "your balls don't touch" but we know better and it was a totally gay experience. hahaha So he was already asleep while I was lying on my bed thinking about what just happened. It was already some minutes passed and I was hard again. I heard him snore and that was it, he was really asleep.

I had a fun thought, and I acted on it on impulse again. I jumped on him and pulled his shorts down, he wasn't wearing undies, and he was like, "Woah you scared me!" and I just put his whole limp dick inside my mouth. I felt it grow inside my mouth until I can no longer contain it, just about 3/4th in (he managed to swallow my whole dick twice I think). The feeling was awesome. I felt his very hard dick in my mouth, his salty precum, the smooth head of his penis, and soft skin. I slowly slid my head downwards, then up, and he was moaning quite loudly! I slapped him with a pillow to muffle the sound and I continued on blowing him. It was a new and nice sensation for my mouth, and I can't believe I enjoyed that. I played him with my tongue while I was sliding my mouth up and down his dick. Him constantly flowing with precum. I did that for just a few minutes and my rash decision to do that was my mistake. He suddenly blew his load in my mouth and I was struck there about to gag. haha, but after so, I just spit it out and slapped him on the balls, "What the heck, you should've told me!!" and he said it was his plan to blow in me, to be fair. Huh, I enjoyed it and it was fair okay. We went to sleep, and at around 7 in the morning we were doing it again. hahaha



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