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Does This Arouse You (Part Two)

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I'd like to thank those who responded to my first submission it has prompted me to contribute again.

One of the many interesting things about this site is imagining what other people look like and how they react. I'd love to know about your particular body type and masturbation habits. Did you indulge after reading my story, and what details turned you on the most. I agree it's the honesty that's so erotic, because it's real. I think made up stories are obvious.

In my last contribution I mentioned I use many different methods when I masturbate. I'm a very visual person, and can be aroused quickly by looking. With that in mind I often use the full length mirror in the bathroom to perform in front of, it can give the feeling that someone is watching.

If I have plenty of time I like to spend hours building and edging. A typical session might start with time on the computer, looking at mostly amateur sites. I find these much more honest and sincere, I think hardcore porn can become boring rather quickly.

I'm particularly taken by sites that portray average people like most of us. I'm not into perfect bodies, in fact I'm much more interested in women's bodies that are a little unusual. By that I mean perhaps nipples and areola that are extremely oversized. I adore that look of a breast that has the end covered with a beautiful bumpy areola, topped off by a thick long teat. I also enjoy breasts that hang and dangle and move a lot. I don't mind if a woman has a little tummy and I adore a large patch of pubic hair. If pushed for time, I only need to think of one of these things and can orgasm in less than a minute.

Anyway, back to my session. After maybe 30 minutes, I'll leave the computer and walk around the house looking at my image in mirrors in different rooms. I love seeing the way my body has reacted. My penis is fully engorged, the veins are very prominent, the shaft and head are purple, with the head looking very polished. I enjoy the way my penis moves when I walk and when I stand still in front of the mirror, it will twitch and it's possible to see it throbbing. My buttocks will contract back and forwards as I stand there, and large, long strings of pre cum continue to drip from the knob. While I'm doing this I often imagine someone can see me walking around which increases the stimulation. I'll then return to the computer and continue looking while I gently masturbate. Usually I'll just place my four fingers at the base of my penis and push the shaft across the top of my thigh and continue to push. As I do this, large amounts of pre cum will cover my thigh and towel that's under me. Sometimes I get very close to spurting and use the squeeze method to stop. By that I mean I place my thumb just behind the knob and my other fingers underneath, and squeeze very tightly for 10 seconds. Sometimes I might release one spurt, but in most cases it works. After a while I'll leave the computer again, and walk back to the bathroom. I've done this routine for over 5 hours on some occasions.

When I finally decide to orgasm, I like to stand in front of the mirror and watch. I enjoy the way I move, the way my body reacts, the facial expressions that just happen.I also enjoy the sounds. One method I use is to take the shaft at the base and slap the bottom onto the palm of my other hand, and then quickly and violently slap it back against my stomach. The noise of hard penis against the hard hand and belly, along with my moans is very erotic. By now my pre cum is being flicked out onto the floor or back up on my chest or face. There are many thoughts going through my mind, but I often think about a strange woman standing there watching me, amazed at what she's seeing. I sometimes might decide to continue through to orgasm, sometimes I'll back off and return to my computer. If I decide to climax, sometimes I'll continue the slapping motion and start to spurt that way. I love the way it fly's all over my body. I'm very vocal when I climax, so it's a noisy combination of the slapping and moaning as I spurt 10 to 13 contractions into the air.

Again writing this has made me ready to indulge, so I'll conclude for now. Once again I'd love comments, particularly from women. Tell me what you like about my writings, tell me about yourself and let me know if you'd like more. There's plenty to tell.



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