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Doing Troy's Mum

Posted by: Author: Age: 20 Posted on: 6 comments
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I did something last week and I continue to have mixed feelings about what I did. Here's what happened. My boyfriend Troy and I are both twenty and will probably wind up getting married in a few years. Troy's mom is a terrific woman who has been divorced for the past two years. He told me that she has not had a sexual relationship with any man since the divorce. Arlene is a very attractive woman and sometimes I think she is looking for the perfect man. Last week we were talking about her situation and Troy said he had something serious to ask of me. He then asked me if I would consider masturbating his mom. At first I was shocked and speechless. Troy could see my reaction and told me to seriously think about it before giving him an answer. I just nodded my head. Troy said she is very sexually frustrated. I did think about it while lying in my bed that night. The next day I told Troy I would do it. I could see that he was extremely pleased and that made me quite happy. That night Arlene asked me if I were certain that I wanted to do this to her. I told her I was certain. She then led me to her room and removed all of her clothes. She has a terrific figure and I was a bit envious. Arlene then strongly suggested I remove my clothes. I didn't know why I should do that because I was only planning to masturbate her. A bit reluctantly I removed my clothes. I'm proud of my body so I wasn't embarrassed about her seeing me naked. I took my time by first playing with her beautiful tits and sucking the nipples. She asked me to kiss her and we started to tongue kiss. I was never sexually involved with a woman and this was all new to me. I was also realizing rather quickly that I was enjoying this. I then started kissing her body and I moved down slowly to the inside of her thighs. Arlene appeared to really enjoy having me kiss and licking her thighs and little by little I got closer and closer to her bald pussy. I reached it and began to kiss the outer lips which were extremely fleshy and thick. I smelled a faint aroma of cologne. I told Arlene to raise and spread her legs. As soon as they were open she said, "please lick it." I pulled the skin away from her clit and began to lick it. Arlene moaned quietly. After a while she asked me to fuck her. I stopped licking and inserted three fingers up her very moist hole. As I pumped in and out I started rubbing her clit with my other hand. It didn't take very long for her to achieve an orgasm. I'm sure that Troy could hear her noises as she came. Arlene asked me to put two fingers up the other hole but I told her I couldn't because of my long nails. Arlene then told me to get on my back. I had not anticipated this because I thought I was just going to masturbate Arlene and that would be the end. But, I was so excited and so aroused that I happily got on my back while anticipating the feel of her hands and her mouth on my body. I definitely wasn't disappointed. Arlene did everything to me that I did to her and more. She actually touched my anus with the tip of her tongue which nearly sent me through the roof. I totally loved this first experience and my orgasm was intense. I don't know what I'm going to do next. I had no idea that this experience would affect me the way it did. I now want to experience another session with Arlene and maybe even another woman. I don't know what to tell Troy or how he will react. He wanted to know what took so long with me and his mom. I told him I masturbated her real slow. I had to tell someone what I did and I told my older sister. She told me about this site or you would have never heard my story. She also suggested that I immediately forget about Troy's mom or there will never be a wedding. I don't want to forget about her, it felt oh so good!! My sister also said that I should never have done what I did with his mom.



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