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Doing It Outside

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This just happened ten minutes ago.


Its late, about 3:00 in the morning, and I just got in from having a massive orgasm. I got home about twelve thirty and after dad went to bed I decided to jack off outside. I've written about it on here before and do it often, because it's so fun to cum outside.

So I got my lotion in my hand, went out back to the side of the house and unzipped my shorts. I pulled out my cock and started stroking. After about two minutes I got more into it, so decided to lose my shorts and boxers. I slid my cock out of the doggy door and let them fall to my ankles, before stepping out of them. A little later I took off my shirt. This is when I usually orgasm, when I'm completely naked outside with the cool breeze on my whole body. This time though, as I got close to peaking to orgasm I heard a giggle and froze.

I stood there frozen before diving back to the shadow of the house. The neighbours have a yard light that shines into the backyard. I crouched there naked with lotion on my hand and dick still listening. Then I heard Mary (yes fake name) that lives across the ally. She yelled, 'Yes we've got you red-handed John!' Then I heard another giggle, so now I'm embarrassed, scared and can't move.

Then I saw Mary and her friend, who later turned out to be pretty good looking and closer to my age. They poked their heads over the fence and told me to open the gate. I stuttered, said okay, grabbed my boxers and started to put them on. Then I heard Mary say, 'Don't bother, we've seen you this whole time and I've seen u before tonight.' So I dropped the boxers and walked to the gate naked, before opening it. They both came in the backyard grinning from ear to ear and I hurried back to the shadow. They then asked me why I was so scared and told me they wanted to join you.'

So I came into the light and they each got a good close up look. This was starting to arouse me again, since my woody was long gone from when I got scared. When I was about half erect Mary and Jane said it would only be fair if they got naked too. I smiled as they each took off their shirt and shorts. As it turned out, that was all they were wearing!!!! Jane said, 'We do this a lot too on sleepovers.'

Mary was 15 and was pretty well developed. She had a good handful of breasts, a small tummy, nicely trimmed pubes and a good mound. I could see her swollen lips and that she was pretty wet too. Jane was cleanly shaven and had slightly bigger breasts with large nipples. She was also pretty skinny.

Once they were naked they grabbed two lawn chairs on the porch and set them side-by-side. Then they sat down and started to play with their clits. I sat in the grass between them. I was facing them and started to jack off again. Seeing them masterbate really turned me on, but I had to quit, just playing with my balls and head. If I hadn't I would have cum and I wanted this to last.

After a while all my lotion rubbed in and I couldn't get good strokes anymore, so I got up to get more lotion. Mary told me just to stand in front of her. She then made my cock good and wet, before telling me to resume jacking. So I sat down again and started stroking my now slobbery cock. I came in about 10 seconds and shot seven spurts all over myself.

Then I laid there in ecstasy while Jane and Mary moaned. Finally, when they were cummed out, they each said thanks for the show, got dressed and left. I came in, carrying my clothes and sat down here to type this story. Now I'm hard again, pre-cum is dripping down my cock, so I'm gonna jack off right here and then go to bed. Thanks for reading.



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