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Doctors Visit

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I had recently turned 50 yrs old and by recommendation from my doctor, I should receive a total physical exam. Needless to say this was my first full exam in years, so I was a litle nervous about the exam and the outcome.

I entered the office and was directed to an exam room by the medical assistant, who then proceeded to ask the usual questions, take my height and weight, temp, bp etc;. She soon left the room and then enters the doctor, not my usual doctor, but an older mature woman in her mid 50's I would guess.

She said hello, I'm Doctor Jane, and you are here for a physical as it says on your chart. I replied and she proceeded to instruct me to disrobe and put on an exam gown, as she momentarily left the room.

Dr Jane returned, and then began her exam by the usual, cold stethescope on the chest back etc, then she told me to stand and lift my gown, so she could check for hernias, and palpitate my testicals. At this point during the exam as she felt about my testicals, I began to get an erection, needless to say I am uncut and 8 inches and thick. Dr Jane then proceeded to pull the foreskin back over the head, and commented about how easy the skin moved, for a man my age.

After this episode she told me to turn around for a prostate exam, which made me a little nervous, but my atention was on trying to bring my growing erection backdown. She lubed up her gloved hand and then inserted one finger into my rectum, that made me squirm a bit, but made my erection stiffer, and had pre cum leaking out the tip, upon her moving her finger around again, I shot 3 streams of cum onto the floor below, making a slight splashing sound as they hit.

Dr Jane commented that that sometimes happens with prostate exams, as she finished and said I could lie on the exam table and rest before my EKG, as she left the room.

A few seconds later in walks this 20 something young hottie, who immediately looked at my cum on the floor and said, 'Looks like someone had an accident, let me clean this up before your next exam'. (EKG). She quickly cleaned up the small mess, after hearing me apologize, and she hooked up the leads for my EKG.

Immediately after that was over, my 8inch tool began to rise again from watching this hottie do her work, She looked at me, placed her finger to her lip for me to be quiet. She then slipped to the door to lock it and came back over to the exam table and stated, 'I think someone's not satisfied yet'! With that she took out some lube, grabbed my erection and proceeded to pump up and down until two more jet streams of cum covered her hands, and my stomach. She quickly cleaned me up told me I could get dressed, and left the room.

Needless to say this was the best physical exam I have ever experienced to date, can't wait until the next one.



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