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Does My Wife Do It or Not - Part 2

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My wife Becky has always said that she doesn't masturbate. I have always suspected that she did. I have all but pleaded with her on occasion to tell me truly if she really did or didn't, even to the point of making her angry with me. I've also let her know that it was perfectly ok by me if she did and in fact how much I would love to watch her do it. (That's usually when she get's angry). I really don't understand her reluctance to admit to it. She knows that I masturbate and doesn't seem to mind. I can only guess that masturbation to her is a very private thing, assuming she really does it. So I set out to try to discover if she really did.

I can think of only two places in the house where Becky might feel comfortable enough to play with herself. One is in our bedroom. I practically caught her masturbating in our bed once by walking in on her after she'd thought I had left the house. But the evidence was only circumstantial. The other place I would think she might do it would be in our bathroom.

So where would be the most likely place to catch her at it? The bedroom would be a good candidate except for the fact I could never know when she would be doing it and the fact that I couldn't hide in the closet forever waiting on her. No, I guessed that the most likely and easiest way to catch her at it would be as she took a bath.

Our house has a master bathroom with a second bathroom off the hallway. Becky always uses our master bathroom when she takes her bath. Now when you enter the bathroom from our bedroom the tub/shower is directly in front of you with the head to the right and the foot towards the outside wall with a linen closet between the foot of the tub and the outside wall. Opposite the tub and to the left of the doorway is a vanity and beside that the toilet. Between the toilet and the linen closet on the outside wall is a small window covered with a set of blinds and a lacy curtain. I figured if I was ever going to catch her masturbating it would be as I 'peeped' in through the bathroom window. So I set my plan into motion.

Becky always liked to keep the blind in the bathroom window closed, no matter what time of day it was. She'd just flick on the light if it was too dark in there. She has always been afraid somebody might peep through the window, although our house has woods behind it and no one could ever casually see in. But that's my wife. So the first thing I had to do was to arrange the blinds so I could see in. So, yesterday when I was getting ready for work I took the opportunity to 'adjust' the blinds to my liking. I left them closed but pulled the bottom of them up to about an inch above the window sill. I calculated that Becky wouldn't notice the slight adjustment. Phase one was complete.

When I got home yesterday one of the first things I did was to go into the garage and get an empty five-gallon plastic bucket and take it around to the deck behind our house. There I placed it upside down under our bathroom window. If Becky had discovered it I don't think she would have thought anything of it. Phase two was complete.

Now I only had to wait for evening for Becky to take her bath. If I were lucky, tonight would be one of the nights when she plays with herself in the bathroom. I was going to spy on her anyway in that hope. I was getting excited just thinking about it.

Becky and I were sitting in the den watching TV when she said that she was getting tired and was going to take a bath and go to bed. We had made love only a couple of nights ago so I guessed she wasn't particularly in the mood for it. So I said I was going to stay up and watch TV. She then gave me a kiss and headed for our bedroom to take her bath. I waited until I was sure she was in there and even waited for a few minutes more to make sure she wasn't coming back out. Then I quietly slipped out of the back door onto the deck. Phase three was now complete.

The cool night air hit me when I stepped out onto the deck. It must have been somewhere around fifty degrees outside or maybe even into the forties. I didn't care. Luckily I was wearing a long sleeved shirt. And the thought of spying on my wife would be enough to keep me warm. I could already feel my dick begin to stiffen in my pants as I walked over to where the upturned bucket was. I had no idea what was in store for me. I could only hope. The next few minutes would tell.

I climbed up onto the bucket and perched there trying to squint into the bathroom window. As I had guessed, the one inch gap at the bottom of the blinds was more than enough to allow me to see inside. Becky had not yet gone into the bathroom.

As I stood there, I felt the anticipation of what I might see and soon was sporting a hard-on. I unzipped my fly and fumbled inside my pants releasing my stiff dick. I began slowly fondling myself by working my fingers skillfully over the head of it. My erect cock was all too ready for Becky to enter the bathroom.

I only had to wait a few minutes before Becky finally came into the bathroom. She was wearing only her bra and panties and was carrying her slacks and top. She walked over to the clothes hamper and quickly deposited these where they were supposed to go. Then she turned the water on to fill the tub. As the tub was filling up she stood in the middle of the bathroom and finished undressing. First she removed her bra and put it in the hamper. Then she pushed her panties down and stepped out of them and placed them too in the hamper.

Let me describe my wife for you. She is only 5'2' tall, medium build (not fat) with shoulder length, wavy red hair. She has a freckled face with green eyes and a cute little smile. Her breasts are grapefruit sized, full and rounded with wide, pink areola. Her nipples when erect stand out about half an inch. Her crotch is covered with a triangle of orangish-red, curly pubic hairs that hide her pouty pussy lips.

I pumped my cock as I gazed at my naked wife there only a few feet away. Knowing that she was unaware of me watching her was quite a turn on for me. This was actually fun! If it hadn't been so chilly outside I know it would have been even more fun.

Becky soon had the tub filled to her liking and started to climb into it. I watched her breasts sway as she lowered her naked body into the tub. She then settled down into the warm water which quickly swept over her hairy pussy and came up to her navel. She sat there in the tub facing me as she began to bathe.

Becky started with her head and worked her way down. It appeared to me that when she washed her breasts that her nipples stiffened when she rubbed the coarse wash cloth over them. It may have been my imagination, though I doubt it. Then she started washing her pussy. She rubbed the wash cloth over it for what I considered an unusually long time. Was I finally watching my wife masturbate? It did seem that her clit was getting a lot of attention. But then to my disappointment she quit and began washing her legs and finally finished up with her feet.

After she was done, she laid back against the tub and just seemed to relax. She rung out the wash cloth as she did and placed it over her now closed eyes. That was it! She was just lying there relaxing in the warm and soothing bath water with her arms to her side. Nothing more.

I was still beating my cock as I stood there on the bucket looking in at my naked wife. The cool night air was starting to get me chilled too. So I decided that if nothing happened within the next couple of minutes I was going to finish jerking off and go inside to get warm.

I could tell that Becky was really enjoying soaking in the luxurious, warm bath water. I'm a shower man myself. But from what I understand, women mostly prefer a tub bath. Anyway, she continued to lie there for a few moments until I saw her right hand lift up out of the water and move over to her stomach where it paused. Then she moved it slowly down over her pubic hairs until her finger tips were positioned over the top of her pussy slit. Then to my joy she began to slowly make a circular rubbing motion with her fingers on top of her vulva. OK, this could be the start of a masturbation session or just casual touching. I had to wait to make sure.

As my arousal level increased, all of a sudden I didn't feel chilly any more. In fact if possible, my cock got even harder. I had to be careful as I continued to masturbated, to not cum too soon.

I watched as Becky continued to lie there for several minutes making the circular rubbing motion on her pussy with her hand. It seemed that this was the extent of it. So I thought to myself that maybe I might as well get off and go and get warm. But then as I watched she started rubbing faster and harder on her pussy, and to my delight, I saw her suddenly nudge her middle finger in between her pussy lips in search of her clitoris. She obviously found it because she began to rapidly move her hand back and forth as she started diddling it. Her head was arched back and her mouth was open as she began to masturbate for real. I noticed her nipples were hard and erect too. Becky's hand was working so fast now that the water was splashing up all around it.

I was pumping my cock fast now while watching her. Oh my God, this was so erotic! I'd never before seen my wife masturbate, although I'd always suspected that she did. But now I had visual proof.

I could tell she was about to make herself cum too. She arched her back and started bucking the hand she was frigging with between her legs. Then her body tensed up and with a final push she was over the edge, suddenly exploding in a self-induced orgasm. That's about the time I exploded with my own, shooting hot thick cum all over the side of the house below our bathroom window. I had to hold onto the window sill with my free hand to keep from collapsing right there.

I had succeeded in the final phase of my plan. I had caught my 'I never do it' wife actually masturbating. So I stuffed my softening cock back into my pants, zipped them up and went back inside. As I was going in the back door I thought to myself I should remove the bucket. But then I figured if I could catch her once maybe I can get lucky again. So I left it there.

I eventually got warm as I watched some more TV. Finally I decided to head on to bed. I got undressed and slipped under the covers. Becky was already asleep lying on her side facing away from me. So I snuggled up to her, placing my arm around her and thought to myself with a smile how I now knew her little secret.

As I was taking my shower this morning I masturbated thinking about what happened last night. That's when I decided that I had to share it with you. I know it's been long and please forgive me for it. But, I do hope you liked it and maybe even did a little playing with yourself as you read it. That's what I've been here doing as I wrote it.

I welcome any comments.



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