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Doing It Every Day

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Doing it Every Day
Hey girls. I am 18 years old and absolutely love to masturbate. When I was a little girl I used to play doctor with my friends and we'd wind up humping each other. I used to touch my throbbing vagina but did not know anything about orgasms. I remember my first orgasm. I was about 10. I was listening to sex problems on the radio and was sitting on my floor. I started to rub my clit and hump it. I pretended a hot guy was doing it and i started to get higher and higher until i just let go of all everything and orgasmed. I had no idea what i just did but i loved it. I found out later what it was. Since that day I've masturbated every single day at least once. I do it in bed before I go to bed mostly.
I went to sleep away camp for 9 years and every single night I would masturbate quietly in my bed. It got me even hotter that the next person was an arm length away. I still always do it quietly at sleepovers. When i was in 8th grade i sat in the back seat in science and there was a lab table in front of my desk. I used to masturbate in the back of class while the teacher was teaching. Nobody ever noticed....I think. I always do it in the bathroom at school. I have a Shakespeare class and every time a sex scene comes on I have to go to the bathroom and touch myself till i come.
Here's how I masturbate: I can have little orgasms or big orgasms. I always pretend that someone else is touching me. I'll lay in bed and pretend that my finger is a guys tongue. I'll lay there spread eagle and wiggle my finger on my clit and actually believe its a tongue. I start humping it slowly and get faster and faster till i come. I also like to stick any type of penis sized object in my vagina and pretend its a guys dick that I'm fucking. That's one of the guys. Then with my finger I'll start rubbing my clit pretending there's a second guy or girl doing that. I hear them say things like "come on baby," "Come for me." I even have fantasies that they are using me for their own pleasure and they are calling me a slut and a whore. I get off on that. I sometimes pretend they are doctors sometimes doing experiments on me.
I never had a vibrator, i really like my hands but I'll try that. I love to orgasms to a real guys dick, tongue and finger. Im up for trying a girl. I sometimes fantasize a girls tongue inside me. One day i would really like a girl to eat me out.
Well, thanks for listening to me and keep touching yourselves. It's no crime and you know your body better than anyone :)



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