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Doing It Now May Solve the Dilemma

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Anothers method may help my dilemma.


Reading 'doing it now' has given me an idea which will push me to stroking my cock in view of a stranger. (refer to my dilemma question)

So I will stroke, edge and type and try to keep a record of what I am feeling and my thoughts as it is happening.

I am sitting here slowly playing with my cock in the apartment that I am staying in. It is 3pm and I am trying to decide what will I do to push the envelope, I am using a really slippery silicone lube which makes my cock glisten and this is feeling so good.

I just thought of going down to the gym/sauna as I know some women work out there. I will just head down and turn the sauna on and come back here and stroke for a while while it warms up, back in a minute.

I am back but I must move fast now, I checked the sauna and no one is in it and there is a good looking asian chick working out in the gym area so I am stroking one handed and typing at the same time, my heart is pounding with suspense, and I am slipping on a chrome cock and ball ring.

A bit of background before I head down there, the sauna has a door which faces the gym area and I noticed that when you sit on the upper bench in the sauna, and look out, you can see people using the equipment in the reflection of the large wall mirrors. Obviously with the light on in the sauna if they look the right way they can see in.

Wish me luck, I am heading there now with a hard-on in my shorts and some lube in my pocket, a towel is necessary to cover my bulge while I go to the lift, my heart is really going now and my lips are dry, and fuck it I am going to walk down there just in my shorts with my bulge on display for any women to see, I will let you know what transpires.

I am back in my room again and I wish I had one of those dictation machines that would type this out as it happened, but here goes.

I am walking down the hall, my cock bursting to get out of my shorts shitting myself but excited at the same time. I hop in the lift and as some have cameras I strategically cover my bulge with my folded towel. The door opens and I am here, my first time publicly stroking is near. I walk past the gym to see a cute arse in tights straining as the chick it belongs to has herself pulled up in a ball with her arms wrapped around the back of her knees and her chin buried in her chest, doing some stretches.

This is too good to be true but I assure you it is.

Although she didn't see me walk in, I don't stare for too long, but long enough to implant the image of her tight pussy mound firmly in my head. She is damp all over from her work out and I may have missed my chance to see much more of her.

I drop my towel down as I walk into the sauna giving my cock I rub as I turn and face where she is lying as I close the sauna door.

I am now at the stage of excitement where you no longer think rationally, your cock is just waiting for release. I sit on the high bench opposite the window, pull the leg of my baggy shorts up, get my cock out, squirt some lube in my hand and start stroking again enjoying the sensations.

I am trying to make this last, trying to gather my thoughts so that I can relay them to you, this is such a buzz, I move so I can see her in the mirror and while she can see me if she looks up, the angle she is on probably won't allow her to see me below the waist but I continue nice long strokes with my eyes starting to close slightly with the enjoyment I am feeling.

Through half closed eyes I see her stand up and head over to the running machine, she has a top body and she starts on the machine at a fairly fast rate and as the pace intensifies for both her and I she starts a moan type sound every third or fourth pace like some of the female tennis players.

I am beyond caring now as I drop my shorts completely and start long, full, firm strokes of my cock and looking across at the mirror at her reflection to see if she looks over towards the sauna window, but I no longer care if I get busted, she seems to be concentrating on her running with only occasional looks in my direction.

I just go for it, stroking faster and trying to match my moans with hers, her moans are so unexpected, here I am in public almost, steaming hot, audio and visual stimulation saturating my senses and it takes me over the edge, as I shoot long streams of cum with me shuddering and shaking like I have never done before, breathless and exhausted I have no recollection of what I was looking at for the last few seconds, but as I focus I see her still pounding away and moaning those cute sighs, occasionally looking my way in the mirror but I don't know if she sussed what I was doing. I start to clean up my mess and I hear her start to slow down and do her cool down.

I make myself as presentable as possible and head out to the gym area to get a drink and a look at this babe upright but then a little fear starts to set in as I slowly realise the risks I have taken.

I nervously nod my head and say hello, and as I lean down to take a drink from the fountain, she says 'it must be pretty hot in that sauna.' 'your right there,' I reply, not knowing if she saw anything or it was just my imagination. She then appologised for being so loud when she runs and disturbing my relax time. I responded with 'you didn't worry me in the slightest, bye for now' (if only she knew) 'See you again,' she said as I left still not knowing what she did or didn't see but feeling very satisfied.

As I calm down and finish this story I am starting to get hard from the buzz (who needs drugs) of what just occurred and wonder if I could be brave enough to leave my curtains open slightly to give the neighbors a show some other night. What do you think?



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