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Does Pole Climbing Count?

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I don't remember when I discovered pole climbing but I was addicted. My best friend and I used to go to the park and climb the poles until we reached the top. We would grab the top rail for support and continue to shimmy up. This action caused the most exhilarating pulsing in our groins that you could ever imagine. We both agreed and did it every chance we could. We did it in front of anyone and told all our other friends about it. There was absolutely no sexual association as neither of us had a clue as to what was happening. We must have had some sense as we did not discuss this with anyone older than us. I openly did it in front of my brothers, sisters, people in the park and even parents. We couldn't get enough of it. Oh how it felt great. Five, six or more times in a short time were even possible. We continued this throughout elementary school.

By the end of grade 5 I would have been 13 and my buddy was too. He was the one who introduced me to masturbation. The first time we were in his bedroom sitting on his bed. We both were wearing t-shirts and cutoff jeans. The legs were all frayed and kind of rolled up. I could see up his leg opening and see his white underwear being bulged out by his balls. I had never really paid must attention to him or his junk like this before but all of a sudden this interested me in a way that was different. He noticed me looking and smiled at me. He started to tickle me and said that I was being a moe. I grabbed him and we started wrestling. He gained the advantage and put me in a headlock.

I had a new view up his leg and I could see one of his balls starting to emerge from the leg of his underwear. I was transfixed. As I looked around more I could see his cock head outlined in the cotton material and it seemed to be getting larger. As I continued to struggle to get away I saw it was definitely getting bigger. I knew what was happening as I had been getting boners a lot. I had been continuing my pole climbing and was getting boners while doing so.

Out of the blue he reached over and put his hand on my belly and was touching my bare skin. Although we had played like this many times before something was very different this time. His hand was playing around the top of my shorts and his fingers started to go down into them. They stayed outside of my underwear but were getting further down and closer to my cock, which had become quite erect all on its own. We were both laughing and the fight had left me laying on his bed with his legs around my neck and his hand down my pants. He was completely covering my cock and balls and was gently kneading me.

I put my hand up his shorts and had my fingers on his bum. I too stayed on the outside of his underwear. Wow, was this ever fun. That's when he asked me if I ever jacked off. I had no idea what this was but I knew it had to do with what we were doing. I told him no and asked if that's what we were doing. He laughed and said he would show me. He let me go and stood up. He undid his cutoffs and pushed them down. He was standing there in his t-shirt and tighty whities with his hardon tenting them out. He looked amazing. I followed suit and took off my shorts. I too was hard and we seemed to be pretty close in size.

So there we were standing face to face in our underwear just looking at each other. No one was making any noise or fooling around, just standing. We took off our t-shirts and continued just looking. My best buddy finally broke the silence and said I should lie on his bed and he would show me something really neat. I did as I was told and laid down. He got on the floor beside me and said he thought I would really like this. He slowly started to play around with my chest and belly sliding his hand round very softly. He made his way to my underwear and kind of slipped his fingers in and out of the waistband each time going in a little further. All the while he stayed away from touching my cock but I could feel the heat from him all over me. My breathing had changed and I felt like never before. He just kept saying how good this would feel and continued to probe into my underpants.

Soon I was moving about and he told me to lay still. I did and he started to take off my briefs. He slid them off my cock and then pulled them from under my bum. Now I was lying on his bed completely naked and loving it. He was examining me and telling me my cock looked just like his when he cupped both of my little balls in his warm hand. His other hand took my cock and started to slide up and down very lightly. I couldn't believe what was happening. His face was very close to me and I could feel his breath on my cock with every stroke of his hand. It didn't take very long before I started feeling a tightening in my belly and under my balls. A few more seconds of this and all of a sudden I got these spasms all over but emanating from my cock. It was fantastic. I was laughing and breathing like crazy, I told him I had never felt anything like this before in my life. He laughed and told me look at his hand. On his fingers was this white stuff that reminded me of snot. I asked him what it was and he told me it was my sperm. There wasn't very much but I was still pretty proud of myself. He lifted his hand to his nose and smelled it. He said he really liked the smell and offered his hand to me. It was intoxicating to say the least. I've loved the smell of semen ever since.

He grabbed my underwear and wiped off my stuff from his hand. He asked me if I liked it and I said a wanted to do it again. My cock was still hard as a rock and I was ready to go again. He said it was his turn and that I should practice on him to make sure I got it right. We traded places and I wasted no time in getting to practice. I went straight to his underwear and slid them off. He was way bigger than me now that I could see it and had lots more hair. I took his cock in my hand and it was hot. I stroked him like he stroked me and it was neat. I played with his balls and even had my fingers down close to his bumhole. He said he really liked what I was doing to him and said I should have no trouble doing it to myself. He said I was a natural. He lasted way longer than me but soon enough he was kind of humping my hand. His cock was leaking some clear stuff out and I thought he had spermed too. He laughed and said not yet but pretty soon. Just as he was saying that he started to squirt several gobs of his sperm out and onto his belly and all over my hand. It just kept coming out. He had it in his pubes, all over my hand and as kept rubbing his cock more kind of oozed out. I could smell it without even getting close. It smelt just like mine when he showed me. I grabbed my own cock with my sperm covered hand and did it to mine. Only this time I didn't last at all. I made a little squirt onto the floor almost as soon as I rubbed it and was finished my second orgasm of my life. I picked up my underpants and cleaned his cum off my cock, my hand, him and the little bit off his carpet. I had just discovered my new most favorite activity.

We got dressed and my underwear was pretty well soaked with my buddy's semen. We went out riding our bikes and I was hard almost all the time with the constant reminder of my friend's wet stuff. We jerked off together probably close to every day that summer although we never touched each other again. We gave up the pole climbing in favor of wacking. We liked to watch each other cum and we wiped up each others stuff into our own underwear. I got real good at it and was soon squirting as much as him. But I never saw him shoot as much as he did that first time.

Soon we were back in school and we were the big shots being in grade six. We did all kinds of new things and gym class was no exception. One time we were going to climb the big ropes that hung from the ceiling in the gym. Of course were in a co-ed class and were all in our gym strips. It was my turn to climb the rope and up I went. About half way up and with a lot of my classmates cheering me on I came to a stop. I did not have enough strength to continue. I was struggling. The class coaxed me on and I really started to try harder. All of a sudden a very old familiar feeling took over me. I started to pulsate in my groin just like the hundreds of times before. I could not help myself nor could I stop. I just kept trying to climb and the more I did the better it felt. My classmates fell silent and then there was laughing and giggling. I could hear some comments like 'gross' and 'what's that'. I had no idea what they were carrying on about but now with any strength I had left instantly zapped I came down the rope. I felt a wetness in my shorts and even on my legs. I HAD CUM right there in the gym while climbing the rope. Up until now I had never put the two events together but I suddenly realized they were one in the same. I ran from the gym to the bathroom and thought I was in trouble and so embarrassed that I wanted to die. My buddy had followed me and he said he couldn't believe that I did that. I told him what really happened and he said he never thought about it either. The teacher came in a little bit and told me that I should not worry too much as these things happen and I had no control over it. It's not like I was a pervert or something.

It was a tough year but I eventually got over it. The jokes and comments eventually went away.

My buddy and even went back to pole climbing a few times and we came as easily as before but now we left with our pants full of cum. But that's another story!



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