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Doctor's Visit

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The exam table and the stirrups in a doctor's office have always seemed like a great place.


I have often had erotic fantasies about having sex in a doctor's office. That exam table and those stirrups have always seemed like a great place. On my last visit to the doctor, I was feeling very horny and daring, so I decided to try to act out my fantasy.

When the doctor came into the exam room, I was already wearing one of those paper gowns they give you to change into. The doctor instructed me to lie back on the table so he could do a breast examination. My nipples were already painfully hard in anticipation. I lay back and opened up the gown to expose my 36D breasts. As he began to massage my right breast, I looked into his eyes and held eye contact. While he was checking that breast, I began to slowly touch my other breast and play with the nipple. I could tell he noticed, but his eyes never left mine. He then examined my left breast, but before he could take his hand away I put my hand over his and held it to my breast and gently squeezed then let go. His hand stayed on my breast for a moment, his eyes still locked on mine. As he took his hand from my left breast, he made a point to brush his hand across my right nipple. The exam table was at the same level of his crotch and I could tell I had definately aroused him. I don't think my pussy could have gotten any wetter at that point; I almost creamed all over myself seeing his growing erection under his pants.

He then turned away and went to the end of the exam table to pull out the stirrups. I slid down to the end of the table and put my feet in the stirrups, exposing my now very wet and shaved pussy. The doctor's eyes went from my eyes down to my pussy. I licked my index finger and began to slowly touch my swollen clit in a circular motion while I played with my rock hard nipples with the other hand. He watched me play with myself for a couple of minutes before I interupted, 'Doctor, aren't you going to examine me?'

This comment seemed to break his concentration and he kind of shook his head as if he were just coming back to reality. He began to reach for his latex gloves, but I stopped him. 'I don't really think those are necessary now.....do you?' I asked him.

He stared into my eyes and grinned as he said, 'No, of course not.'

He sat down on his little stool at the end of the exam table and positioned himself directly infront of my awaiting pussy. He moved my hand out of his way and gave my pussy a good long lick with his tongue. I moaned deeply and asked for more. He proceeded to lick and suck my throbbing clit until I was practically begging for him to fuck me. Then he stopped.

He rolled back on his stool and dropped his pants as he stood up. He walked around to the side of the exam table, but stayed just out of my reach. He began slowly stroking his cock, teasing me like I had teased him. I watched him stroke his thick, beautiful dick as I continued to finger my dripping cunt. He moved closer to the exam table. Soon, we both climaxed together and then he collapsed into a chair. We both needed a little time to collect ourselves and catch our breath.

Before leaving the exam room, I gave him my phone number. He called me that night and we have been seeing each other since then. We have gone to the office after hours a few times since then to use the exam table. The doctor's office is a very exciting place!



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