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Doing it

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I know why you are reading this. You want to be turned on by reading about others wanking. Let me help you by following what I am doing. I imagine you are still clothed like I am just now, wearing a T-shirt, shorts and underwear, that's all.

I have just loosened the belt of my shorts and opened the fly and my cock is half-hard under my briefs. With my finger, I am tracing the outline of my cock, especially round the head and it is beginning to get harder and tent out a little, so that I can feel round the head, with three fingers. This is beginning to feel so good! I'm now running my hand down the the bottom of my cotton-encased package and I can insert my finger through the leg-holes to massage my balls, ever so lightly. Then I'm taking my hand right up again. My hard-on is now forcing itself for the head the head to peek up over the elastic and there are the first signs of pre-cum which I take on my finger and rub around the exposed glans.

The time has come to drop my shorts, but I keep on my briefs, pulling up the elastic to cover my cock again. I place my hand flat over my cock and use my fingertips to lightly massage my balls through the cloth. A little bit of pressure with the heel of my hand and I instinctively give a couple of pelvic thrusts. Wow! That felt good!

My hand now goes under the elastic and the pre-cum is sufficient to lubricate it and my throbbing penis, but it still is not time for the great moment. I am still feeling all around with my hand and playing round with all I can feel from the inside of my thighs, round my scrotum and up my dick.

The back of my hand starts to push the front of my briefs downwards and the moment has come to take them, and my T-shirt off. I'm now as naked as the day I was born but, unlike that occasion, I have 15 cm of cock standing at full attention, unrestrained and slippery with pre-cum. I grab hold of it in the traditional way and start to slowly and gently massage it, sliding my hand from time to time over the head, with great sensations.

Every now and then I stop this wanking and simply feel around again. After a minute, I restart the piston movement and help it along with some pelvic thrusts. Little by little, the grip gets firmer and the movements longer but more rapid.

I feel it won't be long now; the thrusts are more automatic and I'm straightening my legs as I start masturbating and thrusting in rhythm. I tense my muscles as it reaches the full climax. I watch my cum shoot off in front of me in great globs, to land on the floor and then to dribble on my hand, one, two, three, four massive spasms. I stop for a second and then gently massage my subsiding cock to squeeze out the last of my juice. I am now relaxing with my hand on my cock and balls, while I catch my breath. I gently rub the slippery parts with the flat of my hand, feeling great after such a solo wank and wondering whether the performance will be repeated in an hour or so, tonight in bed (I wear thin cotton shorty pyjamas!) or will I wait until tomorrow?

I hope you were able to do the same, as you read this and that you, too, had a magnificent orgasm.



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